Fluval 406 vs Fluval 407

A good filtration system would allow you to develop a healthy environment for the fish. Great aquarium settings make things exciting for a fish lover like you. To continue the excitement, you must have the right products.

For this reason, the comparison of Fluval 406 vs 407 Canister Filter is important.

Out of these two products, the Fluval 407 is known to be more versatile. With added features, the 407 can incorporate more clean water passing into the tank. Whereas, the Fluval 406 has some good features as well with its easy-to-maintain attributes. However, Fluval 407 is still recommended.

You should not count on my words to find the best-suited product. You need to read through this article to find out what suits your needs.

Fluval 406 vs Fluval 407

Fluval 406 vs 407 [Quick Comparison]

FeaturesFluval 406Fluval 407
Size Dimension10 x 8 x 20”9.5 x 7 x 19.3”
Aquarium Capacity400L of Water150-500L of Water
Flow Rate1450 L/h1450 L/h
Pump Performance383 GPH (100 Gallons Of Water Tank Size)383 GPH (50 to 100 Gallons Of Water Tank Size)
Wattage20 to 23 Watts20 to 23 Watts

The differences between the 406 and 407 series are quite minimal. The Fluval 406 vs 407 comparison chart clearly shows how similar they are. The attributes of these products can easily be compared with the other Fluval models.

These two products are bigger in size than the other versions. In this context, there are a few scenarios to notice. This is where the differences between the 406 and the 407 series can be pointed out.

Fluval 406 vs 407 [Detailed Comparison]

In the comparison point of the two series, I am going to determine an integral factor. This is the fact of which one wins the suitability race. Certainly, the product which is giving you the best output can be the winner.

However, in this case, there will be some important factors to consider. That includes how the features of these filters suit the size of the fish tank. Let us together dive deep into the 5 several features to compare these Fluval products.

Size Dimension

As you can see up there in the chart, the Fluval 406 is slightly bigger. This is when compared to the size dimension of the Fluval 407. The reason behind such a small difference in size is unknown.

It is important to note that the 406 series appeared before 407. This is to work with large aquariums compared to other Fluval products. Most other series of Fluval work with small aquariums.

In this case, the 407 series was designed and made available to ensure some adjustments.

The Fluval 407 dimensions are manufactured for a versatile role. This is a similar case when the Sunsun canister filter products are compared. The size plays an integral role in developing the volume of water that can be integrated.

But there is a catch here, which I will explain later!

Winner: Let me make the Fluval 407 to be the winner for being more versatile. The bigger the better is not the case here.

Aquarium Capacity

According to sources and reports, the slightly bigger Fluval 406 is not doing any better. This is in comparison with the Fluval 407. Although both products can fill large aquariums, the Fluval 407 can be just a little better.

The versatile 407 can carry up to 100 liters of water more than the 406. The question arises of how can the smaller-sized filter carry more water.

The Fluval 407 is equipped with a Bio-Foam Max Sponge and a better Media Basket. This allows a higher volume of clean water to pass through the filtration system. In the versatility context, it can be used with smaller tanks as well. The larger Fluval 407 does not have such features. 

This means you can pass 150L of water using Fluval 407. This is something you can’t do with the Fluval 406. If you have one large tank and a smaller one, you can just use the Fluval 407 product.

Source: YouTube

This makes Fluval 407 more cost-effective. Although the Fluval 406 cost 20% less, it can’t be used for smaller Aquariums.

Winner: The Fluval 407 stands tall for being a better output-generating option.

Flow Rate

As mentioned previously, both these products have some similar attributes. This is more accurate when it comes to the calculation of the flow rate. The 1450 litres per hour flow rate means both products are suitable for big aquariums.

The fish tanks that need 60 to 100 gallons of water change need these filters. According to Fluval 407 reviews, many considered the product to be an excellent filtration system. This is because of the things that come with the product.

With a good filtration flow rate, you will learn better ways for disposing of aquarium water. The Fluval 407 flow rate is not higher than 406, it is still better.

Winner: Even with the same flow rate it is not a draw! The durable media basket and a larger hose size feature come into play. The 407 becomes the winner here.

Pump Performance

The pump performance is quite similar to the flow rate. Both determine the output performance of these two products. With 383 Gallons Per Hour rate, both 406 and 407 can sufficiently fill up large tanks.

The perfect Fluval 407 tank size is to equip any tank that can hold from 50 to 100 gallons of water. On the other hand, for the Fluval 406, no more or less than 100 gallons.

As mentioned many times, how the added features of Fluval 407 gain better reviews.

Winner: In terms of pump performance, the Fluval 407 wins again for being more versatile!


In the wattage department, both products produce the same energy output. This is in terms of the voltage ratings that can go either 120V or 240V. The same 20-23 wattage rating comes out as a result of such voltage output.

The sufficient use of energy from the power output makes the Fluval products stand out. Fluval’s high-performance power efficiency remarks the same attributes of both.

You can figure out by now that the Fluval 407 maintenance is more complex than 406. There is more to do with 407 to ensure its durability than 406.

Winner: In the last stage, Fluval 406 becomes the winner. This is for having easier-to-maintain features.

For a long-lasting fish tank, here are some things you can buy:

Fluval 407 Maintenance KitFeatured with magnetic impeller
Fluval FX6 Service KitCan be used with any Fluval filter products
Fluval Water Intake Replacement KitDesigned for an advanced filtration system


How often should I clean my canister filter?

It is usually suggested that you clean the canister filter once a month. However, you can do it twice a month also. This is to ensure better durability.

How early should I replace the carbon on a canister filter?

Although better quality carbon lasts for 3 months, you can change the carbon early. For any carbons, it is recommended that you change it within 4 weeks.

How often should I change the water in a fish tank?

You should change 10 to 15 per cent of the water every week. In another option, you can change 25% of the water every two weeks.


In an overall comparison of Fluval 406 vs 407, the 407 can be your best choice. Although the 407 costs more, it has a versatile function.

I hope you get the best results from your filtration system.

Bye for now!

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