St. Croix Legend Xtreme Vs NRX

As a fishing enthusiast, Fishing rods are the most important thing to you. 

However, buying one can become very confusing. You might get confused as there are many brands out there, St. Croix and Loomis being two of them.

You may think, “Which one is better between St Croix legend Xtreme vs NRX?”

Both series have great bats. The main differences include uses and preferences.

Croix’s XF activities are notable. If you prefer fast motion, the NRX is slower but lighter. However, both rods are delicate. If you need a specific reel, NRX 822 SYR is for you. For light rigging, pick Xtreme MLF. 

That’s for the summary. Keep reading the article to know in depth about these two rods.

Let’s start.

St Croix Legend Xtreme Vs Nrx: Quick Comparison 

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of the two fishing rods, let’s look at this quick info table.

St. Croix Legend Xtreme Vs NRX:
AspectSt Croix Legend XtremeLoomis NRX
Length 6’3”-7’6”9’0”-15’0”
Action Extra Fast Fast
Line Weight (lbs)6-103-10 
Power MediumMedium/ Stiff
Price $650 $625

Now let’s get into the main discussion.

St Croix Legend Xtreme Vs Nrx: Detailed Comparison 

Choosing a fishing rod can be very tricky just like choosing between HW 603 and 602. There are many options out there. 

St. Croix and G. Loomis are one of the top manufacturers of fishing rods. Their Legend Extreme & NRX are very popular among amateurs and professionals alike.

To clear out your confusion, we have compared the two fishing rods head to head. We have covered the major comparing aspect just for you.


Fishing rod length is an important factor. It directly contributes to weight, balance, and handling.

In terms of length, the Loomis NRX outmatches the St. Croix Legend. Its length varies from 9’0” to 15’0”. If you need long rods, this one is ideal for you. This is also ideal for fishing in the deep sea where long rods are a must.

On the other hand, the St. Croix Legend Extreme has a length of  6’3”-7’6”. This is at least 3’ shorter than that of Loomis NRX. Such fishing rods are ideal for shallow water fishing.

Winner:  The winner of the segment will be the Loomis NRX. It has a longer rod than the Croix Legend. Also, it gives you the flexibility to fish in the open water.


The action of a rod dictates its flexibility and consequently, how much influence you have over the fish. Faster action allows more pressure to be applied to the fish. This results in a greater bend in the rod towards the tip.

Hence, professionals prefer rods with faster action rods. Because it helps them pull the fish efficiently.

In terms of action, St. Croix Legend uses extra fast action. On the other hand, the uses fast action mechanism. Therefore, St. Croix Legend gets an edge over its competitor.

If you are using the Croix Legend Extreme, you will be able to put more pressure on the fish. This will be helpful in catching bigger fish. You will want to pick this one if you want a better action alongside flexibility.

Winner: The St. Croix Legend Extreme wins this round for its extra fast action. You can go bigger with this one without any problem.

Line Weight 

An adjustable reel’s breaking strength is determined by the line weight used. A reel with a drag strength between 8 and 12 pounds should be able to hold a fish without breaking.

Hence, the sweet spot is around 8-12 lbs. In this case, both fishing rods even out. The Croix Legend Extreme has a line weight of 6-10 lbs. 

On the other side, the Loomis NRX has a line weight of 3-10 lbs. The maximum line weight of these two rods is the same. Therefore, there will be no difference between the two when it will come to catching big fish. Or pulling out hard.

Winner: As both fishing rods have the same line weight, we cannot decide on a clear winner. Both of them are tied up in the middle just like 7 inch and 6’6 Inch rods.


There are many circumstances in which strong rods are crucial. It’s the primary factor in determining the variety of lure weights and line sizes. 

This determines the limit the rod can cast effectively. Yet it can also be used as a guide to tackle the fish. This depends on the size and strength of the fish.

Professionals prefer more powerful rods. In this case, both rods offer medium power. However, the Loomis NRX offers stiff rods as well. 

Medium power rods have some advantages. Casting further with these rods is usually no problem, and the hook setting force is plenty. 

Crankbaits, topwater lures, and other reaction baits like spinnerbaits frequently take advantage of this type of action. This is because of the treble hooks they employ.

Stiff rods allow you to penetrate deeper. The hook can go into the fish’s mouth and grip deep. Unless you are looking for extra grip, medium rods are the most versatile ones.

Winner: The Loomis NRX will win this one for offering both medium and stiff power rods. It adds to the versatility of fishing.

Price of the two fishing rods

Pricewise, these two fishing rods fall in the same price range. Both rods are in the $600-650 price range. 

The St. Croix Legend Extreme is sold at around $650 which is $25 more expensive than its competitor.

The Loomis NRX lacks extra fast action and line weight. But it compensates with the length and stiff power.

Winner: Pricewise, we will call it a tie. Both rods have their price justified for the feature. Hence, there will be no clear winner in this.

So, Which One Is The Best?

There are some very remarkable bats in both series. The main distinctions are in the various uses and personal preferences. 

In particular, the Croix line’s XF actions stand out. The NRX’s action isn’t as rapid if that’s what you want to be used to. 

Across the board, the NRX is lighter. They are both so sensitive that they pose no difficulty.

Think again about finding “the one stick to rule them all” for your purposes. These rods are characterized by a number of unique features. You’d do better to invest in several cheaper rods and use them for various purposes.

You should think about what reel you’ll be utilizing if you want one of them for a special purpose. Which is more common, monofilament or braid?

A great jig stick is the NRX 822 SYR. It is very delicate and well-balanced with a CI 2500.

We think an Xtreme 7’6″ MLF would be superior, but it’s fine for light rigging. Many excellent sticks for rigging can be had for far less money. 

If you enjoy monofilament jigging, an Xtreme 68MXF is a great choice.


What Is A Fast-Action Rod Good For?

Fast-action rods have minimal flex. That’s why they’re perfect for big-game fishing. Or any time you need to lift the fish’s head for release quickly. Pike, largemouth bass, stripers, and a plethora of other fish are targets for a rapid-action rod.

What Does The Action Mean On A Fishing Rod?

What we mean by “Action” is how much the rod bends when a force is applied to it. And “Power” is how much it resists being bent. Medium, medium-heavy, light action, and heavy power are all terms used to describe rods. Most rods will tell you right on the handle what kind of motion it has.

Do Fast Action Rods Cast Further?

Yes, a fisherman can cast further with a fast-action rod. The quick action of a fly rod is suitable for casting great distances. Large fish are easier to defeat with this weapon. If you’re trying to land a really huge fish, the process is much easier and faster.

What Is The Best Length Of Rod For Spinning?

A 6ft rod is the ideal length for spinning. In addition to improving casting accuracy, the shorter length of a 6ft rod will allow for greater control. This will be very useful if we find ourselves in an area with plenty of overhanging plants.


That will be all on St. Croix legend Xtreme vs NRX. Hopefully, you have got your answer now.

Whichever you buy, do maintain the rods and reels regularly. Do not overstress the rod or it may break down.

Have a great day. See you soon.

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