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If you’re having a hard time baiting your bucks, this article will be your savior.

Most people drive away deer scouting for food in their backyard. But for hunters, wildlife photographers, and outdoor enthusiasts (like me), a deer is a gem.

Just like a woman, a deer is extremely hard to get. Trust me.

best deer bait

A key to a successful deer hunt is using effective deer attractants

Hunting started out as a hobby but quickly became my passion since I was young, and I would beg my dad to take me with him whenever he goes hunting. Nowadays, I don’t do it as much as I did back then, but I would gladly share my knowledge and helpful tips with you.

Going back, a deer’s hearing and sniffing abilities are very advanced that they can detect a human intrusion from yards away. The difficulty of baiting a deer necessitated commercial deer attractants.


Before proceeding to our list of The Best Deer Attractants in the Market, let’s first discuss the types of deer attractants.

What are the Types of Deer Attractants?

1. Food Attractants

best deer bait

Commercial feeds and feed additives like corns, acorns, chestnuts, and molasses were long used by hunters to attract and bait deer. They are rich in carbohydrates, minerals, and proteins. Corns and acorns drive bucks crazy, and once they see food lying on the ground, they’ll slurp it down in a jiffy. Bucks need the food to prepare their bodies for the winter season. Some people even bait deer with peanut butter! I guess you can even bait a human with it too.

2. Mineral Attractants

Mineral attractants, like the ones we will review later on this list, provides bucks with essential minerals to supplement their growth and development in the form of a vapor, powder, or liquid. These attractants lure deer by dispersing fragrances that deer love. If you distribute the attractant on a nutrient-deprived area, it will absolutely lure in deer lurking in the area. They’re also relatively cheap too.

3. Scent Attractants

You can also bait a deer using scents that they recognize. Spray scents and incense sticks are the usual forms of scent attractants. The scent of the attractants mimics a real deer scent which entices bucks. They’re also very easy to use - simply spread the scent out by spraying or burning it near the deer’s frequented areas or your bait. If you’d like to, just spray it in the air and let it disperse on its own. No sweat!

Having given you an overview of the deer attractant types, let’s now proceed to our main agenda,

The Best Deer Baits in the Market and How to Use Them:

The easiest to use are incense sticks. Like the typical red incense sticks used in Asian shrines, incense sticks purposely releases fragrant volatile chemicals when burned, alluring people and driving away bad spirits. In the case of the Tink’s Smokin Sticks, it allures deer and it doesn’t drive them away.

​Deer and does are the greatest sniffers – they can smell things up to a hundred yards away. Beware human! Before hunting, be careful not to use perfumes, scented deodorants and body soaps as the deer can definitely track your scent and avoid you. Also, it will be very helpful to bring airtight Ziplock bags for storage of your clothes and things to prevent the scent/s from escaping.

The Tink’s Smokin’ Sticks is an instant deer trap. This incense stick comes in a 6-piece pack. It’s extremely cheap and one stick burns up to two hours. If you haven’t caught your deer in a two-hour duration, fret not, because the burned incense stick’s fragrance will still linger around the area, offering a bigger chance to lure them into your trap.​

best deer bait 1

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Furthermore, a great feature of the incense stick is they can mask human odor. Also, they stink up the place promptly around your set up, covering almost all scent traces.​

​Additionally, Tink’s Smokin’ Stick is quite powerful in attracting a deer into following your direction. Hence, a good pick for wildlife photographers and photography enthusiasts who want to take close pictures or shoot at short proximity.

​Unlike most scents that can only be used in particular seasons, this particular attractant is one of the few that is designed for all seasons. You can use it all year round.


  • Easy to use
  • Deer can easily smell the scent from a long distance
  • Draws bucks quickly
  • ​Cheap
  • Can mask human odor
  • Sweet-smelling
  • Can be used for all seasons


  • Doesn’t last for days (not necessarily a con, it depends if you want to observe a deer for a couple of days/months)
Best Deer Bait 3

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The Buck Nut’s hunting scent is the most favored deer attractant scent by experienced hunters. The scent is made from natural Doe Estrus Whitetail deer urine (trust me, it doesn’t have a pee smell). It is packaged in a 1.07 oz whiskey bottle can (clever packaging!)

The Buck Nut’s deer hunting scent is basically doe urine in a can. You may be thinking “that’s gross, but is it really effective?”. Yes, it is. This is how it works: essentially, the doe urine comforts and encourages the approaching buck to cross your bait knowing that there’s a doe nearby, arousing a mating behavior even if he’s sensing something wrong.

The deer scent is amazingly simple to use. You can choose to pour it in a scent pad, dab it nto cotton balls or just pour it little by little along the trail you want the bucks to pass. Much like the incense sticks, this product also masks odors thereby removing human traces near the bait.

In case you’re hunting in the pre-rut and rut seasons, this is the spray you have to utilize. It immediately draws out an aggressive mating way in a buck, thus it is preferred by hunters wanting to lure in mature bucks.

A friendly tip: observe first the areas where the bucks typically frequent then choose a strategic position based on that. Attractor scents like the Buck Nut’s Estrus Scent won’t work that well if you use it far from the bucks’ commonplace. Like humans, they are wary of spooky places and traps.


  • Easy to use; very convenient and handy
  • Can mask human odor
  • Doesn’t have an unpleasant smell
  • Perfect for the pre-rut and rut seasons
  • The fragrance sticks to all things it comes in contact with
  • Draws out aggressiveness in a buck


  • Doesn’t last for days (not necessarily a con, it depends if you want to observe a deer for a couple of days/months)
Best deer bait 4

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The Tink’s brand is a trusted hunting brand for decades. This product is also made of doe estrous urine collected during their ovulation cycle. As you know by now, bucks go crazy with this scent!

The Doe-in-Rut Buck Lure works the same as Buck Nut’s liquid deer attractant. It attracts bucks by bluffing them that there’s a gorgeous hot doe nearby waiting for them. The doe urine scent convinces the buck that the only danger he would be wary of is the doe. This lure is especially effective during the rut and pre-rut seasons.

To use the buck lure, just pour the contents on a drag pad, boot pads, or in scrapes. Do not mix it with water because it’ll be less effective that way. I also know some hunters that use this product along with the Tink’s Smokin Sticks.

Basically, they light the incense sticks while simultaneously pouring the contents of this lure in drag pads and placing several drag pads on the ground, leading to the bait. It’s super effective but it costs much to use both products.


  • Easy to use
  • Effective on rut and post-rut seasons
  • Its effect lasts for a long time


  • A bit expensive
  • You will need to occasionally refresh the site
  • Will last for a short time only
best deer attractant 3

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One of the best deer attractants in a liquid form is the Evolved Industries Black magic Liquid Attractant. This liquid attractant contains liquefied minerals that make a deer go mad. Mind you, a gallon of this product works like a charm!

The liquid deer attractant product is made from highly active, nutritious minerals. It works by reacting with the moisture from the soil, then discharging vapors that are very inviting for all bucks in the area.

Consequently, the bucks and does will look for the source and once they found it, they’ll lick and gnaw at the mineralized soil, waiting for you to catch them.

Setting up the field where you plan to do the luring will require some effort. First, you need to recognize a reasonable site to set this attractant. Second, you have to get rid of all the vegetation surrounding the area, up to a 4 feet diameter or more. Lastly, you should pour all liquid into the area so that it’s ingested into the field. There goes your trap.

This deer attractant liquid is also loved by many photographers. If you’re a wildlife photographer, you’ll want to shoot great images of animal populations. This product can lure in a lot of deer and does that are craving for food, giving the photographer an opportunity of scoring photos of deer populations.

I have used this stuff for years with great success. As a matter of fact, its effect on the soil lasts for years. In my case, I poured it on an area 3 years ago and found out that it still attracts does and bucks a year after.


  • Beneficial for the bucks’ overall health
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Cheap
  • You don’t need to occasionally refresh the site
  • Beneficial for photographers wanting to observe deer from time to time


  • Will require some effort - If you plan to use this, it will require you to clear your site first
best deer bait 6

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The Deer Cane Block is an outstanding mineral vapor trail deer attractant. Evolved Habitats Deer Cane Block is similar in terms of the mechanism of action with its predecessors, the Liquid Deer attractant, and Deer Cane Black Magic. All three work by drawing deer with irresistible nutritious supplements.

As I have seen several times, mature bucks, upon smelling and gnawing on the mineral site, will want to dominate and mark the area as their own by scraping the bare ground with their antlers. When other bucks see this, they will naturally be attracted to the site. Over time, more and more bucks will frequent the region. The cycle will last for months. It’s a deer magnet!

When you use the Deer Cane Block, the moisture in the atmosphere reacts with the vaporized minerals to start the inviting and responding course. You can blend the attractant with no less than 8 gallons of water to see quick outcomes.

If you want the bucks to keep coming back to your spot, refresh the site with the vapor attractant every few months.

I would personally recommend the Evolved Habitats Deer Cane Block because I have been using it for years and I saw how powerful its effect is.


  • Easy to use
  • Cheap
  • Draws bucks quickly
  • Beneficial for the bucks’ overall health
  • Its effect lasts for a long time
  • ​Beneficial for photographers wanting to observe deer from time to time


  • Will require some effort in the mixing phase
  • You need to occasionally refresh the site

Final Verdict

Best deer bait 10

Catch a buck or two with the top-rated deer attractants mentioned in this article

I can attest that the top five deer attractants in the list are guaranteed the best of all deer attractant brands. They all work fine. But the best for me may be different from yours. It really depends on your preference and purpose.

If you’re a hunter who wants a one-time quick trap, then go for the Tink’s Doe-in-Rut Buck Lure, or the Buck Nut Estrus Scent.

However, if you’re a wildlife photographer or an outdoor enthusiast who only wishes to observe a herd of deer for an extended period of time, then I suggest purchasing either (or both) of the Evolved Industries Black Magic Liquid Attractant and Evolved Habitats Deer Cane Block.

Have fun hunting!

Cindy Herrera

I’m Cindy, a free-spirited outdoor enthusiast. Since childhood, I was very much exposed to the outdoor environment. Our family frequently goes on weekend camps and my father, who was a skilled hunter, used to teach me and my siblings valuable things about wildlife survival. Now that I’m a married woman with two wonderful kids, it’s hard to keep up with outdoor activities while parenting at the same time… so I made this blog to share the best of my knowledge, experiences, and tips from other bloggers to you, my fellow outdoor enthusiast because merely talking about the outdoors makes me feel closer to it.

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