Boat Plug Inside Or Outside

A boat plug is very essential for a boat. You can not actually think of sailing a boat without this thing. Just like this, the placement of it is very important too. Basically, people are confused about putting this in or out.

So, should the boat plug go inside or outside?

Well, the boat plug has to go inside all the time. No, you can not get or keep the boat plugged outside the boat. Because this is how it actually goes. In case, you want to keep it outside, this would not fulfil its main purposes. But rather, it would have issues keeping it like that.

This gives you a straight answer to it. But do not forget that there are even more things to consider. And we got every insight here.

So, get started now!

Boat Plug Inside Or Outside

Should The Boat Plug Go Inside Or Outside?

Well, a boat is one of the most important parts of our boat. We need to have thing one in our boat as it is a must. You can not actually think of sailing without having a boat plug.

A boat plug may be newly installed or replaced. It can be one of them. So, now the main thing comes. That is, should I install the boat plug inside or outside?

This is a similar concern to putting the boat strap either over or under!

Well, the boat plug has to go inside when you are installing it. Yes, that is right. If you are installing a boat plug, it would go inside the boat.

You cannot keep the plug outside.

Because that is how it goes. And do not forget that there would be many issues with this too. 

Like, you can not carry on installing this in the wrong position. So, why install the boat plug inside? Well, first of all, this is how it actually goes.

And to go deeper, this enables the water to get off the bilge. That means when you are sailing, your boat gets in water gradually. 

It does not get in the water at a single time. But with time, water keeps on engaging inside it. And this water keeps on stored in the bilge under the main part.

As a result, the water would overflow when it is extra in amount. And that would definitely need to be drained off. 

So, that is when the boat plug helps this extra water to drain off. And as you are putting this boat plug inside, it can get off the extra water. 

And that is why you need to install the boat plug inside. Now, you may want to think of the other side! Like, what happens if I install the boat plug outside?

Well, we got this answer in the next segment. So, jump on to that right away for what you are looking for!

What Happens If I Put The Boat Plug Outside?

Now, you have an idea about the placement of the boat plug. So, you know it goes inside and not outside. Now, the question arises, what happens putting the boat plug outside?

Well, the obvious answer is it does not work like that actually. So, let us get deeper into that. If you are trying to put it outside, it would not set in the first place.

However, you may still do it forcefully. But in that case, the boat plug would not sit fine. That means it would be slack or lose the whole time. 

If you are lucky enough, it would stay in there that way very loose. However, if going the other way around, the boat plug may even fall off at any time.

So, if you keep it like that, its main purpose of it can not be fulfilled. That means it can not drain off the water when it is needed. 

This could be one of the reasons for live well not being full. Due to it being loose, there might be some gap.

And this may drain off the water even when it is not needed. However, for the placement issues, it would have the opposite effect. 

That means the boat plug would not be able to drain off the water the way it needs to. This would let the bilge overflow with water with time.

Boats and Unexpected Accidents

And this may lead to unexpected issues followed by accidents too. As a result, it can be something that you may not even expect. 

So, you need to prevent your boat from these potentially deadly incidents. And remember this could be one of the reasons for boat accidents.

Even if you’re lucky enough to face no accident, the boat plug would have issues. The boat plug could get damaged with time just for the placement issues like this.

And do not forget about aestheticism too. That means due to the placement like this, the looks would be altered. 

To conclude, your boat may look a bit weird placing the boat plug outside. So, you would alter the aestheticism and looks of your boat keeping it that way.

Thus, you can not put in the boat plug outside keeping all these in consideration. 

So, you better follow the dos and don’ts for your boat to keep it fine. Good luck!

How to Install The Boat Plug?

Well, installing the boat plug is quite simple. All you need to do is take the measurements and then set them right.

So, first, you need to take the measurements. If you’re installing it for the first time, you need to drill the boat for it. But if you are replacing it, you do not have to.

In that case, you just take the measurement. And then make sure the boat plug goes exactly like the measures. Once you do this, you just have to put in the boat plug.

So, install the boat plug inside and then you are done! For any technical or advanced help, you can take professional help too. All the best!


Is it necessary for every boat to have a boat plug?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary to have a boat plug for every boat. You can not basically go on with a boat without a boat plug. Because this lets the extra water in and out. Basically, this boat plug enables the water from the bilge to get out. Without it, the boat would have sunk.

Is it okay to replace the boat plug?

Well, it is okay to replace the boat plug when it is necessary. Like, you need to look at the issues and take a decision accordingly. Because changing the boat plug without any significance would not be a good idea. And remember you also need to consider a few things for it.

Can my boat plug turn faulty itself?

Well, no, the boat plug of your boat may not turn faulty itself. Because it mainly happens due to misuse or rough usage by users. For example, some people forget to drain the water periodically. As a result, the boat plug has extra pressure. And this can affect the boat plug adversely.

The Final Words

Now you know if the boat plug should go inside or outside! You must not have any queries or confusion about this.

Just like this, keep one thing in mind. It is normal to have confusion about any mechanism of your boat. So, if you are having any then clarify that first. Because carrying out with confusion would deteriorate the condition.

Good luck!

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