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Step Up Your Camping Food Game: The Ultimate Campfire Mac And Cheese Recipe

Update 2020!

Since moving to the USA, my cousins (who live in Oklahoma) and I would talk about going camping on the mountains. We decided to do it this weekend and I was assigned to food detail. The easiest part was we were car camping, so we just loaded and brought all sorts of gear, coolers, and all the bottles of beer we want.

Don’t be fooled by the term “car camping”; it doesn't mean that you just pull up to the campsite and just sleep on the car. Instead of camping in the mountains with only what you can carry, you can pack as much as you want as long as it fits in your car.

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Satisfy Your Pizza Cravings At Camp: The Dutch Oven Pizza Camping Recipe

Hearing the wonderful word “pizza” makes me crave for that oh-so-cheesy and meaty crust every time. It is sooo delectable! Fortunately, I’ll be demonstrating how to make a Dutch oven pizza for camping in this article.

Okay, so I’m not sure if I just wanted to share with you our Dutch oven pizza recipe for your future reference or if I’m just really craving for it right now and I thought I’d put it into writing to add to my blog. Well, I guess both works! Hehe.

Dutch oven pizza

Pizza’s great anytime and anywhere, especially when camping

The Dutch oven pizza recipe is a favorite of campers and non-campers alike. I mean, who doesn’t go crazy for pizza? Although at first, you'll ask “how the hell can I make pizza outdoors without any oven?”

Of course, you can! Remember, any type of pizza or dishes you make at home, you can certainly recreate with a Dutch oven. Name a dish or even a warm dessert, the Dutch oven can surely cook it.

So I made this recipe numerous times, usually when I’m with my family because they all love pizza. Of course, you can still cook it for yourself if you’re riding solo or enjoy with your camping buddies. Pizza’s great anytime and anywhere especially out in the great outdoors. The Dutch oven pizza’s easy to prepare and cook. It will get consumed pretty fast by starving campers too.

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Looking for A Healthy And Easy To Cook Camping Recipe? The salmon with veggies camping recipe

A healthy and easy to cook dinner is all we need to get us through our camping nights, aside from (occasional) high-calorie quesadillas and Dutch oven chili nachos, which are both fairly easy to cook too.

The grilled salmon with veggies camping recipe is a sure way to provide you and your family/friends with a healthy, nutritious meal. Also, salmon has got to be one of the best-tasting fish meats in the world. Most importantly, they’re easy and fast to cook – 20 minutes tops!

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The Perfect Camping Snack: Dutch Oven Chili and Nachos

If you’ve experienced camping out during a cold season, you know how difficult it is to keep warm. No matter how many layers you put on, it never seems to keep your body warm. Even eating outside the tent is somewhat burdening.

As a camper, we have to eat to replenish all the energy we’ve lost from our laborious day activities. Through decades of camping, I grew tired of the usual canned goods and sandwiches that we campers usually bring because they’re light and easy to cook.

Firstly, their taste is monotonous, and secondly, they can’t warm our bodies up. Why settle for readily available foods like that when you can make a truly satisfying, body-warming and tasty food like the Dutch Oven Chili Nachos?

Maybe you’re thinking “Why is this woman so obsessed with Mexican food?” because most of the recipes I posted on this blog are mostly Mexican (don’t worry I’ll create more non-Mexican camping recipes in the future).

dutch oven chili 1

Partly yes, I’m slightly obsessed, but when you’re camping, you‘ll realize how convenient it is to cook (or pre-cook) Mexican food. And one more thing... Mexican food’s great! Don’t you agree?

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Level Up Your Camping Food: The Quesadilla Burger Recipe

Crispy tortilla, tons of melted cheese, oozing salsa, intense flavors, and a hefty serving of chicken meat – that’s what best describes a quesadilla, ladies and gentlemen. A trip to a Mexican restaurant translates to a lot of calories and saturated fat, but who cares? I care not.

Mexican food is the one type of food I could eat all my life. And I won’t let my little camping getaways to stop me from getting my quesadilla fix. Anyone here who feels the same?

So I got the brilliant idea of creating this particular food from Applebee’s quesadilla burger recipe which I’ve tried in their Brooklyn branch. Its delicious but it’s too oily and fattening so I decided to make a healthy recipe based from it for our fellow campers to enjoy.

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A Different Take on the Dutch Oven Apple Cobbler: Using a Regular Pot and Adding A Secret Ingredient

Have you ever been addicted to the sweet tangy taste of an apple pie combined with a crispy melt-in-your-mouth crust, warming your insides on a chilly fall night? That’s what the Dutch oven apple cobbler tastes like.

Traditionally, it is a fall recipe that is served steaming hot from the oven as meal desserts. It became a famous camping dessert because it’s one of the few desserts you can cook on site.

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The Ultimate No-Cook Food List You Need for Camping

For starters, a camper’s food list includes a variety of food types – fresh food, dry food, canned food, bread loaves, biscuits and chips, canned beverages, spreads, and sometimes, a few spices. Most of the food we bring are light, not prone to spoilage, and has a nutritive value.

Your body needs all the nutrients it can get from the food you brought because camping is a strenuous activity – setting up the tent and lying cozily in the campfire is just the small picture. The bigger picture includes walking on seemingly endless trails, getting lost in the wildlife, steep trekking hills, and finding a place to camp.

Supposing you are a newbie at camping and you don’t have a portable camping stove, the basic food items enumerated below will surely get you through your camping trip.

5 Food Category List You Need To Pack for Camping

Food Item

Suggested quantity for 1pax/day

Cold cuts

One 9 Oz. pack


2 pcs


2 pcs (or pre-cut it into thin strips)


Two 1.31 oz boxes (smallest size)

Whole wheat bread/bagels

1 loaf wheat bread/ 1 bag of bagels

Energy bars/chocolates

4 pcs / 2 pcs

Canned tuna/sardines

2 cans (either tuna or sardines or both)

Canned beans

2 cans

Drinking water

3-4 liters or one 5000-ml water bottle

Flavored beverages

Two 500-ml bottles


2 cans of beer

(A suggested quantity of food items sufficient for one individual per day.)

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