Ways To Make Camping Comfortable

Just because you’re going camping doesn’t mean that you have to endure hardship and suffer through your time in the wilderness. Modern camping equipment is designed to enhance the camping experience and to make you as comfortable as possible. With the right camping gear, you can ensure that you are warm, dry and cosy when you’re in your camping tent

There are countless products available nowadays to improve just about every aspect of the camping experience. What’s more, lightweight, durable equipment has become more affordable than ever before, meaning there’s no reason you need to be uncomfortable. Whether you are going backpacking, planning a family camping trip or just spending a few days in the bush with your mates, it’s important to ensure that you are warm and comfortable so that you get the most out of your adventure. 

Let’s take a look at five simple ways that you can make camping more comfortable. 


Choose The Right Clothes

Having the right attire is crucial in ensuring your comfort when you are camping. Make sure that you always have a dry, warm base layer that you reserve for camp. Pack light layers for during the day and always bring waterproofs as the last thing you want to do is to be cold and wet in your tent. Finally, be sure to pack warm clothes for the evening so you stay warm and comfortable when the temperatures can drop.

Sleeping Setup

To make sure that you get a good night’s sleep, you need to have the right equipment. Your sleeping bag should be appropriate for the season that you are camping in and you will need a sleeping mat to provide some insulation from the floor. Modern self-inflating mats are a great choice but are sure to place them carefully to avoid punctures. An inflatable pillow will complete your comfy camping setup. 

Food Choices

Living on re-hydrated meals and granola bars for days on end is nobody’s idea of a good time. Pack a stove that is big enough to cook for your group and plan your meals properly. While you won’t be cooking up any Michelin-star meals, there is a lot that you can do with even the most limited cooking setup. One-pot meals, oatmeal, pasta and fried rice are all great choices to keep you feeling satisfied throughout your adventure.

Choose The Right Campsite

Finding the right location to pitch your tent is essential to you staying comfortable throughout the night. Try to find a sheltered spot and pitch your tent so that it is not impacted by the wind. Look for a clear, flat area that is free of rocks and branches that could puncture your air mat. Finding the right campsite is part of the adventure and it might take some time but once you find your perfect location, at least you can look forward to a comfortable night’s camping.

Bring Insect Repellent

There’s nothing worse than battling insects when you’re camping. Be sure to pack plenty of insect repellent to ensure that mosquitos, horseflies and other flying menaces do not ruin your trip. There are plenty of all-natural options that you can choose from if you want to avoid putting harsh chemicals on your skin. 

Make Sure Your Camping Adventure Is Comfortable And Enjoyable

If you are comfortable, warm and dry on your camping trip, you will be in a better mood and you will enjoy the experience that much more. When you’re preparing for your trip, be sure to pack everything that you need to keep you and your group comfortable throughout your next outdoor adventure. 

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