What Are the Survival Tools that You Need?

You may find yourself in the middle of a forest or hiking on a mountain for weekends. You may also be fond of the outdoors, and you want to learn how to survive in the wilderness. Sometimes, you may be forced to live in a society that is similar to that of the movie “The Walking Dead” and “The Hunger Games.” In these kinds of scenarios, you need all the best survival tools to continue living.

You can increase your chances of survival if you have the right tools with you, even if you get lost in the woods. You can read more about skills for survival when you click here.

But regardless if you want to be comfortable on your mountain hike or you are fond of lying on the couch, it is always better to get equipped with the tools just in case. After all, preparedness can save the day, and it is better to be on the safe side.

If you want to know the essential tools that you should get, then you are on the right page. Here are some things that you need to know.


Tools to Survive your Next Camping Trip

1. Knife

A sharp knife should always be in your pocket just in case you find yourself in a tricky situation. Some multi-tools will make great combinations of whether you are cutting a small branch or trying to crack coconuts. You can find the best survival knives on sites such as https://survivalmethods.net/. You can get an in-depth look at the best folding survival knives that can help you with food, self-defense, or creating makeshift gears.

You may want to choose knives with serrated edges so that you can cut sturdy materials such as wood. Some were made from stainless steel, and some brands contain nine mini screwdrivers and bottle openers. Choose something that is not prone to break and something that is insanely sharp for fishing, hunting, and other activities.

2. Water Filter

If you are out camping, you need to hydrate your body frequently with clean water. An average person won’t be able to survive the wilderness without drinking for four days. Most of the factors that can affect survivability are battling intense heat or walking long stretches of dirt paths. A portable container that can cleanse the river or lake water should be a priority.

There are some things that you need to consider when choosing a container. The first one is that it should fit well inside your backpack. You need a compact size that will give you more than enough water to meet your needs, but it should not be too heavy. Some filters can remove sediments and bacteria so you can drink anytime whenever you come across streams. It is also advised to bring purification tablets since most bottles will not be able to filter viruses.

3. Lighter, Matches, or Anything that Creates Sparks

Creating a spark of fire is very important for your survival. The fire can play several roles to keep you alive in the woods. You can use it for cooking food, getting warm, boiling water, providing light, and even giving a signal to rescuers. If you are in an area where it’s endlessly raining or snowing, starting a flame with wood and other regular tools can be challenging. What you can do is to buy fire starters that are waterproof.

Some fire starters can be completely submerged in water, but this doesn’t affect their abilities to create a flame and strike. Most of them have vegetable waxes that are infused on the match to allow burning for a few minutes. If you happen to drop the box in the lake, some brands don’t need drying before you can use them. You can save your life if you keep a few boxes in your emergency bag.

4. Medical Supplies

In an emergency, you may cut yourself from twigs and thorns when you lost your way around. If there’s a crisis in the woods or even a disaster in the urban city where you are living, most people will need medical care in the soonest possible time. If you have a medical kit complete with gauzes, bandages, alcohol, medicine, wipes, and sanitary gloves, you can take care of the bruising anytime and anywhere you are.

There are compact kits that you can include in your traveling bag, and these things don’t usually weigh a lot. Some kits have inner sleeves that let you safely keep antiseptic, swabs, shears, tweezers, splinter probes, pins, and CPR pouches. Tending to a wound before it gets infected is a must, and you need a kit that will help you survive the longest.

5. Whistles, Compass, and Ropes

On top of having the necessities for survival, such as food and shelter, you need some tools that can help you navigate your way back to safety. A compass and a whistle will be able to guide you on where you are going. The whistle can alert rescue rangers on your location.

The rope can act as a handy all-purpose support tool. You can hang clothes, move heavy objects with it, create traps for animals, and wire cords for improvisation tasks. You will not regret these items inside your backpack once you are outdoors if you have a survival kit that contains all the necessary things that you need in one pack, all the better.

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