What Size Split Rings For Jerkbaits

The smallest piece of equipment with jerkbait can determine the fate of a fish. From being caught to being lost. The equipment is so tiny that it doesn’t even show up on a bathroom scale. We are, of course, referring to split rings for fishing.

So, what size split rings for jerkbaits is the most appropriate for a successful catch?

For 2.5” length jerkbaits, choose a size 2 split ring. For jerkbaits under 2”, use split rings size 2 and smaller than 2. A great alternative is the oval-size split ring. When you are on one hand and the other hand is hinging. You won’t have to worry about any jerkbait getting into the gap.

In the article, we are going to talk about the sizes of the split rings for jerk bait. Curious to learn more? Continue reading on

Why Use Split Rings For Jerkbait

A minnow-shaped lure with a horizontal presentation is called a jerkbait. A jerkbait swims with a shimmying motion when it is straight-retrieved.

The jerkbait excels when used with a snap-pause retrieve. Which gives it an unpredictable, darting movement that sends bass into a frenzy.

If your line’s tied directly to the jerkbait, you’ll have more drag in your jerkbait. And it won’t allow the hunting actions will become stiffer. Unless the water temperature is really cold.

Split Rings allows the jerkbait to move freely in erratic action. If you use directly tie the bait, it will be sitting vertically. And it will not attract any fish, especially bass. 

Hence, split rings are used with jerkbaits to allow free movement at any angle. It also provides strength to the lure. 

What Size Split Rings For Jerkbaits

Split Ring Size for Jerkbait

If you’re using smaller jerkbaits, small-size split rings are ideal. The size should be around size 2 to size 3. In millimeter size, choose 3.6 to 4.5-millimeter split rings.

The size may vary according to brands. Pay attention to how the size is explained. You need to look at the internal diameter. Size 2 and size 3 are under 1-inch internal diameter.

However, split rings are better-suited equipment for tying to both lip and lipless crankbaits. Ideally, the common size for crankbaits is 2.5”. 

Situations Where You Need Split Rings

When you use a split ring, you can use a snug knot to tie the line. And the lure will still have maximum movement. A snug knot will always beat a loop knot. 

Snug knots are stronger than loop knots. So just by using a split ring, you can increase the strength. And the movement of a snug knot on a jerkbait. 

Use split rings when you’re dealing with 25 lbs and heavier fish to lure. 

The downside of using a split ring with longer jerkbait is only one. When trolling, it often gets caught in the hook. 

Jerkbaits with split rings will sink faster. And it will pull closer to the hook. Which is inconvenient for biting. 

How to Use Jerkbait Fishing

Bass fishing with jerkbaits may be a lot of fun. It’s a rapid ripping and reeling move that frequently results in very strong blows.

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To ensure that you are properly fishing this bait, consider the following important factors.

Almost Slack Line

After you’ve torn the jerkbait through the water a few times. It’s critical that it sits perfectly still. 

This easy meal response in a bass is brought on by the bait’s natural suspending. And dying movement when it is not moving. When the bait is on pause, make sure your line is loose on the water’s surface.

A jerkbait will have amazing action when it is ripped on a semi-slack line. Additionally, it will provide your jerkbait the necessary pause once you have finished jerking it about.

Mix Up Your Rips

A jerkbait can be ripped in two different ways. A rapid tear out to the side of your body is the first method. The other technique is to raise your rod tip and point it directly towards the bait.

Because it is a little easier on your body, the latter seems to be used by the majority of professional fishermen. You may learn what the bass prefers by varying the number of rips. And the manner in which you jerk the bait.

When to Fish With a Jerkbait for Bass

In bass fishing, the jerkbait is regarded as the best lure. Additionally, it is known for capturing huge bass. 

Here are some tricks to help you decide when it’s best to fish with a jerkbait. Give the jerkbait a blast when any or all of these circumstances apply when bass fishing.

Cold Water

A jerkbait’s natural suspending behavior mimics the natural demise of bait fish in cold water. The colder water will frequently make a jerkbait a better choice. For catching bites then some of your other approaches.

An excellent choice when the water is between 50 and 60 degrees is frequently a jerkbait.

Shallow Water

A good jerkbait can travel a maximum of 12 to 15 feet. If the bass is hanging deeper than 20 feet, this could be a problem. particularly if the water is chilly. Due to the bass’s slow metabolism, they are unlikely to swim up. And eat the bait from those depths.

The optimal situation for using a jerkbait is when the bass swims shallower. In cold water, they are located in 5 to 12 feet of water.

Pure Water

A visually appealing clear water-feeding bait is the jerkbait. This explains why it is particularly effective on smallmouth. The bass cannot detect the fading motions in murky water. In stained to clear water, a jerkbait seems to work better. Many jerkbaits have rattles to help them stand out in murkier waters. But if the water is too murky, it’s better to use a bladed bait.

In deep water chatterbait for bass fishing is also suitable.

Before hooking a live-bait hook to the leader, think about putting a split ring to it.

Better natural bait action in the water is made possible. It can be done by adding a split ring to the hook. Of course, a substantial ring is currently already fastened at the eye of certain hooks. a similar strategy to boost action while bait fishing.


How Do You Size A Split Ring?

Split rings are available in sizes ranging from 1/0 to 8. And Hitting all the numbers in between. Your lure won’t swim appropriately with a size 2 split ring and a 3/0 treble. And you won’t have fish-catching action. Consider your split ring, double or triple rings are split rings.

What Size Do Hooks Come On Megabass Jerkbaits?

To get the most out of each lure, especially Megabass jerkbaits need to be hooked. And with a very particular type of hook. Premium Japanese 0.8x diameter wire makes Katsuage hooks for excellent penetration. They are incredibly sharp and made to stab into the soft jaw hinge area and hold.

When Should I Throw A Jerkbait?

The ideal circumstances for tossing a jerk bait are within a considerable range. It’s when the temperature of the water is around 38 to 50 degrees. And timing also depends on the water clarity. You should use clear water in conditions of cloudy weather. And a wind speed of 5 to 10 mph.


Split rings, even though very small can really impact the level of your efficiency. Especially when you are fishing with jerkbaits.

Hopefully, the article helped you understand what size split rings for jerkbaits are good for you. A small tip, invest in good quality split rings. They are considerably cheap and last longer. 

Good luck Anglers!

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