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Camping is one of the most enjoyable and awesome outdoor activities. Though some people freak out over camping because they are anxious of getting munched on by a bear or something. The perks of camping are endless – you’ll have a break from the city life, you’ll experience the wonders of nature, you can sleep under the beautiful blanket of stars, you get to experience how to build a campfire, etc.

As action-packed as the daytime can be for campers, as the sun sets, the hours become longer and you can’t really wander off and do things in the dark,can you? So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you some popular camping games for adults to pass the time, get to know your fellow campers, and be drunk.

Here’s A Round-up Of The 5 Camping Games for Adults:

1. Truth Or Dare

Is there such thing as a universal game? Like, you know, a game played by the billions of the people across the globe? If there is one, I personally think the infamous “Truth or Dare” will secure the top spot.

Fortunately, Truth or Dare is also a great camping game for adults. We have come a long way from the usual Truth or Dare crush questions from our kiddo days, but who knows, those questions might still be fun and interesting for some adults.

So for the procedure, it’s pretty simple – if the player chooses “Truth”, you can ask him/her just about any question you like (usually an embarrassing or a tell-all question) which him/her should answer sincerely. On the other hand, if the player chooses “Dare”, then you can ask him/her to do a task (also an embarrassing one) which he/she must do.

Truth or Dare is a really fun and awesome camping game since the game doesn’t require any some props or tools. You just need a ton of embarrassing questions and tasks.

2. Never Have I Ever

If you and your friends live by the motto “the more, the merrier” and chose to join a travelling group, you might just know more about your other camping fellows with the “Never Have I Ever” game. This camping game for adults will surely provide hours of entertainment.

First thing’s first, you’ll need some beers for this game. Gather your fellow campers in a circle and choose the first player. He/she will state “Never have I ever ___”. Anyone who has done or experienced the thing the first player said must drink (I suggest pouring the beer on a shotglass to avoid excessive drinking and to prolong the game. You don’t want to end the game due to drunk campers, do you?). The play then continues with the campers who haven’t done the thing asked by the first camper and so on.

This is a never-ending game, you’ll just have to put a stop to it when everyone’s a bit tipsy.

I hope that by the end of this game, you’ll get closer to your campmates, regret the things you asked, and have a deep reflection on your crazy life experiences. Just kidding!

3. Make Me Laugh

Okay, so this next camping game for adults is a super fun one and a guaranteed stomach ache from laughing really hard.

The rule of the game: make the camper in the hot seat laugh. So firstly, divide your herd into two teams and choose which team will go first. Then the opposing team will choose a member from the first team which will be on the “hot seat”. The opposing team’s goal is to make the camper on the hot seat laugh.

As a rule of thumb, if the one in the hot seat shows her teeth, he/she is out!

For the rules of the game, the opposing team cannot touch or say mean and offending things to the camper on the hot seat. If somehow, the opposing team manages to make the camper on the hot seat laugh, the camper’s team will take the turn. Oh, you’ll also need a timer to set each turn at 2 minutes maximum.

4. UNO

Camping can be boring when the rain starts to fall and you can’t chill with your fellow campers outside. Fortunately, there are card games which can entertain you in the comforts of your tents. Card games are a go-to camping game for adults.

If you’re reading this article before your expedition, make sure to bring a pack of UNO cards with you. It’s a popular card game and it’s not so hard to play, which makes it convenient for first timers.

The goal of the game is to eliminate all cards on hand, the first one who disposes off all his/her cards wins. A word of caution – remember to say “UNO” when you have one remaining card left because if you forget to say the magic word and another player catches up, you’ll be forced to draw two cards from the draw pile.

The card deck is consist of 108 cards with four suit colors – blue, green, red, and yellow. There are also special action cards like a “draw two”, “reverse”, and “skip”. There’s also the wildcards and “wild-draw four cards”.

The game can be played by 2 to ten players. Then, the players will randomly pick a card from the deck and the one who got the the highest value card will be the dealer. But if someone gets a wildcard or an action card, its value will be just be 0.

The dealer will now give the players seven cards each while the rest of the cards will serve as a draw pile with the top card being the first ones to be overturned, and the overturned cards will be places on the discard pile. Now, the players will match their cards number, color, or wording to the draw pile card, unless you have a wildcard. If you have a wildcard, you can choose which color will be played. If you don’t have any card that matches the top card, you should draw a card from the draw pile then play the drawn card if you have any that matches it. If you really can’t, it will be the next player’s turn.

When you use a “wild draw four card”, the next person should pick four cards from the draw pile. Likewise, the effect of the action cards will be on the next person.

As said before, the game is over when a player loses all of his/her cards first.

5. Name that Tune

Don’t have karaoke? No problem.

If you want a sing-along kind of night, the Name that Tune game got you covered. The premise of the song is simple: the camper who names the song first wins.

This will be fun if you have a camper who knows how to play a guitar so as to have a “jamming” trip. However, if you don’t have a guitar, you can just utilize an mp3 player or your smartphone. Make sure to play songs that are familiar to everyone because what’s the point if nobody knows the song, right?

This camping game for adults is a merry way of singing your lungs out in the wilderness without feeling shy.

“How Was Your Weekend?”

A great thing about camping is it allows you to bond and connect with your friends, family, and fellow campers through climbing together and playing together. Camping games for adults are a great way to break the ice, get everyone to laugh, and have a good time.

So here’s me wishing you an awesome weekend camping and I hope that when your officemates ask you “How was your weekend?”, you’ll wish all your weekends will be as wonderful as your last.

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