bass hound 10.2 problems

Most fishermen find buying a device, whether used or new, challenging and complicated.

To prevent any raising problems, you must inspect the equipment thoroughly. 

Therefore, you should check all the Bass Hound 10.2 problems before purchasing to ensure it’s worth your money. 

Let’s scroll down this post to get into details!

How To Set Up Bass Hound 10.2?

It’s best to ensure you know how to set up this boat before buying one. If you are unsure about this process, the guides below will help:

Set Up The Seats:

You should possess the following parts:

  • 2 seats 
  • 8 fasteners
  • 2 pedestals with swivel mounting platforms

Fasten the bolts to the seats to secure the swivel mounting platforms.

Ensure the bolts are secure but avoid over tightening as this may peel the threads from the fasteners and cause the seat to loosen.

Set Up The Drain Plug:

The drain plug is built into the boat transom on all versions. It removes water that accumulates on the deck.

Take out this drain plug to leave the liquid between the hull and the deck. 

Lift the back of your boat to direct the water’s flow to the frontal drain hole.

After the water has been drained, insert this drain plug into the outlet. On the Bass Hound 10.2, this plug has been fitted in the rear.

How To Install Bass Hound 10.2 Motor?

The 10.2 version contains connections for attaching a trolling engine to the boat’s bow or transom.

Most motors feature ring connections and alligator clips to connect directly to a battery.

Swapping the connectors or clips for a male plug to insert the trolling engine into the power outlet might be necessary.

Follow the steps below:

  • Cut approximately 12″ of the insulating material from the tip of the motor power cables and clip the wires directly beneath the ring connectors or alligator clips.
  • Use the connections included in the attachment packet or solder the motor power cables to the outlet wires.

How To Operate Bass Hound 10.2?

If it’s your first time using this Bass Hound 10.2, it may be challenging to operate it. It’s better to refer to the following guides to make your task easier!

Step 1: 

It is preferable to ask other people or fellow boaters to raise your Bass Hound and take it to the river or lake while launching it from shore.

It’s possible to drag your boat, but carrying it can save the hull from abrasively wearing down too quickly.

Step 2:

When placing your boat in the water, be cautious about angling the engine up to avoid damage.

Step 3:

Take off any tie-down before pulling up the ramp if you’re starting from the trailer.

Step 4:

Before launching the boat into the water, ensure that drain plugs are installed.

Step 5:

Step into the middle of your boat to provide stability when you get aboard.

Avoid stepping on the side of the boat since doing so might cause your Bass Hound to flip.

Step 6:

Check to see if the boat sits adequately level from out to the rear and sideways after it is on the water before departing the shore.

If not, rearrange the stuff you keep on deck.

Step 7: 

Pay close attention to the state of the beach.

Dragging or sliding your Bass Hound 10.2 over jagged break walls, sharp rocks, or concrete aprons may severely damage the hull.

bass hound 10.2 problems

Bass Hound 10.2 Problems

Here is some common drawback you may see in this Bass Hound version:

Transom Problems

The transom’s defects or fractures are to blame for most of this unit’s problems.

Although this unit’s transom isn’t fragile, it can still sustain damage in harsh weather.

Therefore, if you buy this boat off the market, be careful to give the transom special attention.

If not, it will deteriorate quickly; you can’t receive a fair price when you sell it.

Wiring Issues

The wire also affects the overall comfort of this Bass Hound. Several reports have shown mice chewing the system’s wiring and causing weak connections.

To prevent mice from entering your boat, you must thus pay more attention to the insulating material of the device.

Fuel Efficiency Problems

Although the efficiency of this boat is much higher than that of other models, if you don’t clean it regularly, the effectiveness will degrade with time.

Therefore, you must take time once a month to clear the hull of unwanted weeds or debris.

Leakage Issues

Although this boat’s valves and fittings are completely changeable, there are several instances of leaking issues.

This problem will occur if you neglect valve maintenance for an extended period.

In this case, you should identify the damaged or missing valves and fix or replace them.

How To Store Bass Hound 10.2?

To avoid unwanted problems with your Bass Hound 10.2, you should know how to store it properly. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Pull the boat out of the water.
  • Anytime you leave your boat submerged for more than some days, the hull may start to sprout algae.
  • Avoid storing the boat on the ground but a trailer.
  • To prevent the hull from warping over time, ensure to relax tie-down cords.
  • On your Bass Hound 10.2, close the caps on the light sockets in the stern and bow.
  • Disconnect all of the drain plugs. Place the boat’s bow considerably higher than its stern to aid drainage.
  • Remove all batteries, fuel tanks, and other attachments. 
  • Cover your boat to stop water and grime from building up on the deck.
bass hound 10.2 problems

How To Maintain Bass Hound 10.2?

It’s essential to apply proper maintenance to prolong the lifespan of your Bass Hound. 

You can use water and a gentle detergent to wash. Otherwise, salt water is another option. 

It’s best to use non-abrasive cleaning solutions. Utilize a soft-bristled brush if required.

Also, avoid using plastic-based conditioner products. They could even cause the plastic to become less sturdy.

Last but not least, using an antifouling bottom preserver to coat the hull can help reduce the growth of algae and barnacles.

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The Bottom Line

Now you know all potential Bass Hound 10.2 problems you may encounter. The buying decision is up to you!

In a nutshell, this boat model is relatively sturdy and more durable than others. However, it may still have drawbacks over time. 

Most importantly, you must know how to store and maintain this equipment to minimize damage properly. 

If you have further questions, please leave a comment below to let us know. We’re glad to answer all of them! Thanks for reading!

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