Ranger RT178 Problems: Reasons and Solutions

Bass boats are really helpful when it comes to fishing and cruising in the water. Among the bass boats, the ranger rt178 has been a hit.

Still, many people are facing problems with this bass boat. This has the users frustrated. But hey, we are helping in regard to this problem!

So, what are the ranger rt178 problems? Most Common Problems with Ranger RT178 Paints and More.

Firstly, there might be some paint issues with the ranger RT178 boat, especially in the bottom part. Secondly, trapped water issues in the boat’s haul might occur; which is pretty risky. Finally, problems with the electrical circuit and battery are also common for the ranger RT178. 

Although this information is needed, this is just the briefing. You have to read the entire article to get a better insight.

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4 Problems and Solutions of the Ranger RT178

Ranger RT178 is a great bass boat. It is even one of the most prominent ones among the ranger boats. Yet, just like any other thing, it does encounter many types of problems. 

The problems of the ranger RT178 can vary a lot. Don’t stress yourself though, we have covered everything. From small problems to grave problems and their solutions, you can find everything here! Read along.

Ranger RT178 Problems: Reasons and Solutions

Problem 1: Paint Issues

Although this is not a complex issue of the ranger RT178, it is quite annoying. Ranger RT178 users have complained about the paint beneath the surface. They have claimed that it keeps on coming off.

Several reasons are applicable to the paint issue of the Ranger RT178. The salt, snow, and other material seem to peel off the paint from the Ranger RT178. 

It is granted that the paint ought to come out at some point. Yet, the rate of paint corrosion of the ranger RT178 is a bit abnormal.

Don’t worry about the paint though. I have given the solution below. Just adhere to the steps and you are good to go!


Here are the steps to solve the paint issue of the ranger RT178-

  • To fix the paint of the bass boat, we will have to repaint the entire base. To start off, wash the boat. Clean it thoroughly.
  • After that, dry lock the boat, and sand off all the loose paint and rust. Sand the entire area for better paint adhesion.
  • Then, rinse off all the sanded particles from the boat and polish it. Since the ranger RT178 is an aluminum boat, use aluminum boat polish.
  • Then, you can start painting the boat. Prepare the surface by getting rid of any particles sticking to it. Then, use primer and aluminum boat paint to paint the boat. A regular paint brush can do the job easily.
  • Finally, when the paint job is done, apply a clear coat. This will help prevent further water damage. Also, it will ultimately delay this issue from happening again in the future.

Problem 2: Trapped Water Issue

Some problems regarding bass boats are easy to solve and a bit peculiar. The trapped water issue is one of them. 

In actuality, this extends beyond the RT178 model. This is a problem with other models and the ranger rt188p as well. One of the most popular fishing boats, the bass hound 10.2 problems also includes this one. 

Source: Bdoutdoors.com

The boat’s inside water may cause the deck to become hazardously slippery. The reason is, that the bass hound’s HDPE body may have cracked from time to time. 

If so, going over the ranger RT178 weight limit may result in water being picked up. All this information may have initiated a level of panic inside your mind. Rest assured, we will solve this problem for you!

Simply adhere to the instructions below. To resolve this issue, carefully read the next section!


Here are the steps to resolve the trapped water issue in the ranger RT178-

  • To begin with, you must determine whether your ranger RT178 has a leak. Bring the boat to the coast to accomplish that. Put it on saw horses to raise it off the ground.
  • The haul should then be dried by wiping it with some dry clothing. As an alternative, you could let it dry outside in the sunshine.
  • After the load has dried, look for the leak. Use water if you can’t spot the leak with your eyes. To do that, pour some water on the haul.
    Inspect for bubbles. If there is a bit of bubble appearing somewhere, there’s is a leak in that spot. Apply a good amount of pressure so that the ranger rt178 weight is balanced. 
  • You might also attempt tossing the boat side to side. It is possible to locate a leakage point by stern-bowing the boat. From that point,.you can fix the boat crack in many ways.
  • You ought to swap out the boat plugs in addition to patching the crack. You can set the orientation of the boat plug outside or inside based on your preference.

Install fresh boat plugs in the boat. That way, the rubber sealing of the boat plug will be intact, which will stop the leaking issue.

Problem 3: Motor and Electrical Problems

This is a problem that exists worldwide for all the boats and motors out there. At some point, the electrical connection and the motor start being problematic. And that is the same for the ranger RT178 as well.

There could be a couple of reasons behind these motor problems. The first one is a weak battery. If the battery cannot supply enough power to the motor, it won’t run flawlessly. 

The second reason is a faulty enrichment circuit. The enrichment circuit being defective can actually create tons of problems. 


Here is the steps to solve this problem-

  • Firstly, you need to check the battery level. If your battery level is not sufficient, charge it. If the battery does not work after a full charge, consider replacing it.
    Here are some valuable recommendations for the ranger RT178 battery-
12V 105Ah Replacement Marine BatteryCheck on Amazon
Minn Kota 1820175 Trolling Motor Marine BatteryCheck on Amazon

By using these batteries, you can get the best performance out of the boat!

Whichever battery you use, you need to store it properly. The storage of boat batteries in winter is a bit different than in summer. Improperly storing batteries may kill it. So, be careful.
Secondly, you need to require the motor circuits. Faulty enrichment circuits can be easily fixed by rewiring. If the rewiring does not work, buy new wires and fix the motor.

Source: Newboatbuilders.com

If you are trying to start the motor in winter, the wiring may have shortened because of the low temperature. In such cases, apply a bit of grease to the wiring and apply cold start methods. 

Cold start methods are different for outboard and troller motors. Pick the right procedure and start your engine!

So, these are the most known reasons and solutions for the ranger RT178.


What is the best material for a fishing boat?

The best material for fishing boats is fiberglass. Fiberglass can enhance the durability and longevity of a fishing boat. Along with that, it wears off very slowly. So it is aesthetically pleasing as well. The only drawback of fiberglass is that it is not cheap. Unlike polyethylene and aluminum, it’s not mass-produced.

Why are bass boats so fast?

Bass boats are fast because they are really lightweight. Even when compared to regular boats, bass boats are pretty fast! The secret behind this is the material used to build a bass boat body. Usually, stainless steel, aluminum, and fiberglass are used to build bass boats. They are quite lightweight!

Can aluminum boats go in salt water?

Yes, aluminum is good for salt water. In fact, aluminum can survive and does well in both saltwater and freshwater. As long as the aluminum surface does not come in contact with other metals, it’s good! The only maintenance behind this is the bottom paint surface. This will prevent fouling.

The Final Words

This is all from us. We hope that we helped to understand the ranger rt178 problems and solutions!

Taking care of your bass boat will definitely make it last much longer. On top of that, you can avoid problems like these in the near future.

All the best!

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