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Gone are the days when campers are only limited to ready-to-eat goods and beverages at camp – the Campmate kitchen trend is here and it looks like it’s here to stay.

Camping kitchens are truly one of the greatest inventions ever made. Just imagine the ease of preparing food like you’re in the comforts of your home kitchen, but against the backdrop of the great outdoors.

I thank Campmate for creating such a useful tool because cooking in the outdoors doesn’t get tougher than preparing a huge meal for a family of four, keeping an eye out on my kids who’re always trying to kill each other, and ensuring the tent doesn’t get swept away by the rain.

What Exactly Is Campmate’s Kitchen?

Dubbed as a portable culinary kit, Dosko Campmate’s camping kitchen resembles a huge plastic chuck box that holds numerous kitchen tools and cookware. Additionally, it offers a flat workspace for cooking, eliminating the need to bring a table just for cooking.

The top part of the box comes off, leaving a workspace for stoves, pots, cookwares, and other tools whereas the two doors which swing out from the sides keep ahold of cups, condiments, spices, etc.

The central part which features drawers and a large empty space is designed to store smaller things such as sponges and silverwares, as well as a mini propane and other stuff that is essential for cooking in the camp.

I don’t want to get your imagination running so here’s a video showing off the beautiful camping kitchen.

3 Reasons Why Campmate’s Camping Kitchen Makes Life Easier

1. It carries everything you need when cooking in camp

Campers know how easy it is to forget things when packing especially if you have limited space.

We tend to bring only the things we deem necessary but we always forgot that for this certain item to work, it needs the other tool and so on.

I just remembered one time when I bought canned tuna for breakfast but I forgot the can opener so… no breakfast for me that morning.

The good news is, you can store necessary tools and several food items inside Campmate’s camping kitchen. It has ample space for everything and yet so compact to bring into any outdoor adventure.

Moreover, it has sections and drawers that will somehow remind you of the tools that you need to bring.

How can your camp cooking get more organized than this?

2. It’s compact and easy to transport

Campmate’s camping kitchen is just the size of a cooler so you can stuff it easily on the car’s back.

The casing is very durable, mostly made of hard plastic, and has handles and wheels (I just don’t know if older models have wheels) that make it easy to stroll around.

It can withstand rocky paths, trust me.

3. It looks nice

This camping kitchen is undeniably good looking, making the user look more pro! At least, that’s one of the reasons why I bought it for myself.

Campmate’s camping kitchen can carry your cooking essentials, is absolutely easy and convenient to transport, and looks killer.

You need to get one of these to literally make your camping life easier!

Suppose you already have the precious camping kitchen, the next thing you should do is organize and list the things that should go inside the chuck box.

Being an inherently generous individual, I’ve done the job of curating a comprehensive checklist of the things you should bring together with your chuck box. See the list below!

The Chuck Box Checklist

My checklist here is very comprehensive so that you don’t forget anything when you’re at the campground. Shall we start?

1. Coolers

Before you can bring things, you first need something to store it into. If you haven’t acquired Campmate’s camping kitchen yet, coolers are the obvious choice since they are durable and look the closest to Campmate’s.

Personally, I prefer using Rubbermaid’s Action Packer, a rugged container with organizers designed to keep things organized in the car. What I love about this thing is it has organizers which practically reduce the risk of forgotten items.

2. Portable burner/stove/grillers

Okay, so these tools are self-explanatory. These are what you’ll use to actually cook the food. Portable cooktops are imperative for camping.

They are small, lightweight, and easy to clean. Most portable burners or stoves are equipped with refillable propane canisters so you wouldn’t have to buy these things separately.

3. Gas/propane tanks or canisters

They may be small in stature but these little babies can burn for as long as three hours.

If you’re camping alone, a canister may last for about two to three days depending on use, but if you’re with friends or family, make sure to bring two to three bottles because preparing a meal for 5 to 6 persons will take longer cooking hours.

4. Knives

Aside from the versatile Swiss knife, the other essential knives that are useful for camp cooking includes chef’s knife, paring knife, and a vegetable peeler.

Wrap the knives in a tablecloth or towel (also included in this checklist) before storing them inside the box to protect the blades from all the accidental bumping and falling.

5. Cutting board

6. Silverware

7. Plates, cups

8. Coffee maker (optional)

If you have much space in the chuck box, you can absolutely bring your handy coffee maker. Otherwise, boiling water on the portable stove sounds fun too.

9. Cookware

Choosing the suitable cookware to bring on camp is a challenging task. Apparently, you can’t hit the campsite with all the pots and pans you use at home.

My go-to cookware when camping is a cast iron skillet. It’s non-stick and it’s great for cooking just about anything – from eggs and meats to soups, and desserts.

Most importantly, cast iron skillets cannot be burned by open fire, unlike stainless cookware.

Another favorite of mine is the Dutch oven because it’s the perfect soup cooker.

The wilderness will try your spirit in so many ways, one of which is by sending cold breeze at night and dampening your sleeping bag. What better way to sleep through all of these than to sip warm soup before bedtime and breakfast?

10. Egg holder

You wouldn’t want to find your breakfast eggs all cracked up and slathered all over the contents of the chuck box, right? That’s why egg holders and dispensers are important.

11. Can opener, bottle opener

12. Tablecloth, quick-dry towel

These fabrics are meant to cover the table and dry kitchen tools, respectively.

I particularly like quick-drying, microfiber towels because they dry in a matter of minutes, making it ideal for wiping water off from washed utensils and tools. Since they dry quickly, it won’t add any weight when stored inside the box.

13. Pot scrubber/sponge, soap

14. Wooden spoon, spatula

15. Metal skewers

Metal skewers come in handy for roasting food such as hotdogs, meats, and marshmallows. They’re thin and virtually weightless.

16. Oven mitts/gloves

17. Condiments (in small containers)

Bringing condiments when travelling or camping isn’t one of the easiest things to do.

Of course, you can’t bring the full-size version of everything so it’s best to keep it at a minimum and transfer them to little containers.

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Final Thoughts

You can choose to make your camping life easier and more comfortable by utilizing the right tools, one of which is Campmate’s camping kitchen.

This terrific invention organizes all the things you need to cook in camp or on the road and ensures that nothing important will be left behind.

Also, I have given the checklist of the things you need to account for before going on your next adventure. Never forget a thing!

Hey, camper! What’s up? Have you tried this chuck box manufactured by Campmate? What do you think of it? Do you think we missed some stuff on our checklist? Comment your thoughts below! And hey, don’t forget to share this post. Cheers!

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