Finding The Best Underquilt For Your Hammock: 2018 Buying Guide

A lot of people already have a hammock in their backyard, but outdoor enthusiasts often take things to the next level by bringing their hammocks with them on camping trips.

If you plan on going down that route, too, you need to make sure you have something to keep you warm, though. While a sleeping bag will do the job, opting for the best underquilt seems like a better option, overall.

Stick around to learn why!

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Hunt and Lunch: 5 Ways to Record Your Camping Adventures

There is something magical about getting outdoors, hunting, camping, fishing and being a part of nature. There is no experience quite like it. If you are someone who does a lot of camping or you know someone who does, the other thing you know is that they love to share their experiences.

Before computers and other devices, you could have friends over and show them a slideshow or photos of your adventure, but the size of that group and the amount of information you could share was extremely limited by the size of your friend group, the size of your living room, and how much beer you wanted to provide.

However, there are more ways to record your camping adventures now, and they are a great way to share them not just with your neighbors and friends, but with the world.

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The 5 Best Tubes Of Glue For Shoes That You Can Use

For a long time, I was always taught, by my father, to save as much money as humanly possible. This meant fixing things when they break, instead of buying new ones and fixing them yourself instead of taking them to a shop.

The same goes for shoes – if the sole breaks off, just glue it back on and keep going. Yes, even when you’re in the wilderness. It’s much easier and cheaper than carrying a second pair, I’ll tell you that!

So, today I’ll be talking about how to find the best glue for shoes on the market, how to use it and I’ll review some of the best products around.

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Why Are Yeti Coolers So Expensive? The Answer Will Surprise You!

I have been in and out of scenarios where I needed a cooler to keep some of my edible items cool for a long period of time. This could be for packing a bag for lunch, bringing beverages and meats home from the market or it could be something more complicated such as planning for a long camping trip in the great outdoors. The one common theme about coolers is that they keep your items cool until they’re ready for consumption.

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The Essential Girl Scout Camping List

We don’t want to be a sexist, but let’s admit it: girls are pretty picky at almost everything! And for a boy or girl scout, getting packed and prepared is needed; but then again, preparing is more complicated if you’re a girl.

When you let your daughters go camping, you let her develop her sense of independence through exploring and experiencing new things. Learning new and helpful life hacks in the wilderness can encourage her to be more self sufficient and resourceful. Through this experience, she will grow smarter, utterly responsible, and diligent.

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Step Up Your Camping Food Game: The Ultimate Campfire Mac And Cheese Recipe

Since moving to the USA, my cousins (who live in Oklahoma) and I would talk about going camping on the mountains. We decided to do it this weekend and I was assigned to food detail. The easiest part was we were car camping, so we just loaded and brought all sorts of gear, coolers, and all the bottles of beer we want.

Don’t be fooled by the term “car camping”; it doesn't mean that you just pull up to the campsite and just sleep on the car. Instead of camping in the mountains with only what you can carry, you can pack as much as you want as long as it fits in your car.

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Get Fresh Water Anywhere! The Top 5 Best Filter Bottle Waters of 2018

Purchasing a water filter bottle is so convenient nowadays because it provides modern water filtration right in the palm of your hands. Very portable, these water bottles include filter materials which are manufactured directly into the bottle itself.

These powerful filter materials can purify water from the most harmful sources which is very efficient in removing bacteria, particles, and other harmful microorganisms while at the same time giving fresh water to quench your thirst.

Want to find out what are the best filter bottle water of 2018? Scroll down for out top 5 picks!

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The 5 Best Lightweight Backpacking Chairs of 2018

Do you love to go camping? Sitting by an open fire while enjoying the scenery of the great outdoors with the company of your loved ones is such a humbling experience. Likewise, relaxing on your lightweight backpacking chair at the shore, letting the waves touch your toes is utterly satisfying. The latter always makes me want to ask. “hey boss! Care to approve my leave? I want to go camping!”.

Most backpacking chairs nowadays have a reputation for being awkward, bulky and heavy. The average backpacking chair can weigh up to 12 lbs or more! You certainly won’t want to bring that kind chair.

On the other hand, if you decide to buy the thinner, wobblier option, either your back hurts after just 15 minutes of sitting or it usually falls apart over a short duration of use.

Fear not my outdoorsy friends! Nowadays, technology has caught up with the old style of backpacking chair and modelled them into the chair of your dreams. You can now find cotton-light chairs that are durable, strong and especially, comfortable… some chairs can even weigh as low as 20 ounces!

Here are our contenders for the best lightweight backpacking chairs of 2018.

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Dust And Dirt No more! The 5 Best Camping Rugs Of 2018

Indoor/outdoor rugs have become famous in the past years as companies have found ways to incorporate weatherproof materials into gorgeous, useful rugs - especially for camping rugs.


Now you can dress up your tent with pattern and color, as well as using these outside for campfires, picnics, or just resting. No need to worry about it getting torn or ripped off because of the elements in the environment!

Here is our 5 best camping rugs for 2018.

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