Mercury 9.9 Pro Kicker Problems [4 Issues And Fixes]

If you’re an angler then mercury 9.9 pro kicker is a must for fishing days. You can keep your boat under control with it. Even when the fishing is in a critical situation, the mercury 9.9 pro kicker helps. 

However, sometimes we face Mercury 9.9 Pro Kicker Problems. 

The mercury 9.9 pro kicker problems can start with lacking speed. It also includes tilt and carb problems. It might make unusual noises as well. There can be issues with the fuel lines. You might also face slow speed with the mercury 9.9 kicker problems. 

Now, if you want to know more about the problems and troubleshoot, stick to the article. We’ll try to help you through. 

Mercury 9.9 Pro Kicker Problems [4 Issues And Fixes]

4 Common Mercury 9.9 Pro Kicker Problems And Solutions

There are a few major problems with the mercury 9.9 pro kicker. We’ve tried to interpret a few common ones that you might be facing right now. Let’s dig in! 

Problem 1: Low-Speed Trolling 

Low-speed trolling is one of the most common issues seen with the mercury 2.2 pro kicker. Now, it must be frustrating for you too as an angler. 

Now, this might concern you At what speed should you troll?

Generally, your trolling speed should be in a range of 1.2 to 2.5 mph. But most of the time it depends on the fish, weather, and water speed. Remember speed is a key factor for trolling success.

The fishing boat doesn’t meet your speed level. You can’t go the distance to meet your goals. And sometimes the engine dies out of nowhere. These all come down to low-speed trolling. 


If you are facing low-speed trolling, then definitely it’s the issue with brass plus. To overcome this problem, you’ve to remove your brass plug. After removing the brass plus, you’ve to set an idle mixture for the engine. 

Sometimes, your trolling motor can be down as well. Or, you might face issues with the trolling motor. Try to know all the problems with your trolling motor and fixes. 

You can do this on your own if you’re handy. Or, you can always take it to the service centers. 

Problem 2: Plugged Fuel Vent

Plugged fuel vents can cause fuel blockage in the engine. It will suck up all the air from the engine and make weird sounds. 

If your fuel vent is plugged then you’ll have a poor performance from the engine. The fuel tank of the mercury 9.9 won’t fill in. The engine won’t start up easily. The engine might fail as well due to insufficient fuel. 


The first thing you can do is to identify where your fuel line is plugged in. You can clean the fuel line and try to plug it back. You’ll also have to clean the gas tank as well.

 Now, you might think What gas does a Mercury 9.9 take?

The mercury 9.9 take the 98 unleaded gasoline. It’s the best gas for mercury 9.9. 

Problem 3: Tilt and Carburator Issues 

As you already know that mercury 9.9 runs on gasoline. So, carburetors are the primary point where all the operation is managed. Tilts make sure that the carburetor is in the perfect place. 

If the tilt isn’t working properly then the carburetor will be flooded with gas. The engine won’t start at all. There will be leakage of fuel and gas. 


Tilting the carburetor is the main fix for this problem. If you don’t tilt the carburetor down then there will be leakage of fuel and gas. 

But definitely don’t start the engine while it’s tilted. Start it after you’re done tilting the carburetor. 

If you’re having trouble with choosing the right tilt shim, then don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Look below the table for a perfect tilt shim. 

Product Price
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Hopefully, you’re able to choose the right tilt shim for your mercury 9.9 pro kicker. 

Problem 4: Kicker Issue

Sometimes you might face that your boat isn’t taking a start at all. This is when you know that the kicker has some issues. 

If the kicker problem kicks in, then your boat won’t take the start. The spark plugs won’t receive any power from the engine. Kicker issues are also one of the reasons for slow-speed trolling. 

With the kicker issue, you might also be confused about what size of the kicker you should choose. Make sure you’re getting the right-sized kicker motor for your boat. 


If you keep your boat idle for a few months or so, kicker issues will happen. Now you might think What size of kicker motor do I need? A 9.9hp of motor is perfect for your kicker. If you choose below 9.9hp then it won’t be smooth or easy. 

You can keep your engine worked up daily. Keep the batteries and engine perfect. The fuel line should be cleaned up. And make sure that the kicker is getting the fuel and gas properly. 

Maintenance for Mercury 9.9 Pro Kicker 

You can lower all the issues with your mercury 9.9 kickers with good maintenance. Maintenance can be the key to a healthy life for your mercury 9.9 kickers. Here are some tips that’ll help you. 

Tip 1: Be Aware of the smart Feature

The mercury 9.9 kicker has smart features. Know all the smart features and you can utilize the kicker properly. The smart features are

  • Mobile plug and module play
  • Integrated link
  • Multifunctional display 
  • Trolling speed controller

The best part is that you can control all the features through your mobile phone. 

Tip 2: Get the Perfect Tilt Position

You can change the oil and filter for the mercury 9.9 pro kicker from time to time. This will lead you to more time fishing and less on maintenance. 

You will also have to select the perfect tilt position for your fuel and gas to work. 

Tip 3: Utilize the Warranty

You’ll need perfect knowledge about the warranty life of mercy 9.9.  With a warranty card and evidence, you can claim a warranty anytime. 

You can also receive discounts on fixing from outlets and service centres. 


What is the best 9.9 kicker motor?

The Yamaha T9.9 is the best kicker moto in the market now. It is the lightest and smallest motor of today. It has a horsepower of 9.9 and weighs  102 pounds. That makes it a 20 inches model. 

What is the quietest 9.9 outboard?

The quietest 9.9 outboard is Suzuki’s most recent 9.9 hp EFI four-stroke, which uses less fuel. It is a great option for medium- to large-sized inflatables, skiffs, and Jon boats.

Is it Okay to run the boat at full throttle?

Yes, it is completely fine to run a boat at full throttle. Every boat owner is unique. So, it’s up to you how hard you want to push your marine engine. Running your boat at wide-open throttle, however, is not harmful to your engine and may even assist in removing carbon buildup.


We hope that you got all worked up with the mercury 9.9 pro kicker problems. Hopefully, the article helped you to identify the problem and solution to that too. 

You can simply maintain your mercury 9.9 pro kicker properly. So that you won’t have to face most of the problems anymore. 

Have a great fishing day! Take care!

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