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[INFOGRAPHIC] How To Protest – Protesting Tips From A Professional Camper

This article may be not the typical informative article you always find in this blog. However, the big issue we’ll tackle in a little while is something of utmost relevance to the nation, especially during this time.

Citizens must stand up for their rights, for the protection of the country, for the safety of people and its inhabitants, and for himself. It’s not true that citizens like us are no match against seemingly invulnerable oligarchs and abusive figures of authority because our combined sympathies and voices will overthrow any leader.​

But what feasible thing can we do to voice out our opinions? One thing is to unite in a protest. Many do not believe in the power of protest. They even deem it as a waste of time. But when leaders and individuals occupying high positions take notice of the citizen’s outcries and struggles through protesters, everyone benefits. Always remember that real power lies within the hands of the citizens.

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The Perfect Camping Snack: Dutch Oven Chili and Nachos

If you’ve experienced camping out during a cold season, you know how difficult it is to keep warm. No matter how many layers you put on, it never seems to keep your body warm. Even eating outside the tent is somewhat burdening.

As a camper, we have to eat to replenish all the energy we’ve lost from our laborious day activities. Through decades of camping, I grew tired of the usual canned goods and sandwiches that we campers usually bring because they’re light and easy to cook.

Firstly, their taste is monotonous, and secondly, they can’t warm our bodies up. Why settle for readily available foods like that when you can make a truly satisfying, body-warming and tasty food like the Dutch Oven Chili Nachos?

Maybe you’re thinking “Why is this woman so obsessed with Mexican food?” because most of the recipes I posted on this blog are mostly Mexican (don’t worry I’ll create more non-Mexican camping recipes in the future).

dutch oven chili 1

Partly yes, I’m slightly obsessed, but when you’re camping, you‘ll realize how convenient it is to cook (or pre-cook) Mexican food. And one more thing... Mexican food’s great! Don’t you agree?

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Things To Do at The Natural Bridge Campground in Oregon

The United States of America is a country sprawling with greenery, lush mountains, pristine waters, and montane forests. You’ll never run out of places to camp! ... except in New York City.

One such state that is rich in recreational areas would be Oregon. The first instinct of campers and nature lovers like us is to escape the city whenever we have a chance. Do you want to be transported to a magnificent nature paradise? Go to Oregon.

There are many campsites along the Rogue River in Oregon but if you’re looking for an excellent and uncrowded one, you should go to the Natural Bridge Campground in Oregon.

Oregon is a far from New York. If you look at the map, you’ll find them at the opposite ends. It’s a very diverse state because of the various nationalities and tribes that inhabited the land years ago.

Oregon was ranked as one of the most populated states in the US in the past decade, but its breath-taking landscapes are still as beautiful and untouched as when I first set foot in it when I was just a little girl.

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Creating the Perfect Camping Quesadillas: Choosing The Best Quesadilla Maker

Update 2020!

Good news for campers who are addicted to the Mexican quesadilla – finally, a quesadilla maker! So this quesadilla maker might be around for some time, but I only became aware of its existence just sometime last month, and I truly am ecstatic to try the thing.

With the quesadilla maker, I can always make a fresh quesadilla for my daily quesadilla fix or for pre-cooking a couple for my camping trips. No more taking out from the restaurant or messing up the entire kitchen, thank goodness.

There are so many perks that come with a quesadilla maker. First, you can have your Mexican lunch in less than 10 minutes. Secondly, you’ll never mess up your oven and cut foils ever again.

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Level Up Your Camping Food: The Quesadilla Burger Recipe

Crispy tortilla, tons of melted cheese, oozing salsa, intense flavors, and a hefty serving of chicken meat – that’s what best describes a quesadilla, ladies and gentlemen. A trip to a Mexican restaurant translates to a lot of calories and saturated fat, but who cares? I care not.

Mexican food is the one type of food I could eat all my life. And I won’t let my little camping getaways to stop me from getting my quesadilla fix. Anyone here who feels the same?

So I got the brilliant idea of creating this particular food from Applebee’s quesadilla burger recipe which I’ve tried in their Brooklyn branch. Its delicious but it’s too oily and fattening so I decided to make a healthy recipe based from it for our fellow campers to enjoy.

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Classic and Modern Drinking Card Games For Your Camping Night

Update 2020!

Yes! Another weekend camping session! Don’t you just love weekends spent with nature? It’s so refreshing. It’s a great way to unwind with your closest friends or family!

Sometimes I feel torn on where to spend my weekend. Should I spend it to rest, binge, and drink a couple of beers on the couch or go out and camp with friends? You know what? You can do both. Camping is not only meant to reconnect with nature, but also to unwind as well.

Personally, camping takes my stress and worries away, and it clears my mind of all things that we people deem as essential but is actually trivial to the core.

A night of drinking in the great outdoors is the normal picture when the sun sets on the campsite. A few barbecues and a great many cans of beer is all you’ll need to have a merry night. Of course, a few drinking card games will break the ice.

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Tent Tarps and Tent Footprints: The Better Choice and A Guide On Making Your Own

Update 2020!

Have you ever camped on a rainy day? Have you experienced a flooding at the bottom of your tent during that day? Are you traumatized and didn’t want to go out and camp again? I did, too. In my early camping days, I solely relied on tarpaulin-like fly sheets to protect my little collapsible house.

I thought it’s just the one thing I need to protect me rain or shine, but on that fateful rainy evening, my tent started to flood, along with my stuff. It’s one of the worst camping days of my life. After that incident, I learned about a tarp under the tent or a “tent tarp” and a “tent footprint”.

A tarp laid on top of your tent is a “flysheet” while a “tent tarp” and a “tent footprint” are basically cloths laid underneath your tent to preserve the life of your expensive outdoor house and to also make you feel comfortable too.

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5 Of The Best Portable Toilets On Earth

Update 2020!

Are you tired of rushing to a shaded area and sitting your ass out in the cold while doing your thing? Or worse, walking for miles away from the campsite just to use the outdoor bathroom?

best portable toilet 1

An outdoor toilet in an icy mountain like that?! I wouldn’t want to go in there

Good news! Your misery ends right now. A portable camping toilet is all you need for a sound night’s sleep. It’ll also be very handy for children and elderly individuals. Not only can it be used for camping, but for other outdoor and home use too. As for me, I used it to potty train my kid.

It is a wonderful tool, people. It has unlimited uses and honestly, it’s a life-saver. When mother nature calls you out in the wilderness, you don’t have to be anxious of deciding where to dump it if you have a portable camping toilet.

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How to Go to The Bathroom While Camping: Top Tips and More! Plus Ways on Making A Portable Camping Toilet

Have you ever felt that anxious strong call of Mother Nature while you’re out camping, hunting, or doing any other outdoor activities?

Perhaps you've felt the urge to pee or take a dump outside, but sadly, as you frolic to and fro while keeping that relaxed breathing because, you know, it might explode then and there if you succumb to the feeling, you realize that there are no toilet rooms everywhere in the area. GREAT! Just great!

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A Different Take on the Dutch Oven Apple Cobbler: Using a Regular Pot and Adding A Secret Ingredient

Have you ever been addicted to the sweet tangy taste of an apple pie combined with a crispy melt-in-your-mouth crust, warming your insides on a chilly fall night? That’s what the Dutch oven apple cobbler tastes like.

Traditionally, it is a fall recipe that is served steaming hot from the oven as meal desserts. It became a famous camping dessert because it’s one of the few desserts you can cook on site.

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