5 Reasons Why You Need an Emergency Radio for Outdoor Camping

Are you planning to go on a camping trip with your friends, or  just exploring the woods by yourself? Then you should know that communication is a very crucial aspect of your journey.

We all need to communicate with one another to survive. For campers and hikers, it can be risky to venture into the woods without a crank radio to keep you connected with the outside world.

Luckily, while you can travel with your cell phones to any part of the world, it can be challenging to find reception deep in the woods. But that’s not the case with a survival radio.

Emergency authorities consider these gadgets as an essential tool to be kept in our kits. The best survival radios provide you with weather updates and have sustainable power and light.

These receivers might seem like just another piece of equipment to the naked eyes, whereas they are more reliable and more relevant than ever. They provide you with a multi-purpose function and are the most valuable item to have in your backpack. You can find options for survival radio for preppers if you are planning a camping trip soon.

Whether you are going on a solo trip or hiking in the company of friends, here are five reasons you should pack an emergency radio in your camping kit.


1. The Weather Alert Feature

One of the benefits of emergency radios is the weather alert feature it possesses. Some receivers do not need to be turned on and tuned to a weather station before receiving weather alerts. They notify you regardless of the station you are in, or even when turned off.

The signals pick up warning system tests that are put out by the National Weather Service to ensure they reach individuals in time of emergency.

That’s why you must pack an emergency radio with you. This information that is transmitted by the National Weather Radio is crucial and can be lifesaving.

2. They are Reliable

In the woods, survival radios are much more reliable than a fully charged cell phone. Cell towers are most times vulnerable and exposed to disruptive services from bad weather, mechanical failures, and solar flares.

Let’s take, for instance, a situation whereby extreme weather hits, and you have no source of power, an excellent gadget like the crank radio can get you powered up and informed throughout the challenging climate. You can check here for tips on choosing a crank radio.

It is essential that when shopping for an emergency tool that you look out for the sustainable ones, that have a solar panel, that comes with AA batteries, and have a lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery. These kinds will be more efficient for you throughout your camping.

3. They Keep Phone Lines Open

The authorities receive a lot of phone calls from victims during emergencies. Your emergency radio can act as an instrument for leaving cellular networks open for responders to welcome and help more people.

When you are in distress, and you are trying to contact friends or family members, make sure to keep the call short and précised. If you are unable to make calls, it is advised by the authorities that you send text messages, or wait for a period of 10 or 20 seconds before trying again.

4. The Walkie Talkie Component

A good emergency radio comes with walkie talkie functions. These channels have the potential to reach over hundreds of yards, and also allow you to get feeds from their emergency channels.

If your phone is down or you are having a problem getting calls through, you can use these communication channels to help authorities locate your whereabouts.

Also, where you are finding it difficult to reach the authorities, these walkie talkie radios can help you find locations of other stranded persons near you. For you to reach people in distress near you, you have to connect with public channels regularly and consistently. The link below contains a useful resource on walkie talkies.


5. They are a Multi-Purpose Tool

When it gets dark, and you are stranded, the last thing you need is to be going through your backpack in search of equipment that can help you salvage your situation. That’s why you need a good emergency radio that comes with an added feature to help you get through different obstacles.

The best emergency radio has torch components to allow you to find your way through the dark. They also have a USB port to enable you to charge electrical devices and even AM/FM for your entertainment needs.

Final Note

It’s agreeable that you will need to make space for the radio in your backpack for your next camping trip. If not as a backup entertainment, but for features such as torchlights, and USB port for powering your gadgets.

Cindy Herrera

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