Most Blazer Bay boat models are outstanding and reliable. These boats are renowned for their quality and durability.

They have all features of fishing boats while you can use them as the ones for your family. Yet, everything has two sides, and these boats are no exception.

Before getting one, let’s click on this article to know the typical Blazer Bay 2400 problems!

Blazer Bay 2400 Specs & Features

Before figuring out the drawback of Blazer Bay 2400, it’s better to get an overview of this model. Here is a specs stable for a quick rundown:

Overall Length286 (inches)
LOA W Trailer and Motor384 (inches)
Beam112 (inches)
Fully loaded draft13 (inches)
Dry Weight1900 (pounds)
Maximum Capacity1250 (pounds)
Person Capacity
Maximum HP350
Minimum HP200
Recommended HP250
Transom Height25 (inches)
Transom Deadrise17°
Interior Freeboard24

This boat model comes with various features, as shown below:

  • Complete composite construction
  • Foam transom with high density
  • System of fiberglass stringers with foam filling
  • Wide front dashboard livewell
  • Extra-large storage space
  • Built-in fish container
  • Anchor locker
  • Access to the rear bilge through the splashwell
  • One folding fishing chair and pedestal
  • A luxurious leaning pillar with four rocket launchers and a storage box
  • SS latches
  • Console options
  • Steering wheel
  • Tinted windshield
  • Console grab grip made of aluminum
  • Eight-rod holders in console made of stainless steel
  • Console cup holders
  • Horn
  • Custom dashboard with digital gauges from the manufacturer
  • Hydraulic steering
  • The fuel tank of 76 gallons
  • T/M system in 6 gauge
  • Auto bilge 1600 GPH pump
  • Livewell pump of 750 GPH
  • Filters for the livewell pump’s water
  • Deutsche plugs
  • Four flip-up studs in stainless steel
  • Off-Battery switch
  • Friction hinges

Blazer Bay 2400 Installations

If you find installing Blazer Bay 2400 difficult, it’s better to refer to the following instructions:

Carver Boat Cover

Step 1:

Put the rolled cover’s bow end on or close to the boat’s bow. 

Position it down the middle of the boat when you unroll, rolling in the direction of the front or back.

Step 2:

When you move towards the rear of the boat, stow the cover front under the bow and draw the sides of the cover exposed.

Step 3:

Before covering your boat entirely, if you use support poles, place these poles underneath the cover.

Don’t forget to include any padding necessary for the trolling motors, windshields, and depth finders.

Step 4:

To minimize sagging regions, tighten the cover to modify the fit.

These places could accumulate snow or stagnant water, reducing the cover’s lifespan.

Step 5: 

Put the cover on the trailer and attach it using the strengthened tie-down hooks.

Use massive tie-downs, which are available separately if you are trailering.

Step 6:

Fold both edges of your boat cover to the middle, then roll it from the back to the front to remove it.

That’s all done!

Carver T-Top Cover

Step 1:

Determine the interior of the cover, open the zippers, and remove the loop and hook tape.

Step 2:

Place the roll atop the Hard Top or T-Top by lifting it. 

Make your way to the back of your boat while keeping the cover fixed to the T-top.

Step 3:

Install the two support poles in the box, distributing them equally among the pole holders.

The support rods are intended to prevent the antennas or outriggers from becoming too heavy from the cover’s weight.

Step 4:

Unroll your cover starting at the back end, being careful to stay among the VHF antenna.

The cover should now be unfolded towards the direction of the bow.

Step 5:

Cover the support rods by distributing them from ports to the starboard end.

Zip the lid shut after securing the loop and hook tape.

Step 6:

After installation, fasten the strap.

Carver Tie-Down Kit

Step 1:

The strap’s buckle end should be inserted from backward to the front via the tie-down hook.

The strap should be secured by pulling through around 12 inches and tying off using a basic overhand knot.

Step 2:

Circumambulate the trailers from backward to the front while guiding the strap’s opposite end.

Step 3:

Pulling the strap’s end toward you, thread it through the quick release buckle’s top slot from backward to the front.

Step 4:

The strap should now be threaded through the bottom loop of the fastener and over its center bar.

Before tightening, attach all of the straps to the cover.

Step 5:

Before tightening any straps to make the cover snug, ensure your cover is in the center of the boat.

Step 6:

Cut the straps short.

Leave about 12 inches of thread for adjustability, then use scissors to clip off any extra.

blazer bay 2400 problems

Blazer Bay 2400 Problems

The big issue with this boat is it comes with a costly budget compared to other versions and other types. 

As its name suggests, it is more suitable for bays than deep oceans. Hence, if you plan to buy it to travel the open sea, it’s not a good choice. 

Apart from the most significant problems mentioned above, customers usually have no complaints about Blazer Bay 2400. 

The good news is the manufacturer is dedicated to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. 

Therefore, they will be ready to assist you if you have any problems. Additionally, get assistance from the dealer if you have any troubles with your boat.

They’ll help you navigate the warranty procedure and resolve the problem as quickly as feasible.

Blazer Bay 2400 Maintenance

You may be confident that your Blazer Bay 2400 boat is high-quality and long-lasting if you possess one.

Your boat will function well for several years if you give it the correct maintenance and care.

Cleaning your boat regularly is the fundamental step in maintaining it.

After each usage, ensure that you wash it thoroughly to eliminate any dirt or debris that might have accumulated.

It’s crucial to cover your boat when it isn’t in use. This way will assist in extending its lifespan by protecting it from severe weather.

Additionally, ensure to inspect your boat for signs of wear or breakage.

Regularly remove any loose debris with a brush and use warm water to rinse to keep the cover in good condition.

Always fasten the cover with a strong tie. Whenever you are trailering, utilize tie-down solid ropes.

Before attaching the cover, it’s better to pay attention to protecting the windscreen, trolling motors, or depth finders by cushioning them.

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The Bottom Line

That’s all Blazer Bay 2400 problems you should know before investing in one. This boat may be costly, but it’s worth the price. 

Except for not being suitable to travel in the ocean, this equipment is a wise choice as it’s versatile and durable. 

If you have further questions, comment below. We’re willing to answer all of them! Thanks for taking the time to follow us!

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