Hw-602b vs Hw-603b [Best Canister Filter Suitability!]

As an aquarium owner, you would be spending some time finding the best filtration system. Your excitement will take a different root when everything is perfect. For this, getting the right product is highly essential.

Let me help you by comparing Hw-602b vs Hw-603b.

Between the two, Hw-603b wins out with better reviews and a bigger size dimension. However, the smaller-sized Hw-602b would be cost-efficient for your small tanks. In terms of flow rate, voltage, and pump power, there is no winner here. They have many similar attributes. 

I am sure you will be knocking on heaven’s door after reading through this article. Some unique insights will help you to be more satisfied than ever.

Simply move forward with the attention that you need!

Hw-602b vs Hw-603b [Quick Comparison]

Features Hw-602b Hw-603b
Size Dimension 5.7” x 5.7” x 10” 6.5” x 6.5” x 11”
Fish Tanks 10 Gallons 20 Gallons
Flow Rate 400L/hr. 400L/hr.
Voltage & Pump Power 110V & 6W 110V & 6W
Cost $53 $69

The comparison scenario of these two Sunsun products does not hold much into account. This is in terms of the 7 main factors. Except for a notable few differences, they carry some similar attributes.

These are the upgraded versions of the Hw-602 and Hw-603 models. In this contrast, the Hw-602b and Hw-603b are not upgraded versions compared to each other. One is just better than the other in terms of size, performance, and dimensions.

Hw-602b vs Hw-603b [In-Depth Comparison]

As an aquarium owner, you would want to secure that your fish lives long and healthy. In order to do that, installing the right filtration system is important.

In this scene, the Sunsun brand comes to mind. Especially, two products that are more popular in recent times. The comparison involving Hw-602b vs Hw-603b will be deep here.

The comparison will determine the better option for you. This is in terms of which one of these products is more suited to your needs. Let us, therefore, dive deep!

Size Dimension

In the size comparison department, the Hw-603b is slightly bigger. The chart above clearly indicates the numbers associated with the size dimension of the two. The Sunsun Hw-602b reviews are bad, especially when they have a bigger aquarium.

Consider the option of putting more fish while changing the water. In a large aquarium, you can definitely do it! But would you be using the Hw-602b? Most probably not!

Source: Shopee.com

In this context, you can ask how to determine the suitability factor of the filters.

The larger size dimension of Hw-603b is manufactured for filtering large aquariums. On the other hand, you may have a smaller aquarium, meaning less amount of water. You can therefore apply the cost-saving option of acquiring the Hw-602b. The suitability factor depends on the size and cost here. 

I will determine the cost factor later in this article. Let us find out who is the winner here.

Winner: I would give the Hw-603b a thumbs up for being bigger. This means it would suit your large aquarium where you can add more fish.

Fish Tanks

In this segment, the term “Fish Tanks” indicated the amount of water that it can hold. If you are able to read around the sunsun hw-603b manual, you will get clear instructions.

This means this very product is suitable for certain large fish tanks. These tanks would require a 20 gallons water change. The Hw-602b cannot hold that much water, they are limited to 10 gallons of water.

This means as suggested above, the Hw-602b is good for small tanks. These tanks do not need more than 10 gallons of water change. The suitability scene allows the know-how to dispose of Aquarium water.

In this scene, buying the Hw-602b for large fish tanks won’t do the job for you. And vice versa!

Winner: Judging a winner means looking at a certain factor. The factor is the bigger the better. This means with large aquariums, there is more fun.

Let us keep the Hw-603b to be the winner again!

Flow Rate

I wanted to go away from the comparison here. But Alas! It was important to distinguish between the two in terms of flow rate. Sadly, it is not possible in this segment.

When it comes to performance, both are equal. This is because of the way the products are manufactured. Both address the quality of being equal in this aspect.

Considering the facts of larger sunsun 603b hose size, will the performance be better? No, it will not. Both the products let the water flow at a constant 400 litre per hour.  

Winner: In the comparison department, I don’t have a winner here. It is a draw!

Voltage & Pump Power

The voltage represents the electrical power of the two machines. Both have the same 110-voltage power generation capacity. This means both these products consume the same amount of energy for a certain output.

The sunsun canister filters are designed to provide the most energy-efficient service. This is for you to save up on electricity consumption.

Take care of how your aquarium is built. A good energy-efficient aquarium system would lower your cost from many angles.

This is where the pump power scene comes in. Both these products have the same pump power driver by the respective voltage capacity.

Winner: Again, there is no winner here. It is a complete draw!


The cost factor outlines when you are saving costs with your aquarium products. Obviously, the smaller aquariums cost less than the bigger ones. This means the low cost of sunsun 602b specs would do the job for you.

The amount of time and effort you have to give is less with smaller tanks. On the contrary, the big tanks have the hassle of more maintenance costs. On top of that, most filtration products are pricey as well.

Winner: The Hw-602b becomes the winner here by giving you the most cost-friendly option.

Here is a list of products you can acquire for the filtration system:

Product Features
SunSun JVP-101A Submersible circulation power pump
SunSun Grech CHJ-3000 Submersible fountain pump
SunSun JVP-201 Aquarium wavemaker circulation pump
Sun 2 Piece JVP Series Circulation power head pump


How do you set up a canister filter?

The sunsun canister filter products come with a manual. By reading the manual, you can assemble the canister to place it under the aquarium. You also have to install the hoses alongside the priming of the canister filter.

Can I use the Hw-603b to use the 10-gallon water change?

You can actually use the bigger canister filter for lower gallons of water. However, it may not be a more cost-efficient approach.

How often should I clean my canister filter?

It is good to service the filtration system once every month. Cleaning the system more often would remove waste from inside the aquarium. It will make the fish more healthy.


The comparison of hw-602b vs hw-603b is successfully done here. I have a feeling you have understood what you need to do for the best output.

By wishing you all the best, I am signing off! See you again soon!


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