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This is hands down my husband’s favorite talking point, anything involving camo gear and hunting and he is there. While this bores me to tears listening to how he had his shotgun in a new position and he was dropping pigeons out the sky like it was child’s play, the love we have holds us down to the chair and pulls our face to resemble somewhat interest.

I let him have his 10 minutes of self-awe and then get on with the laundry. If you had to look in our garage, and at the metal school locker looking cabinets lined up against the wall, you would find every hunting equipment and gadget you can think of. To me it looks like he has the same tech 5 times over, but ‘apparently’ they all do different jobs and ‘all are needed.’

What can I do? I love shoes and he likes camo, so we let each other be.  I guess that’s what makes a relationship work, accepting the other person for who they are and all their interests, which don’t necessarily have to be the same as yours for you to work and live in harmony. I’ve come to learn in my ripe old age of 36. Eek.

We’ve all heard about Bear Grills and his crazy antics in the wild and mad survival skills, but if you’re like me, you only want to know about them from the comfort of the couch thank you very much. There are however some brave souls out there building tents and sleeping under the stars as nature sings you to dreamland with her chirps and tweets.


What does it mean to survive in the wild?

For a city girl like me, just surviving a night with no bites is an achievement in itself, one I take very seriously. That and not being eaten by a wild animal.

While you could read everytext book ever printed on being prepared or building the best lifeboat, but when it comes down to it there are a few basics you should have in your control if you want to come out alive.

Let’s begin with attitude, this is relevant in all aspects of life and one I drill into my kid’s minimum once a week. A strong mind can over-come anything, it wills your body to keep going, take that extra step when you feel like giving up and can be the make or break of a successful outcome.

Then, like you see in the movies, you will need a place to sleep and a supply of water. I’m assuming if you have managed to get to the wilderness these skills have already been acquired. If not, print this article https://hiconsumption.com/basic-survival-skills-every-man-should-know/ immediately and read it over before going anywhere.

Making a fire comes next, and while that is settling nicely and becoming coals and embers you can look for food. Fishing, known rodents or wildlife are all options to consider, or just the fruit indigenous to the area to at least put something in your stomach.

Last, but not least, the gear and gadgets you have with you stuffed into every pocket of the bulging backpack you’re carrying, could just be what saves your life. That and some instinct skills wouldn’t hurt.

But how to know what to pack if this is your first time on an excursion? There are so many products and fidgety things all claiming to be able to save you in the bush, this is where your homework and research comes into play. It can be daunting knowing what’s right or necessity.

To give you a hand, and hopefully help you not die in the jungle, be sure to check out the SurvivalGearReviewsAndGuide’s website and get the professional and expert advice needed to keep you safe and protected for your next adventure. The more prepared you are the better your experience will be.

3 Benefits of being prepared in survival.

  • Calmness. When you have at least the basic skills and knowledge of being in the wild, and a situation arises, you can take a step back and think rationally how to handle and overcome it.
  • Anticipation. You will know what would be your worst nightmare if you become stranded outdoors, taking this into consideration and train to handle different outcomes so that you can anticipate anything thrown at you.
  • Realism. When you are calm and keeping your panic somewhat at bay, you can assess the situation realistically. Look at it for what it is and not you hope it to be or wish it was, do what you have to to survive and stay alive till you get help. 

Being outdoors can be a wonderful experience, eye-opening and take you to a place and state of meditation. We look to Mother Nature for her beauty, awe-inspiring picturesque scenes that every day seem to change and be beautiful each in their way. We shouldn’t take it for granted and should embrace each day to its fullest.

The wilderness can be amazing and a life experience like no other, but this doesn’t go to say that we need to be careless, preparedness is key. Have the right equipment, train up in the necessary skills and be aware of the terrain and environment you plan on visiting.

With all these boxes marked, enjoy your adventure and tick off that bucket list,

Cindy Herrera

I’m Cindy, a free-spirited outdoor enthusiast. Since childhood, I was very much exposed to the outdoor environment. Our family frequently goes on weekend camps and my father, who was a skilled hunter, used to teach me and my siblings valuable things about wildlife survival. Now that I’m a married woman with two wonderful kids, it’s hard to keep up with outdoor activities while parenting at the same time… so I made this blog to share the best of my knowledge, experiences, and tips from other bloggers to you, my fellow outdoor enthusiast because merely talking about the outdoors makes me feel closer to it.

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