Winchester SX3 Problems: How To Fix Them? 

winchester sx3 problems

Under the brand names SX3 for automatic and SXP for pumping action, Winchester produces an excellent assortment of shotguns. The sportsman receives a dependable and quick-handling shotgun thanks to its design and affordability, which both provide outstanding quality for the cost. However, this device also comes with some drawbacks. Let’s dive into this article to … Read more

Evinrude E-tec 115 Problems And How To Solve 

evinrude etec 115 problems

The sophisticated technology in an Evinrude E-TEC 115 outboard makes it an excellent installation in your boat. However, the advanced features don’t eliminate all the mishaps.  So today, we will discuss some Evinrude E-TEC 115 problems and how to solve them correctly. Let’s stick with us and be ready to enjoy your speed!  Evinrude E-TEC … Read more

Volvo IPS Problems & Solutions 2022

volvo ips problems

Volvo IPS is an integrated and complete propulsion system that runs from the helm stations to the engines and propellers. It has a sturdy design and delivers excellent safety and performance, or diagnostics for transmission and engine.  Despite its reliability, this engine has some drawbacks. It’s time to dig into this article to get into … Read more

Outboard Primer Bulb Not Getting Hard: 3 Main Causes & 4 Solutions

outboard primer bulb not getting hard

The primer bulb is a critical component of the fuel injection system for outboard motors. Most outboard motors lack an electric fuel pump, unlike automobile engines. Therefore, you need to feed the empty gasoline lines manually.  Without this component, starter damage or marine battery deterioration may result from igniting the motor. Why is the outboard … Read more