Does Hydrowave Really Work

Wouldn’t it be great if you could call fishes towards your bait? Well, with the latest technologies, it’s not a dream anymore. Hydrowave is a device that you can use to call fishes. Yes, we are not pulling your leg. 

Now, you might be asking, does hydrowave really work? Is the Hydrowave Worth it?

Yes, it definitely works. Professional anglers around the world recommend it. They use it themselves. Although, hydrowave is not a magic spell which will force the fishes to take your bait. It is just another tool for you to use. In the end, it will depend on your fishing skills. Get way more bites with a HydroWave

This short answer might not satisfy your curiosity. So, we have conducted research about it. Keep reading, and you will get to know all about hydrowave.

Does Hydrowave Really Work?

The concept of hydrowave is very simple. This device plays sounds that can get the attention of fish. So, you choose the sound based on the fish you want to catch. After choosing, hit play and start fishing!

So, to summarize, it’s basically a “fish-calling device”. Though it sounds fictional, it is real. So, it can bring up the question, how does a hydrowave work?  

The device uses the natural but recorded sound pattern of a bait fish on bait. Then it emits the sound with a speaker that will be attached to the motor head. Hydrowave has different sound patterns recorded for different situations. So, it’s up to you which one to choose.

Does Hydrowave Really Work

So, the key to correctly using this is knowing which sound pattern to use and when. If you know that, then this device can help you get better results. But you have to have decent fishing techniques too.

So, if you know how to fish, hydrowave will definitely help you catch more fish. The more you can catch, the more you can sell your fish. The tricky part is which sound to use in which situation. In the end, it all comes down to your techniques. 

What Makes It Great

Hydrowave does help you catch more fish. But is hydrowave worth buying? To answer it for you, here is a list with all its features.


This device is very beginner-friendly. Using the device is pretty easy and all the process is straightforward. It is also easy to install a hydrowave on your boat.


Hydrowave offers a variety of preset sound patterns for different types of fish. Which makes it easier for a beginner. There are also some presets considering different situations. 

There are different models of hydrowave with different numbers of presets. So, the sounds may vary from model to model.  Also, they are continuously updating new sounds to their collection.

Natural Sounds 

The sounds this device uses are recorded in real-time. So, the sounds are very natural. This is the reason why it can attract the fish so efficiently.

Delay Function

The device also has some features that enhance the ability to call fishes. By default, each pattern will play in a 90-second loop. If you don’t want that, you can choose the delay function. 

The delay function allows you to change the time length of the loop. You can choose from 15-120 seconds for your loop to run. Hydrowave also helps you mask the sound of your motorboat coming. 


Hydrowave allows you to add or update new sounds to your device. This is a great feature if you have an older model. Because of this, you do not have to buy a new model every year.


The device is made mostly from plastic. This is the reason why it is so light and portable. It’s not a hassle to carry and install it to your boat.



Another benefit of using a hydrowave is that it can mask the sound of your boat. As you know, it is difficult to get bites if the fishes can see you coming. So, basically, with a hydrowave, you can mask your presence.


The average price of a hydrowave is around $400. This isn’t really much If you compare this price to other fishing equipment like fishing reels or fishing lines. It’s really a win-win considering all the benefits.  

Hydrowave have different models, each better than the other. So, it can be really confusing to choose a hydrowave. We can recommend these models, and you can decide which hydrowave is best.

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Things to Consider

Although there are many benefits, there are some small catches. If you are a beginner and planning to use this, you need to keep some things in mind. Here are some matters to take into consideration before you buy a hydrowave. 


Before you choose your sound, you must consider some things. Like, weather, seasonal pattern, water clarity, and the forage base of the water body. Depending on the situation you are in, you should optimize your sound choices.


There is a myth among anglers that the louder the sound the better. That information is scientifically wrong. Sound travels farther underwater, so adjust your volume accordingly. Experts suggest keeping your volume up to 20% in normal weather conditions. 


You must know which sounds to use in which situation. You must know about the lake or river and the baits you are using. Some bait might get eaten by turtles, so choose the bait carefully. Otherwise, it’s possible for you to not get any results.

Get Your Skills in Line

Hydrowave will in no way improve your fishing skills. Keep in mind that it’s just another tool, like your reel and rod. So, if you are not a good angler, hydrowave will not help you.


Does Hydrowave work for crappie?

Hydrowave can attract all kinds of fish if used correctly. For crappie, use the right settings, sound and volume combinations to attract. Remember, the settings differ based on the environment. So, choose your sounds carefully. Do your homework well before your attempt.

Where should Hydrowave speakers be mounted?

For the best results, attach your hydrowave to the front of the trolling motor. You can also attach it on the side of your boat based on your preference. No matter where you choose to mount it, make sure it is connected properly to the hydrowave unit.

How do you hook up a Hydrowave?

The speaker can be installed underwater on the front of the trolling motor. Or on the side of the boat. The hydrowave unit is set up on the boat. The unit must be set up within the length of the power and speaker cord.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have found the answer to your question: does hydrowave really work? 

What did you decide after going through our article? Do let us know your decision.

With or without the hydrowave we hope you catch a whole lot of fish this season. 

This is it for today, see you soon with another solution. 

Stay safe until then!

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