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I love the summer and the vibes it comes with, there’s nothing better than just sitting at the beach gazing at the sun and drinking my mojito. When I was a kid, my father took me everywhere, and my favorite place was the beach. Back then when I was a kid, I didn’t think much about relaxing; the only important thing was to build as much sand castles as possible and to jump in the water like a little dog.

Best Beach Chairs

As I grew older, I started to appreciate different aspects of the beach, and the time spent in the water was replaced with grabbing the best beach chairs I could find and my favorite book.

Today I will share with you some of the best chairs that can be used at the beach and even for camping or fishing, etc.


The History Of The Portable Chairs

Let me say just a few important things about these chairs.

The first chair is invented in the 19th century by British engineer Joseph Beverly Fenby. A few years later, many countries accepted his design, and it got licensed. 

Best Beach Chairs

Apparently, his successfully designed chair was a perfect thing to have back then, and especially nowadays. I believe it would be very uncomfortable to drag your regular chair on the beach, right? So, thanks to J.B. Fenby and portable chairs, our lives and vacations got much more comfortable.

Build Quality and Comfort

When you try to find the best beach chair, there are certain aspects that have to be taken into consideration. Since these chairs have to be portable and durable at the same time, they require lighter and stronger frame, which is most of the time made of aluminum thus increasing their value.

Best Beach Chairs

Beach chairs have a unique design, and their purpose is to give you the ability to relax in many different positions. Chairs can vary from short to very tall ones, and they can come with accessories such as cup holders, storage pouches, towel bars, or umbrellas.

The taller the chair, the better your posture will be, and your back won’t get strained as with the shorter ones. The most comfortable chairs have a high seat, unlike the small ones where only half of your back is supported.

The low height seat is less comfortable, and a while ago I was starting to wonder where am I going to put my legs?

Getting in and out of the low chair is like squatting, and I don’t want to work out when I’m supposed to be resting.

Best Beach Chairs

A few years ago when my husband and I were camping with our friends, I was sitting in the low height chair when suddenly few embers jumped out of the fire straight in my lap. I wanted to jump out of the chair in a second but was unable to, luckily I didn’t catch on fire, I just panicked, but you get the point.

Some of the larger models have a side pocket, which is great for storing small beach accessories at the reach of your hand.


Since you will carry these chairs around with you, it’s important to check with their ability to pack and carry around. Yes, almost all of them can be folded, but not all of them are that easy to carry around. To determine just how much the chair is portable, check with the weight of the chair and its dimensions. The lighter the chair, the easier it will be to carry with you, but then it won’t be durable as much. Try to find the one that is a balance between the two traits.

Some chairs with steel frame can be lighter than the others, and some with aluminum frame can be heavier than the others. It depends on the size and the design of the chair.

Storing the Chairs

Best Beach Chairs

Just because they are chairs for particular use, it doesn't mean you should throw them in the attic or the basement when you are not using them. Clean them and store them somewhere in the corner of the guest room. You never know when someone might drop by and you might need an extra chair. I believe this already happened to you, at least once.

OK, since I have shown you the most important things you need to know about beach chairs, the next thing is to figure out which chair is the best for you. Are you ready?

I was delighted with the variety of prints you can choose from for this chair. Almost every chair is blue, and since I am a big fan of blue color, I didn't mind.

Beside many prints, you get a gift wrap, so if you wanted to give the chair to someone, you’re all set. Advantages of this chair are the lightweight, and that you can set it in up to three different positions.

The frame of the chair is made of aluminum, which is super light and high quality.

When it comes to accessories, this chair has everything, from cold storage and many pockets to built-in adjustable pillow and a cup holder.

Nowadays many people are using smartphones, and just for them, manufacturers built in one great thing, and that is smartphone compartment on the armrest. When I saw all of that, I purchased it immediately. And the first thing what happened to me when I arrived on the beach and set up the chair was that the zippers started to break one by one.

This chair is very comfortable, but it has a pretty low seat. This didn’t bother my husband, he enjoyed it every second, and so did my kids, so I am deciding to keep it anyway. But first, the zippers need to be fixed! 

Things I liked:

  • The colors
  • The gift wrap
  • 5+ accessories
  • check-circle-o
  • check-circle-o
    It can be set up to 3+ different positions

Things I didn't like:

  • Broken zippers
  • Low height seat

Since I decided to give the last chair I bought to my husband and kids; I started to search for one for myself. This chair is designed with fabulous colors, blue and denim and no matter which one you choose - it perfectly fits with the ocean and beach view.

It is easy to fold up, and the possibility to wear it like a backpack really caught my eye! It looks very cute, and it’s a useful design as well. It takes so much less effort to carry the chair around when it’s on my back.

The chair is made of polyester, and it's adjustable to four positions. Besides that, the chair comes with many accessories like a built-in adjustable pillow, cup holder, and large storage pockets. The frame is made of aluminum which means it is lightweight and durable.

Well, maybe a little too lightweight, because the second time I leaned back on it, I fell. What a surprise! Of course, it was funny to my family, but not to me. The chair was very unstable and uncomfortable for me, but if you have small kids, it can be great for them. It will serve them good, and they will not fall. My kids tried that right after me, so I know what I am talking about.


  • The price
  • The accessories
  • Four adjustable positions
  • check-circle-o
    The colors


  • Unstable for adults
  • Uncomfortable for adults
  • Too lightweight

This chair was a gift from my hubby. I was so excited that I couldn't wait to fold it up and use it. The same day we went to the beach.

Although I am not a fan of low-height chairs, this one was pretty adjustable. It’s made of polyester like the most beach chairs are. It is pretty lightweight, but still a little heavier than the rest of the chairs I used, and the reason for this is that the frame is made of steel, not aluminum.

Since it is a low-height seat, it is surprisingly comfortable. My back didn’t hurt, but I still don't know where should I put my legs. It is not that comfortable for the hips. It's not like I am going to sit in it all the time, but even a short rest matters.

The chair is designed in a way that you can carry it like a backpack and later that day when we started to pack our stuff from the beach to go home, I was carrying it, and my back started to hurt. The chair is heavy, and it is impossible for me to carry it on my back.


  • Comfortable for the back and neck and relaxes the muscles
  • The height is adjustable
  • Comes with a cup holder


  • Pretty heavy chair
  • Low-height seat
  • The price
  • times-circle-o
    It has no accessories
  • times-circle-o
    The frame is made of steel

Finally, something I was looking for in a chair – a lock system! You can adjust the chair as you wish. With the built-in pillow, you can rest your neck, and with a chair that can change the positions, you can relax your muscles, lay down and even take a short nap, or maybe even better - get a tan!

The chair is quite heavy, and it is no wonder because the frame is made of steel. Without a car, don't even think about trying to carry it. It’s a shame that I can’t carry it around with my bare hands; I was looking forward to this one quite much. Nevertheless, it is surprisingly comfortable and worth the money. I can’t say that I regret buying it, even if it doesn't have the chair accessories, I don't mind, and I still liked it!

If it wasn’t so heavy, it would be the perfect beach chair that I was always looking for. But still, I believe this chair is going to be just for me, and it will be the next thing that I am going to give to some friends as a gift. If you want something sturdy and durable and don’t mind the weight than this chair might be the one for you.


  • Very comfortable
  • The lock system
  • Adjustable positions
  • check-circle-o
    The price


  • Pretty heavy chair
  • It has no chair accessories
  • Steel frame

I have never used a lighter chair than this one. It is definitely lighter than any other portable beach chair. The manufacturer says that it is easy to fold it up, but I have to say that I disagree. I have been trying to set it up for quite some time, and I was getting nervous because I thought the system was broken.

My husband arrived, and I asked him to give me a hand, which he did, of course, but it wasn't easy even for him. Once he folded up the chair, we agreed not to take it down ever again. It could be that this particular unit’s mechanism wasn’t greased up at the factory, so it made the setup process a hassle.

The legs and feet of the chair are uniquely designed not to sink into the sand. It comes with the bag so you can easily carry it wherever you want, it doesn’t matter do you bring on the bicycle, or hiking trip or in a car.

It takes less space to store than you can imagine, plus it is sturdy and comfortable for your back, but it doesn't have a neck support.


  • Lighter than any other chair I used
  • Comfortable for the back
  • check-circle-o
    Easy to carry
  • check-circle-o
    It comes with a storage bag
  • check-circle-o
    Sink-resistant feet
  • Five colors to choose from


  • The price
  • A bit hard to fold up
  • It offers no neck support

Conclusion And The Final Verdict:

OK, since I showed you all the advantages and disadvantages of these chairs, and taking everything into consideration, it is time to declare today's winner which is Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair.

Best Beach Chairs

As I said, I am a fan of taller chairs, and with this one, you can lay down, or you can just take a seat, and since it has a lock system, there is not even a slight possibility for you to fall onto the sand.

It is a good looking chair with good quality, and if you are to trust my experience with it, I would highly recommend it. I tried a lot of chairs in my day, and this is one of the best beach chairs I ever used. 

Cindy Herrera

I’m Cindy, a free-spirited outdoor enthusiast. Since childhood, I was very much exposed to the outdoor environment. Our family frequently goes on weekend camps and my father, who was a skilled hunter, used to teach me and my siblings valuable things about wildlife survival. Now that I’m a married woman with two wonderful kids, it’s hard to keep up with outdoor activities while parenting at the same time… so I made this blog to share the best of my knowledge, experiences, and tips from other bloggers to you, my fellow outdoor enthusiast because merely talking about the outdoors makes me feel closer to it.

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