Weird Survival Tools Every Prepper Should Own

Whether you are in the wilderness or other outdoors, away from home, preparing for emergency and survival is very critical. Knowing what survival tools to put together will make all the difference and ensure you survive all odds. Keep reading to learn about the weird survival tools you must not fail to have in your survival kit.

#1: A Knife or Multi-tool

A knife or multi-tool is one of the essential tools you must not forget to pack in your survival kit. There are so many things you would need a knife or multi-tool for in a survival situation. Typical examples include the following;

  • Wood shaving – to make a tinder
  • Cutting rope or chord
  • Opening cans swiftly
  • Preparing a game
  • Cutting off obstructive tender branches while in the wood
  • ...and more

A multi-tool refers to a pocket-size, folding device that features a knife and other tools such as screwdrivers and pliers. The device provides the benefit of having different useful tools in a petite package. Some survival enthusiasts would rather go for a non-folding simple fixed-blade knife or other types of folding knives. Whatever is your choice, the most important thing is to ensure that you pack a cutting device for survival purposes.


#2: Cordage

There are only a few items that are more useful and versatile than a sturdy cord. For most survival experts and backpackers, a parachute cord is the best choice because it is very durable and completely lightweight.

Wondering the survival scenarios that cords would be useful and helpful? The list will include but not limited to the following;

  • Hanging a tarp or blanket when constructing a shelter outdoors
  • Tie woods together so that it will be easier to carry in a bundle
  • Attaching a chord to a tree to suspend your backpack, so that animals like bear won’t get to it

#3: A Lighter or other Fire Source

In survival situations, especially while you are out in the woods, a fire source is also an essential tool to have. While some people can manage to make fire without a fire source, having a lighter can make all the difference when you need to start a fire without delay. However, if you are not used to starting a fire, you need to practice with lighter or fire materials before embarking on your survival trip.

There are varieties of fire strikers you can choose from. Also, it would be helpful to bring a container of tinder with you – alternatively, a fire-starting material would do. One popular choice is the drier lint that burns quite readily. You may also bring some old newspapers to help you start a fire.

#4: Pantyhose

This sounds weird, doesn’t it? You are probably wondering how pantyhose can help you in a survival situation. This weird survival item is used in older military trick to prevent blisters and friction when taking a long walk. So, by wearing a pair of pantyhose underneath your trousers or socks, there will be little or no friction and blisters when embarking on long hikes.

There are other useful applications of pantyhose in a survival scenario;

  • Filtering water in emergencies while in the wood
  • It serves a dust mask
  • Keeps your bathing items dry and clean
  • Use it to improvise a cord or fishing net
  • A forage device in the wild that will also help you gather edibles such as berries
  • Improvised mosquito net
  • For use in securing a bandage or making a tourniquet

#5: Vodka

Wondering what vodka is doing in the list of survival tools? Well, it’s one of those weird tools you should consider bringing when embarking on a survival trip. Of course, you are not going to get drunk with it. Well, it has nothing to do with going into your mouth in this context. Instead, vodka offers the following benefits/uses in a survival scenario;

  • Cough suppressant
  • Bartering tool
  • Base for different pasta sauces
  • Forger and cleaner for your pair of eyeglasses
  • Food preservation
  • It neutralizes stink from stinky feet
  • Sterilizer for razor blades and tweezers
  • Repellent
  • Fire-starter
 ...and more

#6: Gun Safe

Perhaps you do not consider gun safes to be an essential survival tool. The truth is, they are, particularly for hunters in the wild, or for other shooting activities outdoors. Storing your gun safe when not in use will prevent potential mishaps such as accidental discharge or unauthorized use by children or other persons during group hunting or shooting activities. This would help everyone stay safe as they intended during a hunting or shooting adventure.

#7: Flashlight

In the night season, you need a good flashlight to survive outdoors, especially in the woods. Besides using it to see, a good flashlight also serves as a signal during emergencies. In rugged conditions, quality models are better investments than cheap plastic options.

In this case, you should consider purchasing led flashlights. While they are usually pricier than the conventional flashlights, they are better choice in survival situation since led flashlights provide superb brightness and extended battery life. Also, they are very durable. However, it’s also wise to bring extra batteries with you.

#8: Non-perishable Foods and Water

While water is more essential than food in survival situations, it’s also good to bring some non-perishable (especially canned) foods with you for survival. A small supply of food would help sustain you for extra more days in the wild.

Often, canned foods are popular choices. But, you can also bring dried options which make for lighter carry. Some ideas to consider include the following;

  • Dried fruits
  • Meatless/meat jerky
  • Protein bars
  • Trail mix or nut

#9: First Aid Kit

Medical emergencies are not uncommon in survival situations, which is why you should pack some first aid items with you. You can create a small first aid kit or buy an already-made kit. Some of the most essential items for survival situations while in the wild include the following;

  • Anti-bacterial ointment
  • Adhesive bandage
  • Roller gauze
  • A small pair of scissors
  • Medical tape
  • Tweezers
  • Sterile cotton applicator
  • Painkillers
  • Wound disinfectant
  • Allergy medication

So, do not ignore these essential weird survival tools the next time you’re packing a survival kit.

Cindy Herrera

I’m Cindy, a free-spirited outdoor enthusiast. Since childhood, I was very much exposed to the outdoor environment. Our family frequently goes on weekend camps and my father, who was a skilled hunter, used to teach me and my siblings valuable things about wildlife survival. Now that I’m a married woman with two wonderful kids, it’s hard to keep up with outdoor activities while parenting at the same time… so I made this blog to share the best of my knowledge, experiences, and tips from other bloggers to you, my fellow outdoor enthusiast because merely talking about the outdoors makes me feel closer to it.

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