5 of The Best Dog Carriers for Hiking

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Ever gone on a camping or hiking trip alone? It’s not very fun (at least for some) and can be a little scary too. That being said, I tried bringing my dog along once, but I had problems halfway -- he’s too little and I found it difficult to carry him along with my other stuff.

So I did my research and asked some of my friends then they recommend using a dog backpack carrier.

5 of the best dog backpack carriers for hiking

If you thought carriers are for babies, think again. You’ll be able to place your dog in a carrier and take them hiking or even through daily activities if you’re really attached to your pooch with the very hand dog carrier. Hiking carriers are like backpacks where you can place at your back or chest.

So today, we're going to show you 5 of the best dog backpack carriers for hiking. We’ll talk about features you might want to keep an eye on and reviews on the best carriers available in the market.


An Overview Of The 5 Of The Best Dog Carriers For Hiking

Know Your Dog

5 of the best dog backpack carriers for hiking

Before buying a dog carrier, are you certain that you know your dog enough? There are a lot of dog breeds, but not all are the same. They have their own personalities that make us happy, loved, irritated, angry, etc. -- nevertheless, we still love them like family to the point that we want them by our side always. So, choosing the right dog carrier is the key to keeping your pooch safe and sound all the time.

5 of the best dog backpack carriers for hiking

An enclosed dog carrier is ideal for keeping pets intact

Does your dog like to go on hikes? If you don't trust your dog with an open top, buy the ones with closable net on them. On the other hand, if your dog has claustrophobia ( fear of being enclosed in a small space), make sure you get a carrier that can be opened on the top so that your pooch has freedom.

5 of the best dog backpack carriers for hiking

Does your dog love looking at the surroundings? Get an open carrier!

Does your dog get dizzy and puke on trips? If this happens a lot, I suggest choosing a bag that’s easy to clean. Don’t get a carrier where all of the hair are clumped down in a corner. This will be a pain to clean and you’ll most likely end up throwing the bag in a manner of days.

So now that you’ve got an idea for what you’re going to buy, remind others to know their dogs first before choosing an appropriate carrier.

Choosing A Carrier For Your Pooch

Choosing the right carrier isn’t that tricky as purchasing an appliance. You usually don’t need to think about features such as an airline-approved carrier although some double as airline approved carriers.

The most important factor is how you plan to use the carrier. Basic carriers can be wonderful for walking your dog at the park or just going to a friend’s house. Some people also bring their dogs with them while hiking or cycling. For these reasons, a carrier should be both comfortable and secure enough so that you don’t have to worry about your pooch falling off.

Some important considerations include:


5 of the best dog backpack carriers for hiking

Measure your pooch in the “begging position”

It’s very important to get a carrier that fits the size of your dog. A carrier that’s too small will make your pooch skiddy and feel uncomfortable. Too big and your pooch won’t feel secure. My friend referred me to this site for a helpful guide in choosing the right carrier size.

Measure your pooch from the floor to his color while he’s in the “begging” position. This should be your guideline on how big the interior of the carrier should be - although the side of the carrier needs to be that long as well. If you’re having doubts, pick the bigger option.

Carrying Position

5 of the best dog backpack carriers for hiking

A knapsack with holes for sticking the feet out can be uncomfortable for your pooch during long trips

Some carriers allow your pooch to lie down in a confined space which is ideal for hiking and camping. Other carriers have the option of sticking his head out on the top.

​​​​Some cheaper carriers may use a “legs out” design, where the legs are put through holes. Some users say this feature can be uncomfortable for your pooch, making it less reasonable for long hiking trips.

Maximum Weight

A carrier should be able to support the weight of your pooch. However, don’t buy a carrier for weight reasons only - your carrier should also be light enough for your pooch to fit comfortably.


The longer the duration of the trip or the heavier you plan on carrying your pooch, the more important it will be to have strong and durable straps.


Some carriers have a wheeling option if you get tired of carrying your pooch. If you want sample products of wheeled carriers check the link below.


Dogs can quickly get irritated because of heat, so ventilation is crucial. Look for a carrier that’s made with good material and breathable mesh.

5 of the best dog backpack carriers for hiking

A carrier made of mesh material is ideal

Front or Back Facing

There are front and back facing carriers available. Back facing carriers are the most common ones and best for cycling, but some prefer front facing for walking.

Attractive Features Of A Dog Carrier

No matter what dog carrier you choose, specific features should be kept in mind. These features will keep your dog secure and safe whenever you decide to use it. Look for the following features before making your final choice of carrier:

5 of the best dog backpack carriers for hiking
  • Extra storage: Because you’re taking your dog on a long hiking trip, the extra storage the better. Look for a carrier that has side pockets or compartments. Some bags can have extra storage inside the bag as well. You can store your personal belongings or necessities for your dog in these pockets.
  • Overall design: When you’re going to buy a dog carrier. you also have to take into consideration your comfort. If you’re going to wear your carrier at the back, the carrier should have comfortable shoulder pads and should be durable enough to withstand long hours.
  • Material: A well made carrier should be well-ventilated yet sturdy enough so that your pooch can’t claw or chew its way out. You’ll also want a carrier that’s easy to clean. Remember, you're going to bring your pooch on a long trip so it’s more likely that it will take a dump or pee in it. A machine-washable is a perfect option or a carrier that has a removal interior that can be cleaned.
  • Zippers that lock: Your carrier should only be able to open on the outside. Dogs are smart and can figure out how to open that in a heartbeat.

Table Of Comparison Of The Important Features Of The 5 Best Dog Backpack Carriers For Hiking

5 of the best dog backpack carriers for hiking


Procuct Name


Size (inches)

Weight (Pounds)


600D X 600D Oxford Cloth




Water resistant and washable material




Lightweight fabric




High-quality mesh fabric




PE cotton, PVC, Polyester



A Detailed Review Of The 5 Best Dog Carrier For Hiking

The Petsfit Comfort Dog Carrier is perfect for you pooch and is my all-time favorite carrier to place my bolt. The designers of this bag put a lot work into making the shoulder straps comfortable and secure. It’s very well padded too.

Not only are the shoulders straps padded, but also the back is made with mesh material for better breathability. It also features a mesh window for ventilation and security for your best friend -- your dog will certainly enjoy the view while you’re walking.

Moreover, the waist strap adds comfort and will keep the weight of the bag on the waist. The bag’s also sturdy enough so it sits up straight and won’t annoy your pooch. The best feature for me is the removable bottom for a hassle-free clean-up after use.

There is also a trap where you can hook the collar of your pooch for security reasons. It can be easily folded and stored as well.


  • Has both top and front entrance/exit
  • Foldable
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Has a waist belt for better balance
  • Has a ,esh window for better ventilation and safety
  • Made with mesh fabric and padded material
  • Has a huge capacity


  • Zippers are not that heavy-duty
  • The lower back of the pack needs more padding

The K9 Sport Sack AIR is one the best dog carriers for hiking in this list. It’s fully ventilated and keeps your pooch comfortable and cool. The D-rings which are located inside are also great for hooking your pooch by the collar for better security.

It also has side pockets that are adjustable and can hold snacks and water for you and your best friend.

The easy-zippers located on the exterior of the bag are durable and strong too. Worried about your comfort? Fear not! The mesh-lined foam and padded shoulder straps will keep you comfortable and balanced as they’re designed to give you support and ease.

It also comes with a whistle attached on the shoulder straps. Thus, if your dog is whistle-trained this carrier is perfect for you. This carrier is water-resistant and washable, making it easy to clean too.


  • Water-resistant (some parts only) and washable
  • Made with high quality materials
  • Has whistles on the straps
  • Has a durable and sturdy bottom
  • Has a mesh window for better ventilation and safety
  • Made with mesh fabric and padded material for better comfort
  • Has easy pull-up zippers
  • Has adjustable side pockets
  • Has D-rings for better security


  • The bag’s material tends to conduct heat
  • Won’t fit tall dogs
  • Not fully water-resistant

The NICREW Legs Out Front Carrier is a good option for carrying your dog around in a matter of hours. With its structure, you can talk and check on them while walking. It's a great way to bond with each other, isn’t it?

​The makers of this carrier put a lot attention on the small details that make this carrier one of a kind. It’s lightweight and comfortable. The only weight you will be feeling is your pooch! The velcro stays snug in the neck and legs, thereby allowing the dog to rotate its head and body left and right, and move its cute paws without any tension.

Its wide and padded shoulders are comfortable on you and won’t hurt your shoulder at all. Most importantly, you may front or back carry your dog. The mesh panels allow ventilation and keep the surroundings of the carrier cool.


  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Has an ample legroom for you pooch
  • Has padded shoulder straps for comfort
  • Has velcro on the neck and legs for better adjustment
  • Has mesh panels for ventilation


  • Can only fit small dogs/puppies
  • Flimsy
  • The velcro material may not be comfortable for dogs

The Gardom Pet Carrier is on this list because of it’s exceptionally made of high-quality fabric, durable, and non-toxic.

The straps is made with honeycomb foam mesh and wide straps so that you can freely adjust the shoulder pressure. There is an internal drawstring at the opening on the round window which lets you adjust the side of the opening. You can also adjust the size based on the head of the dog.

When you use the adjustable inner collar buckle, it keeps your pooch safe inside. Simply attach it to her collar and walk without worry. There are also small pockets at the sides of the bag to keep snacks and drinks for you and your pooch. It’s also big enough to accommodate your smart phone.

You may have noticed that every carrier on this list is made with padded shoulder straps. The Gardom is no exception. It keeps your shoulders comfortable and relaxed.

The back panel is padded as well and mesh-lined for better ventilation to keep your back from soreness. If you have been walking for a long time and want to rest your shoulders, simply use the waist traps to release tension in your shoulders.


  • Has a waist belt
  • Padded and mesh lined back
  • Has side pockets
  • Non-toxic
  • Made with honeycomb foam mesh
  • Of high-quality, durable and comfortable


  • Can only fit small dogs/puppies
  • Flimsy
  • Some users say their dogs can easily get out of the bag

The Powstro Pet Carrier is environment-friendly and made with high-quality mesh fabric which wonderfully reduces pungent smell and keeps it fresh all the time.

Its dog peep feature is great if your pooch wants to enjoy the view while you walk around. The opening is adjusted with a drawstring which makes sure that you can adjust the window according to the size of your dog’s head. Additionally, a small leash or buckle is added so that you can connect through its collar.

The shoulder straps are soft and mesh-lined too to ensure comfort. The back is mesh-lined as well. The mesh design also keeps the inner compartment cool and breezy for you pooch. He/she will love it inside as you walk around.


  • Breathable mesh on the back and shoulder pads
  • Shoulder straps are comfortable
  • Has an internal leash for added security
  • The drawstring opening can be adjusted
  • Of high quality, durable and comfortable
  • Non-toxic


  • Straps aren’t as sturdy as they say
  • Some users say their dogs can easily get out of the bag

The Best Pick

As I said above, the Petsfit Comfort Dog Carrier is a perfect carrier and is my favorite to use.

I love the design and how much space it has for your pooch. It’s not just the dog’s comfort that matters but mine as well. When I first tried this product, the padded straps comfortably sits on my shoulder without much pressure. The mesh window also keeps your pooch cool while inside the carrier. If your dog gets skittish, there is a trap which you can hook the collar so he/she stays calm.

The bottom can be removed easily so you can clean it then fold it, store it and you won’t to worry about it. You and your dog will surely love this carrier!

Did you find this article useful? Have you had any experience with using dog carriers? If you can recommend other dog carriers for hiking, feel free to comment below. Don’t forget to share this post. Take care and be safe outdoors mate!

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