6 Ply vs 8 Ply

So, which boat tires are better 6-ply vs 8-ply? Well, Boat trailer tires are important to tow them on your car and take them elsewhere. However, it is very difficult to figure out which boat tires you need.

6-ply tires have fewer layers than 8-ply tires. Hence, 8-ply tires can carry more load than 6-ply. However, it is less easy to carry the 6-ply tires on road. However, with 8-ply tires, it can withstand more rocks and debris on road. But, 6-ply tires last longer than 8-ply tires.

Not convinced enough to choose the right tires? Well, don’t sweat! This article contains everything that you need to know. 

So, let’s move on!

6 Ply vs 8 Ply

Short Comparison Between 6 Ply and 8 Ply Tires

Before jumping into the comparison, let’s answer a basic question. What do 6-ply tires mean?

6-ply tires mean it is made out of 6 layers of cotton. So, the more layer a tire has, the more durable it is. However, having too many layers can make the tire last short. Nevertheless, these tires will be more durable on muddy terrain.

Now, that’s out of the way, let’s see a quick comparison of 6-ply and 8-ply tires.

Differentiating Factors6-Ply Tires8-Ply Tires
Total Layers6 Cotton Layers8 Cotton Layers
Maximum Load Pressure35 PSI (242 kPa)50 PSI (350 kPa)
Total Load Carrying Capacity1760 Pounds2065 Pounds
Noise LevelLessMore
Puncture Pressure CapabilityLessMore
Price Range$40-$97$50-$140

Even though, this bit of information is useful, it isn’t enough. There’s more to the comparisons. 

So, the next section will address each factor in detail.

6 Ply vs 8 Ply

In-Depth Comparison Between 6 Ply and 8 Ply Tires

Choosing the tires for your boat is important. It is as important as choosing between 3/8 or 1/2 jig heads. So, I know you are seeking the pros and cons of the tires.

Well, let’s find out those!

Tire Layers:

Larger tires on the market come with multiple tire layers. It is simply because of the layers of cotton it has internally.

The 6-ply tires have a total of 6-cotton layers. On the other hand, the 8-ply tires have a total of 8-cotton layers. Hence, the 8-ply tires are bulkier and longer than 6-ply tires. 

Weight Carrying Capacity:

Ever wondered why your trailer’s tire blew up while carrying? Well, almost in every case it is because of putting more weight on tires. So, you need to know how much weight each tire can carry.

The max pressure of 6-ply tires is 35 PSI or 242 kPa. So, it can carry easily 1760 pounds. Putting more weights on your trailer can destroy the tires.

Nevertheless, 8-ply tire pressure is 50 PSI or 350 kPa. So, it can carry more weight than 6-ply tires. The maximum amount of weight it can carry is 2065 pounds!

Tire Durability And Longevity:

People often get confused with durability and longevity. Durability is the force to prevent stress. Whereas, longevity aims to acquire more life.

With that said, the 6-ply tires can last longer than 8-ply tires. However, with rough uses, the 8-ply tires will be the most durable. 

On average, 6-ply tires can be used without any issues for 7 years. Whereas, after 5 years you may see some wear and tears on your 8-ply tires. Remember to check the trailer tire pressure for more lifespan!

Noise Level:

Another important thing to look at is the noise level. This factor is important because we all hate that squeaky tire noises. So, let’s see how 6-ply and 8-ply tires perform.

Due to less air pressure, the 6-ply tires make a full rotation effortlessly. Resulting in a calm journey.

However, due to more pressure, the 8-ply tires can make noises while taking turns. Because it takes more time and effort for a complete rotation.


One of the most important factors you need to the is performance. Each tire has its own speciality. Let’s dissect those.

6-ply tires are built for smooth rides. You can travel at a much higher speed than 8-ply tires. Most trailers are equipped with 6-ply tires. Also, inflating the tires will take less time. Furthermore, you can easily fit it into your trailer.

On the other hand, 8-ply tires can conquer off-road terrain easier than 6-ply tires. As it has more layers than 6-ply tires, it is more resistant to puncture. Let’s not forget it can withstand more weight than 6-ply tires. 8-ply tires are better for towing.


Now comes perhaps the most important factor. Whatever tires you are willing to purchase, should be well within your price range.

With that said, the 6-ply tires cost around $40-$97. Some of the best 6-ply tires are recommended below.

ProductCheck Price
MASSFX ST205/75D15 Bias 6 Ply Trailer Tire SetLatest Price on Amazon
Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer TireLatest Price on Amazon

Albeit, the 8-ply tires cost around $50-$140. You may see a huge price gap between the same manufacturer’s 6-ply tires and 8-ply tires. It is because 8-ply tires require more material and time to be built.

That’s all regarding the in-depth comparison of 6-ply vs 8-ply trailer tires. Remember choosing between Fluval 406 or 407 is also important.

If you are still confused, the next segment is certainly for you.

So, Which Tires Should You Choose?

You’ve gone through the whole article. Still, you might struggle between figuring out which is better 6-ply vs 8-ply.

To sum everything up, 8-ply tires can hold more weight. However, the 6-ply tires make carrying the boat lot easier. 

Nevertheless, if you want to travel off-road the 8-ply tires are better than 6-ply tires. However, you won’t have many issues with 6-ply tires off-road.

If your trailer already has 6-ply tires, then don’t change it. However, if the load exceeds more than 1760 pounds, then you can consider 8-ply tires.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a Tire with More Ply Better?

No, not in every case tire with more ply is better. However, more ply means more capacity to carry weights. So, it that’s the only purpose, upgrading to higher-ply tires will be beneficial.

What is the Standard Load Ply Tire?

4-ply tires are considered standard load tires. The maximum pressure of 35 PSI needs to be ensured for towing. 

What Ply Tire is Best for Towing?

The 10-ply tires are best for towing. The 10-cotton layers and more weight-body ratio make towing effortless.


That’s all regarding the topic  6-ply vs 8-ply. Hope this article answered everything that you were seeking.

Here’s a tip, don’t put too much weight on your trailer. It can snap while carrying the load which may cause terrible accidents.

Have a good day!

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