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Napali Coast Snorkeling Tour: Tips for First-Timers

Going on a snorkel tour for the first time can be quite exciting. Who are we kidding? Snorkeling is still very exciting even if you have done it for the umpteenth time. The fact that you don’t know what you will see when you get under the water makes it quite exciting every single time.

However, the excitement and jitters will be greater for a first-timer. This is especially true if your snorkeling destination is Na Pali. With such excitement, it is easy for other snorkeling pros to notice that you are a fish out of water.

Therefore, we have come up with some tips to help you look like a pro on your Na Pali Coast snorkel tour even though you are actually a first-timer. With these tips, no one will even think that you are just trying out this adventure for the first time.

We are pretty sure you are pumped to know what these tips are. So, let’s dive in already…

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