Ways to Record Your Camping Adventures

There is something magical about getting outdoors, hunting, camping, fishing and being a part of nature. There is no experience quite like it. If you are someone who does a lot of camping or you know someone who does, the other thing you know is that they love to share their experiences.

Before computers and other devices, you could have friends over and show them a slideshow or photos of your adventure, but the size of that group and the amount of information you could share was extremely limited by the size of your friend group, the size of your living room, and how much beer you wanted to provide.

However, there are more ways to record your camping adventures now, and they are a great way to share them not just with your neighbors and friends, but with the world.

Ways to Record Your Camping Adventures

Write about It

The first key is to write about your outdoor adventures. It used to be this meant taking a notepad and pen along and scribbling some notes. However, now you can take a tablet or even take notes on your phone, and you can keep your devices charged using portable solar panels and extra batteries.

This makes recording your adventures easier. You don’t have to worry about not being able to read your handwriting or losing a page in your notebook or getting it wet. You can even, when you have cell service, save your writing in the cloud for secure retrieval later, even on another device.

Be sure to record things like dates, times, mileage, and other details you may want to include in stories later but might forget if you did not write them down. Record your moods and thoughts as well as you can so you can include them as part of your story.

Take Photos

Cameras have come a long way in recent years. From film and disposable cameras to digital cameras and cell phones that take incredible photos, it is much easier today to take and share photos even on the go. Even if you don’t always have cell service or WiFi, you can upload photos into the cloud when you do.

Make note of the notes that each photo goes with: try to correlate the day, time, and location with them. In many cases, your phone or camera will do that for you, but it may not be effective if you don’t have a connection. Note how many photos you took of what is in your notes, and then marry up the two when you return home.

Take Videos

Better than photos? Video is an excellent way to tell stories and a compelling medium that people pay attention to. Video does take up more memory on your phone or tablet and in your camera if you have a digital one with limited storage. Of course, you can carry extra storage with you, but be careful. Use video wisely for things that a photo or words simply won’t capture.

Cell phones have some great video features, just like they do for photos. You can use them very effectively or carry a separate video camera. Many will take panoramic or 360 videos that can be used for virtual reality, but those videos not only take up more memory, but they require a different kind of editing as well. Still, VR can be a really cool way to share your outdoor adventures.

With the creation of lightweight drones, aerial video and photography is also possible and produce some great results. You can carry many of these drones with you, upload video directly to your phone, tablet, or another device you have with you, and edit it very quickly. Some drones also have “follow me” features that allow you to have the drone follow you as you boat down a river, cycle down a trail, or other activities where you are in motion.

Great video helps augment a solid story and is a fantastic way to add to the record of your camping adventures.

Share on a Blog

Want to really get your adventures out there? Start your own website and outdoor adventure blog. Your writing can be translated to blog posts, your photos and video can showcase your trip, and all of it can be a part of your own blog.

Of course, you will need to purchase a domain name, set up hosting, and have some kind of website design in place, but those are easy with modern technology and multiple website providers who offer all of those services.

If you post often enough and develop enough of a following, you can even make some money on the side from your blog from things like affiliate links, sponsored posts, and even a site sponsor. You can also add native ads from companies like Amazon and Google and make money every time someone clicks on one of those ads.

A blog is one way to share your outdoor adventures and keep a record of them on the web. There are others, though.

Develop a Social Media Empire

Whether you have your own blog or not, you can share your outdoor adventures on your social media channels, and gain an incredible following. Others will also share your adventures and wait with anticipation for your next one.

While social media (other than YouTube channels, another discussion entirely) does not come with the monetization benefits of a blog, it can be less work. If you have a blog though, the traffic that comes from social media can be huge, and boost the earnings of your blog. The point is, either way, you can build a social media empire.

Once your adventures have been shared on social media, essentially, they will be there for as long as that social media network survives. You can download them yourself later, or simply leave them online for all of your friends and followers to see and watch as they see fit.

Recording your camping adventures is easier than it ever has been, and there are a lot of methods to choose from. Pick the ones that are right for you, or combine all of them, and keep getting out there.

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