Napali Coast Snorkeling Tour: Tips for First-Timers

Going on a snorkel tour for the first time can be quite exciting. Who are we kidding? Snorkeling is still very exciting even if you have done it for the umpteenth time. The fact that you don’t know what you will see when you get under the water makes it quite exciting every single time.

However, the excitement and jitters will be greater for a first-timer. This is especially true if your snorkeling destination is Na Pali. With such excitement, it is easy for other snorkeling pros to notice that you are a fish out of water.

Therefore, we have come up with some tips to help you look like a pro on your Na Pali Coast snorkel tour even though you are actually a first-timer. With these tips, no one will even think that you are just trying out this adventure for the first time.

We are pretty sure you are pumped to know what these tips are. So, let’s dive in already…


1. Ensure your Mask is a Perfect Fit

Don’t just dive in without ensuring that your mask fits you properly. You should try it out first before you begin snorkeling. Place it over your eyes while allowing the elastic to wrap around your head.

Confirm that the elastic doesn’t have any twists. Make sure the elastic straps are not folded over your ears but just above them. The strap should be at the widest part of your head and not the base. If it is at the base, it is possible for the mask to slip off your head.

You can confirm that the mask is a proper fit by pressing the mask firmly to your face. Then breathe slightly. If it is snug when you let it go, then it means fits. However, don’t tighten it too much.

A very tight mask could lead to headaches and general discomfort. Another reason it shouldn’t be too tight is that the seawater pressure will keep it in place.   

You should know that hair and mustaches can prevent you from getting a proper fitting. Hence, you need to keep your hair out of your face by brushing it as it could cause leakages. Testing your mask is important to ensure that seawater doesn’t leak in and affect you while you are snorkeling. Click here to learn how to snorkel.

2. Use a Defogging Gel or Baby Shampoo to Defog the Mask

This is an important skill you need when you go snorkeling. If your mask is fogged it can affect your overall experience. Snorkeling experts recommend that you make use of baby shampoo to defog masks. You can also use defogging gels which you can get at dive shops or resorts.

When these solutions are applied, they create a film between your breath’s air moisture produce and the glass.

3. Remove Excess Water from Your Mask

As soon as you get into the water, you will notice that water will begin to fill your mask. Hence, you should learn how to remove excess water from your mask and snorkel when it begins to get full. This should be learned before you start the experience.  

Various techniques exist on how to get rid of excess water from your mask. You can visit to watch one of the techniques you can use. It is important that we mention that you cannot remove the water completely as far as you are underwater.

You shouldn’t panic if you notice your mask is getting full. Instead, just relax and come up to the surface. Once you do that, employ the technique you learned to clear the water. There are techniques that you can learn to even get rid of the water even while you have dived underwater. Ensure you learn these things before you begin your snorkeling tour.

4. Breathe Deeply

Don’t joke with this tip as it will help you stay alive. Since you are breathing through the snorkel, your breathing might end up being somewhat limited. Hence, you should breathe deeply. When you do this, you will be able to maintain focus and relax.


There you have it; four important tips you should know for your first time snorkeling tour.

Cindy Herrera

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