How Do You Hide a Ground Blind?

When it comes to ensuring consistent hunting success, you must make sure to stay hidden from your prey. Here, ground blinds do a great job to make you stay out of sight. Ground blinds usually provide some cover against elements to allow a successful hunt.

But, if you can’t make your blind hidden accurately, all your potential games will spot you. You may now be wondering, how do you hide a ground blind properly? Well, to find out, stay with this guide. Here, we will share all the step-by-step processes of hiding a hunting ground blind. So, without any further ado, let's get into this.


A Hunting Ground Blind

Hunting ground blinds are concealment shelters for gamekeepers or hunters. These are designed so that animals can’t detect the hunters while hunting. There are several types of ground blinds available for specific locations and situations. Some of them are really simple whereas the others are really complex. Generally, they are used instead of tree stands when hunters don’t want to climb.

Ground blinds are best for inclement weather. You will find portable ground blinds which are easier to handle in any situation and perfect for long-time adventures. They can ensure an element of surprises that you will miss while using tree stands. In addition, ground blinds can conceal the hunter totally and allows more time to prepare the hunters for a shot. 

How Do You Hide a Ground Blind?

Ground blinds are usually camouflaged. Therefore, many people think that it's enough to hide it from their game sight. Actually, this concept is totally wrong. The camo pattern will definitely help you make the blind blend into nature but its shape will still pop like a reflector. That’s why you should make it placed properly and concealed it.

So, Let's Have a Look at How Do You Hide a Ground Blind.

Step 1: Select a Place With Good Cover

The first and foremost thing is to select a proper place for setting up the blind. Keep in mind, never ever place your blind on the middle of a trail or open land. Placing ground blind on a high terrain where you can properly view the trails, open land, or water.

You should place it downside or crosswind of the spot from where you can see the quarry. In this way, your body scent will be carried away from your blind and at ground level. Keep it away from the sun and lookout for a safe foreground and background. Now, if you can’t find any terrain level, then place it on natural ground depressions. And make sure your blind is blended appropriately with the atmosphere, and hill shape from below. 

Step 2: Consider the Nature Color

It is a fact that must be considered while you are going hunting with a ground blind. If you are going to a location which is full of greenery and your blind is brown it won’t be suitable. In the same way, your greenish blind won’t blend with the brown nature. Also, your prey will easily detect you in both situations. 

Step 3: “Brush In” the Blind

Though blinds are camouflage you should cover them with brushes, branches, leaves, and other natural foliages. This process is usually known as “brushing in” the blinds. Animals tend to see natural objects and the blind’s shape will definitely seem unnatural to them. So, they will stay as far as possible from the blind.

Therefore, you should focus on making it more natural and if possible almost invisible. Try to copy the surroundings and make it look like something similar. You can also use the fallen trunks, long grass, and big rocks and make it look as natural as possible. 

Step 4: Set up Your Blind Weeks Before Hunting

Naturally, animals avoid newly placed structures. Therefore, it is essential to leave the blinds weeks before you go hunting after setting up. In this way, blind fabrics will lose their scent and absorb natural odor. Moreover, animals will get habituated and comfortable with their presence. However, after a few days, they will get used to this new thing and will start ignoring it.

Step 5: Open Windows Strategically

Open the window only when required as there will be more chances to get detected the more you open the windows. To keep the blink more restricted, ensure keeping the windows shut. With fewer open windows, your shooting option will become more restricted.

How Do You Hide Yourself in a Ground Blind?

Camouflaging yourself is as necessary as hiding the blind. It will prevent you from the quarry to detect you. Remember, this thing can make or break your hunting adventure. Let’s find out how you can hide yourself in the ground blind.

Body Odor

By nature, animals are very sensitive to body odor or scents in their surroundings. They can detect you immediately with the slightest change of smell. So, follow these tips to make yourself odorless or scentless.

Use fragrance-free soap while showering and avoid using toothpaste with different scents.

If you use normal toothpaste then to eliminate the artificial odor you can brush your teeth using baking soda.

Wash your clothes with a scent-free soap or detergent. Apply the same thing while washing the shoes.  

Camouflage Clothing

When it comes to hiding into the ground blind camo clothing similar to the blind is the ideal choice. It will help you blend with the surroundings totally and make you visually undetectable.

Avoid Movement

Movement is crucial while hunting in the wild. Always try to avoid movement as much as possible. If you really need to move then try to do it silently without causing any noise. It will be better if you carry a chair with you so that you can sit while waiting for your prey.   


Ground blinds are very useful when it comes to hunting. A good combination of placing and hiding the blind appropriately will lead to great results and successful hunting.

Now that you know how do you hide a ground blind plan a good strategy, find the best possible location and start hunting. Following all the above steps make the most use of your hunting ground blind and make your hunting successful. 

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