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The Ultimate No-Cook Food List You Need for Camping

For starters, a camper’s food list includes a variety of food types – fresh food, dry food, canned food, bread loaves, biscuits and chips, canned beverages, spreads, and sometimes, a few spices. Most of the food we bring are light, not prone to spoilage, and has a nutritive value.

Your body needs all the nutrients it can get from the food you brought because camping is a strenuous activity – setting up the tent and lying cozily in the campfire is just the small picture. The bigger picture includes walking on seemingly endless trails, getting lost in the wildlife, steep trekking hills, and finding a place to camp.

Supposing you are a newbie at camping and you don’t have a portable camping stove, the basic food items enumerated below will surely get you through your camping trip.

5 Food Category List You Need To Pack for Camping

Food Item

Suggested quantity for 1pax/day

Cold cuts

One 9 Oz. pack


2 pcs


2 pcs (or pre-cut it into thin strips)


Two 1.31 oz boxes (smallest size)

Whole wheat bread/bagels

1 loaf wheat bread/ 1 bag of bagels

Energy bars/chocolates

4 pcs / 2 pcs

Canned tuna/sardines

2 cans (either tuna or sardines or both)

Canned beans

2 cans

Drinking water

3-4 liters or one 5000-ml water bottle

Flavored beverages

Two 500-ml bottles


2 cans of beer

(A suggested quantity of food items sufficient for one individual per day.)

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How To Find A Hole In An Air Mattress: 3 Easy Methods (#3 Will Make You Think Twice)

Air bed or air mattresses have given us campers the absolute comfort in harsh and unfriendly mountains. They are the reason why we can sleep soundly at chilly camping nights with unknown beasts and mosquitoes lurking around.

Aside from its camping purposes, I also frequently use it at home, especially as a spare bed when my little boy invites his friends for a sleepover. It’s a multi-purpose thing. It served me well, and I love it so much!

How To Find A Hole In An Air Mattress 1

Kids love sleeping in air mattresses

When I noticed that it’s deflating alarmingly quicker than before after just a few hours of use, I knew there was an air leakage happening. I can’t just bid farewell to my good friend, so I started thinking of ways to find the hole and save the mattress.

After a tiring day of looking for that irritating leak, I finally found out the leak source in my air mattress. It’s so small! That’s the reason why I had such a hard time trying different methods in finding it.

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3 of The Most Useful Coleman Fuel Substitutes That I Bet You Didn’t Know

Update 2020!

Coleman manufactures the best heat-production equipment that is ideal for camping. They have everything you need – from gas lanterns, stoves, and catalytic heaters to tents, coolers and sleeping bags. If you need a one-stop shop for your camping necessities, Coleman is there to help you out.

Experienced campers prefer Coleman lanterns and heaters to other brands. They’re very functional and durable. Even the old models I purchased a long time ago still work at the time of writing. However, the special Coleman propane fuels which are bought separately from the equipment are a bit expensive. Coleman’s premium blend fuel is a bit pricey.

Being a cheapskate that I always was, I scouted and tried other fuel substitutes that will work well for my Coleman lantern (Disclaimer: Not all products listed are cheap).

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7 Must-Do Steps for Staying Warm in a Tent (# 7 will surprise you)

Update 2020!

Don’t wait to shiver on your sleep and read these 7 steps for staying warm in a tent before going (probably unprepared) on your weekend camping trip.

An overnight camping trip is fun, but it can turn sour if you are unequipped.

The icy cold weather will definitely crawl on your skin, preventing you from catching that cherished sleep, making you try every position possible to keep warm, only to see the first ray of the sun peeping through the greyish clouds. Yes fellow campers, that’s my first overnight camping experience summarized into a sentence. After that first one, I am traumatized just by the mere thought of camping.

So before that happens to you, I suggest that you read this post until the end because every piece of information is crucial. I’ll share with you the most effective steps to combat the cold weather and stay warm in your tent. I hope you won’t repeat my mistakes and have a memorable camping night.

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5 of the Best Camping Games for Adults

Camping is one of the most enjoyable and awesome outdoor activities. Though some people freak out over camping because they are anxious of getting munched on by a bear or something. The perks of camping are endless - you’ll have a break from the city life, you’ll experience the wonders of nature, you can sleep under the beautiful blanket of stars, you get to experience how to build a campfire, etc.

As action-packed as the daytime can be for campers, as the sun sets, the hours become longer and you can’t really wander off and do things in the dark,can you? So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you some popular camping games for adults to pass the time, get to know your fellow campers, and be drunk.

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