From the Woods To The Table: How to Process A Deer And Cook Venison On Your Own

how to process deer

Do you process your own deer? Why not? You have already placed yourself throughout the toughest point of presenting meat in your table. So why wouldn’t you take a few hours to guarantee you have the cleanest cuts available? It’s simpler than you imagine and quicker than waiting for your neighboring processor. I am going to … Read more

Looking for A Healthy And Easy To Cook Camping Recipe? The Salmon With Veggies Camping Recipe

salmon veggies recipe

A healthy and easy to cook dinner is all we need to get us through our camping nights, aside from (occasional) high-calorie quesadillas and Dutch oven chili nachos, which are both fairly easy to cook too. The grilled salmon with veggies camping recipe is a sure way to provide you and your family/friends with a healthy, … Read more

A Different Take on the Dutch Oven Apple Cobbler: Using a Regular Pot and Adding A Secret Ingredient

dutch oven apple cobbler

Have you ever been addicted to the sweet tangy taste of an apple pie combined with a crispy melt-in-your-mouth crust, warming your insides on a chilly fall night? That’s what the Dutch oven apple cobbler tastes like. Traditionally, it is a fall recipe that is served steaming hot from the oven as meal desserts. It … Read more