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As a hunting fanatic (I have hunted countless times) and an outdoor enthusiast, I have always been fascinated with hunting deer and does (female deer). Every time I catch one, it feels like the first time.

That excitement and adrenaline rush – it’s really a burning passion inside me. And then a fellow hunter asked me “what does deer meat taste like?”.

Though I like hunting A LOT, I have never thought of trying deer meat. Like, why on Earth would I do that? There’s chicken, pork, and beef meat everywhere! deer meat doesn’t look appetizing to me. The sight of a dead deer is unappealing to a normal person, how much more of a cooked carcass of that dead creature, right?

But like any vulnerable human being, curiosity got me.

Find out how a deer tastes like on my review below.

How Does Deer Meat Taste Like?

1. Venison (Deer Meat) SomeWhat Tastes Like Cow Meat

Cattle and deer almost have similar diets and they’re both ruminants (mammals that acquire essential nutrients and minerals through fermenting plant-based food sources). They’re herbivores, with a diet consisting of grass, green plants, corns, fruits, nuts, and acorns.

Their diet explains why they almost taste the same. My venison is tender and chewy (depends on the way you cook and prepare it). It’s tasty and doesn’t taste weird at all.

You’ll like it. Just think it’s some kind of a beef steak. It’s tasty, I promise!

2. Deer Meat Has A Weird Texture

A venison meat has a different texture – it may feel firm and dry on the taste buds. I had a hard time chewing it at first so I boiled it a second time to soften it up.

Ever heard of a jaw workout? Eat deer meat and you’ll find out.

As I have said, cattle and deer have a huge similarity. But they do differ a lot when it comes to physical activity. Cows are sedentary creatures. They chew on every grass and corn they can find, and they sit a lot out in the open field. If they ever run, it’ll just be under rare circumstances like when they are startled by something or the herder whips their asses off to lead them back to the cattle crush. But they’re cows and nature made them the way they’re supposed to be.

On the other hand, deer run like crazy! They hunt a lot and they move pretty fast too. They’re always on the lookout for hunters like you and me. Since they are much more active than cows, their muscles, limbs, and flesh get developed, resulting in tougher meat.

3. Fawn Meat Taste Better Than Mature Deer Meat

Okay. This is pretty self-explanatory. A fawn doesn’t do much hunting; its parents do it for the baby, and besides, a fawn’s primary source of nutrition is milk from its mother. They don’t use their muscles extensively, thus their muscles are softer and tender.

Furthermore, a fawn’s meat doesn’t feel dry to the taste. This is explained by all the fat reserves from milk and from the food its mother grazes for him or her. Fatty food, like hamburgers and steaks, adds palatability and juiciness to the taste. Likewise, a fatty deer meat will be as delectable too. Okay I lied, nothing will taste better than a good, juicy hamburger.

The tastiest deer meat I have ever tasted came from a year-old fawn my father shot on a forested mountain. It’s heavenly!

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4. Venison Has A “Gamey” Flavor

The “gamey” flavor is in full swing with deer meat. According to, a gamey taste “refers to the musky, pungent flavor of an animal raised in the untamed wilderness instead of on a farm”. If you are accustomed to eating wild meat like that of horses, wild boars, and deer, you’ll appreciate the gaminess of the meat. However, most of us raised on farmed and commercial meat will find the taste very off-putting.

To remove the disturbing gamey taste of the venison, you can simply marinate it overnight with salt, pepper, and lime. My dad used to stir-fry venison with herbs, onions, ginger, and oyster sauce. It tastes really good . You should try that recipe with your venison.

Being a firm believer of the Native Indian Philosophy of being unwasteful, I don’t believe in just killing a deer for its head and antlers. I make use of its healthy and natural meat. It’s such a disgrace to discard wonderfully good meat. It’s lean, delicious and healthy. What more can you ask for?

Also, if you’re out to hunt for venison, I suggest taking mature bucks or does (female deer) first, as fawns deserve a longer time to see the world.

Have you tasted deer meat? What’s it like? Comment below!

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