From the Woods to the Table: How to Process a Deer and Cook Venison on Your Own

Do you process your own deer? Why not? You have already placed yourself throughout the toughest point of presenting meat in your table. So why wouldn’t you take a few hours to guarantee you have the cleanest cuts available? It's simpler than you imagine and quicker than waiting for your neighboring processor.

I am going to share with you a useful guide on processing a deer on your own from the woods to the table.

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5 of the Best Camping Games for Adults

Camping is one of the most enjoyable and awesome outdoor activities. Though some people freak out over camping because they are anxious of getting munched on by a bear or something. The perks of camping are endless - you’ll have a break from the city life, you’ll experience the wonders of nature, you can sleep under the beautiful blanket of stars, you get to experience how to build a campfire, etc.

As action-packed as the daytime can be for campers, as the sun sets, the hours become longer and you can’t really wander off and do things in the dark,can you? So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you some popular camping games for adults to pass the time, get to know your fellow campers, and be drunk.

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Elk Hunting: Is the 7mm 08 a Viable Cartridge ?

There are a couple of subjects in the hunting world that produce more intense discussion than whether a specified cartridge is great enough for an exact animal. The debates seethe on around pit fires over the land either we’re discussing about the .256 Newton for Moluccan Rusa deer, or the .375 H&H for elephant.

To provoke the fire more, I will investigate if the 7mm 08, one of the most well-liked cartridges around in America, is a sufficient weapon for one of most imposing game animals, the elk.

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