Choosing the Top Trolling Motors for Fishing

As time goes by, fishing has become a well-known sport which has drawn the attention of huge followers. You can join your local fishing club to gain more fishing experience from these people. You can benefit from them through their show-off contests.

When using a boat to fish, it is important to remain very silent. This is because when you make a lot of noise or cause some waves, fish will run away therefore it will be difficult for you to catch any fish.

However, trolling motors have replaced the old powered motors which used to be too loud and were easy to sense from miles away. Troll motors provides you with stealthy approach, they are easy to manoeuver and have a great stability. With that said, here are a few things you should consider when looking for the best trolling motors available.


1. Thrust 

Thrust can be described as calibrate of how much the engine can drive the boat through the water. It is normally measured in pounds. It is advisable that you apply basic physics when dealing with thrust.

It implies that if your vessel is bigger, then you will require greater pound of thrust from the troll engine to move it.

For you to have an estimate of the amount of thrust your boat needs, you will do a sum of the weight and the utmost weight capacity of your boat. Then divide your result by 200 and then multiply by five.

2. Voltage

It is a translation of the amount of power your motor should have. The size of your vessel will determine the voltage. The engine comes with three categories of voltage i.e. 12-volt, 24-volt and 36 volt.

The 12-volt engines uses 12-volt battery, the 24-volt runs on (2) 12-volt batteries and the 36-volt is powered by (3)12-volt batteries. If you are fishing for a short period and your canoe is 16 feet long it is advisable to use a 24-volt system. In case you are planning to go out for fishing on weekends a 12-volt system will serve you better. If you like to fish for longer periods, your best choice will be a 36-volt system.

Trolling motors are structures to handle several battery system. This is because you can prefer to push your motor to operate for longer hours and also at the highest level. Before technology was well developed, anglers used the same battery which is used to start a motor vehicle.

Currently you can choose the deep-cycles series like gel and dry-cell. It is advisable to use a top end deep-cycle battery because it has broad cell plates. They are also safe for the environment, they do not need maintenance, they are not affected by vibration and also they do not spill acid on the water.

3. Transom Vs. Bow

Motors are made in two forms; the transoms which is set up on the stern and bow which is escalated on the front of the boat. Bow are best used in a large vessels and provides the angler with more manoeuvrability. Transoms are suitable for small crafts although it is possible to use them on any boat. They provide less manoeuvrability and they control the angler.

4. New technology

The continuous exploration of designing powerful and efficient motors has yielded impressive results. There is introduction of digital tool which controls the seed of engine at the same time checking the essential engine components.

It is not affected by corrosion, shock, heat and moisture. They provide you with an easy process of replacement where you do not need to rush to the dealership. The digital motors are also known to offer stealth, run cooler and are more effective than analogue motors.

Another new technology invented is the use of huge brushes and commutators which assists in reducing heat. This helps to enhance the capacity of the battery.

5. Salt and fresh water

The engines comes with three methods of control;

  • The foot pedal
    It frees your hand enabling you to handle other tasks on the boat. Although it is expensive and takes a lot of space on your vessel. They also have slow time for response.
  • Remote control
    This is an advanced system which is put in place the waters rough making it difficult for you to stand up on the bow. 
  • Hand controls
    They are designed to be operated from the bow of the is cheap to install and it takes less space compared to the foot pedal. It might be a limiting option because it needs a hands on approach.

Any of the system you decide to use will have an impact on your fishing. It is advisable that you try the three control system for you to know the best suitable system for you.

6. Length of the shaft

Before buying a troll engine, it is advisable that you know the length of the shaft of the motor. You should know that a longer boat needs a longer shaft and a shorter canoe will require a motor with a shorter shaft length.

You have to efficiently choose the best motor with the correct shaft length. To do these you have to follow; transom mount, the canoe in the water, calibrate the shaft length from the waterline to the top of the transom.

If you are using the bow mount, calibrate the distance from the bottom to the top of the bow. After you are contented with the measurements, add 18 inches for you to have the correct shaft length that your troll motor will need to fit your vessel. Click here for more information about choosing a good trolling motor.


When you want to buy a troll motor, consider the type of vessel and your fishing specification. Choosing a motor needs some experience and knowledge for it to be a smooth process. It is advisable that you choose the one that fits the type and size of your canoe. In case you are buying trolling motor for the first time, the guide I have provided above will help you select the best motor which fits your vessel and meets you needs.

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