What is the Best Turbo For 57 Hemi

The 5.7L Hemi engine has earned a reputation for its impressive performance and power. If you’re a proud owner of a vehicle equipped with this iconic engine, you might be considering turbocharging to take its performance to the next level.

A well-chosen turbocharger can significantly boost horsepower and torque, making your ride even more exhilarating. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of turbocharging for the 5.7L Hemi, exploring the best turbocharger options, installation, FAQs, and more.

Considerations Before Choosing a Turbocharger:

  1. Power Goals: Determine your power output goals. Are you looking for a mild increase in horsepower or aiming for a high-performance setup?
  2. Budget: Turbocharger kits vary significantly in price. Set a budget that includes not only the turbocharger itself but also any necessary supporting modifications.
  3. Fuel System: Upgrading the fuel system (e.g., fuel injectors, fuel pump) may be necessary to accommodate higher power levels.
  4. Engine Internals: For substantial power gains, consider strengthening your engine’s internals (e.g., forged pistons and rods) to handle increased cylinder pressure.
  5. Turbo Size: The size of the turbocharger (measured by its compressor and turbine sizes) impacts power delivery. Smaller turbos spool up quickly for low-end torque, while larger turbos offer top-end power.
  6. Intercooling: Intercooling helps reduce intake air temperature, improving engine efficiency and reducing the risk of detonation.
  7. Tuning: A proper engine tune is crucial when adding forced induction. Ensure you have access to a skilled tuner who can optimize your engine’s performance.

Why Turbocharge Your 5.7L Hemi?

Before diving into the world of turbochargers, it’s essential to understand why turbocharging is a popular choice for 5.7L Hemi enthusiasts.

2.1 Power and Performance

The primary reason for turbocharging your 5.7L Hemi is to unlock its true potential. A turbocharger forces more air into the engine’s cylinders, allowing it to burn more fuel and generate additional power. This translates into higher horsepower and torque figures, giving your vehicle exhilarating acceleration and improved overall performance.

2.2 Fuel Efficiency

Contrary to common misconceptions, turbocharging can also enhance fuel efficiency. By delivering extra power only when needed, turbocharged engines can operate at lower RPMs during everyday driving, conserving fuel. This “downsizing with a turbo” approach is becoming increasingly popular in modern automotive engineering.

2.3 Environmental Impact

Turbocharging can contribute to reduced emissions. A smaller, turbocharged engine can produce similar power to a larger naturally aspirated engine while emitting fewer greenhouse gases. This is why many automakers are incorporating turbochargers into their engines to meet stringent emissions regulations.

3. Choosing the Best Turbocharger

Selecting the right turbocharger for your 5.7L Hemi is crucial for achieving your desired performance goals.

3.1 Turbocharger Basics

Before diving into specific choices, it’s important to understand some fundamental aspects of turbochargers. A turbocharger consists of a turbine and a compressor connected by a shaft. Exhaust gases flow over the turbine, causing it to spin. This, in turn, drives the compressor, which compresses and forces air into the engine’s intake. The compressed air allows for more efficient combustion and increased power output.

3.2 Compatibility

Ensure the turbocharger you choose is compatible with your 5.7L Hemi engine. Different engine configurations may require specific turbocharger designs and sizes. Consult your vehicle’s specifications and consider seeking advice from experts or manufacturers to ensure compatibility.

3.3 Turbocharger Types

There are various types of turbochargers available, including single-turbo and twin-turbo setups. Single-turbo systems are simpler and often less expensive, while twin-turbo setups offer more power but can be more complex and costly to install.

3.4 Turbocharger Size

Turbochargers come in different sizes, typically categorized by their airflow capacity. The size you choose should align with your performance goals. Smaller turbos spool up quickly and provide power at lower RPMs, while larger turbos offer more top-end power but may have some lag.

3.5 Brand Reputation

Consider the reputation of the turbocharger manufacturer. Reputable brands have a track record of producing reliable, high-quality turbochargers. Reading reviews, seeking recommendations from automotive forums, and consulting with experts can help you identify trusted brands.

4. Top Turbocharger Options for 5.7L Hemi

Let’s explore some of the top turbocharger options for your 5.7L Hemi engine:

4.1 ProCharger P-1SC-1 Supercharger

The ProCharger P-1SC-1 is a centrifugal supercharger that offers excellent power gains for the 5.7L Hemi. It’s known for its reliability and ease of installation. The centrifugal design provides linear power delivery, making it suitable for both daily driving and spirited performance.

4.2 Hellion Power Systems Hellcat Twin Turbo Kit

If you’re seeking maximum power, the Hellion Power Systems Hellcat Twin Turbo Kit is an impressive option. This twin-turbo setup can significantly boost horsepower and torque, creating a high-performance beast. However, it’s a more complex installation that may require professional help.

4.3 STS Turbo Rear-Mount Twin Turbo System

The STS Turbo Rear-Mount Twin Turbo System is a unique solution that places the turbochargers at the rear of the vehicle. This setup provides a stealthy appearance and reduces heat in the engine bay. It’s known for its ease of installation and excellent power gains.

4.4 Precision Turbo & Engine PT7675 CEA Gen2 Turbocharger

The Precision PT7675 CEA Gen2 is a high-performance turbocharger known for its durability and power output. It’s suitable for enthusiasts aiming for significant power gains. However, this level of performance may require additional engine modifications for optimal results.

4.5 Garrett GTX4508R Dual Ball Bearing Turbo

Garrett is a renowned name in the turbocharger industry, and the GTX4508R is a top-tier option for serious performance enthusiasts. Its dual ball bearing design enhances durability and response. This turbocharger is ideal for those looking to push their 5.7L Hemi to the limits.

5. Installation and Tuning

The installation of a turbocharger is a critical process that requires expertise. Here are some key considerations:

5.1 Professional Installation

Turbocharger installation is a complex task that involves significant modifications to your vehicle’s engine and exhaust systems. It’s strongly recommended to have a professional mechanic or a specialized shop handle the installation to ensure it’s done correctly and safely.

5.2 Tuning for Turbocharging

Turbocharging your 5.7L Hemi necessitates engine tuning to optimize performance and prevent potential issues such as detonation. Tuning involves adjusting air-fuel ratios, ignition timing, and boost levels to ensure the engine operates efficiently and reliably.

5.3 Intercooling

Intercooling, or the use of an intercooler, is important for cooling the compressed air before it enters the engine. Cooler air is denser and contains more oxygen, leading to improved combustion and power. Many turbocharger kits include intercoolers as part of the package.

FAQs: Your Turbocharging Questions Answered

Let’s address some common questions about turbocharging a 5.7L Hemi:

6.1 What Is a Turbocharger?

A turbocharger is a device that forces more air into an engine’s cylinders, allowing it to burn more fuel and generate additional power.

6.2 How Does a Turbocharger Work?

A turbocharger uses exhaust gases to spin a turbine, which drives a compressor. The compressor compresses and forces air into the engine’s intake, enhancing power output.

6.3 Will Turbocharging My 5.7L Hemi Void My Warranty?

Turbocharging your vehicle can potentially void its warranty, especially if the installation is not performed by an authorized dealer. Check with your manufacturer for specific warranty details.

6.4 Can I Install a Turbocharger Myself?

Turbocharger installation is a complex task that requires expertise and specialized tools. It’s recommended to have a professional mechanic perform the installation.

6.5 Do I Need to Upgrade Other Components?

Depending on your power goals, you may need to upgrade other components, such as the fuel system, exhaust, and transmission, to handle the increased power.

6.6 What Kind of Maintenance Does a Turbocharger Require?

Regular maintenance, including oil changes and air filter replacement, is essential to keep a turbocharger in good condition. Proper cooling and oil supply are critical to prevent turbocharger damage.

6.7 What Are the Risks of Turbocharging?

Turbocharging can increase stress on the engine and other components. Risks include engine damage, overheating, and detonation if not properly tuned and maintained.

6.8 How Much Does It Cost to Turbocharge a 5.7L Hemi?

The cost of turbocharging varies widely depending on factors like the chosen turbocharger, installation labor, and additional upgrades. It can range from a few thousand dollars to significantly more for high-performance setups.

6.9 Are There Alternatives to Turbocharging?

Yes, alternatives include supercharging, nitrous oxide injection, and engine tuning. Each method has its own advantages and considerations.


Turbocharging your 5.7L Hemi engine is a thrilling way to unlock its full potential. However, it’s essential to choose the right turbocharger for your needs, ensure professional installation, and prioritize engine tuning and maintenance. With the right setup, your vehicle can achieve remarkable power and performance, taking your driving experience to new heights.

Remember that a turbocharger installation is a significant modification that should be undertaken with careful planning and consideration of your engine’s overall health. Additionally, investing in quality components and professional tuning is essential to ensure reliability and optimal performance. It’s advisable to consult with experienced professionals or performance shops specializing in Hemi engines to make the best choice for your specific needs and goals.

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