outboard primer bulb not getting hard

The primer bulb is a critical component of the fuel injection system for outboard motors.

Most outboard motors lack an electric fuel pump, unlike automobile engines. Therefore, you need to feed the empty gasoline lines manually. 

Without this component, starter damage or marine battery deterioration may result from igniting the motor.

Why is the outboard primer bulb not getting hard? It’s best to dive into this article to find the causes and practical solutions.

Let’s get started!

Outboard Primer Bulb Not Getting Hard: Common Causes

As shared earlier, the motor’s primer bulb functions as the ideal link between the carburetor and the fuel line.

Without utilizing this component, achieving your unit’s maximum efficiency is challenging.

Therefore, if you want to prolong the outboard engine’s longevity, you must ensure that this part is in excellent operating condition.

The outboard motor primer bulbs, not hardening, have recently been the subject of several reports.

If you are in the same situation, the following causes may help you find practical solutions. Let’s take a closer look!

1. Faulty Bulb

Many people reporting these problems stated that the poor-quality product they purchased from Walmart was the cause.

If you also try to save money by purchasing a device from this online shopping site, it’s a factor that predisposes your device to malfunction.

It won’t become hard even when the gasoline connections and orientation are appropriately handled.

2. Faulty Fuel Valves

The gasoline tank’s valves may potentially be the cause of the primer ball’s failure to harden.

The performance of this component may be affected if dirt or a misaligned valve interrupts the passage of gasoline from the fuel tank to the primer ball.

Therefore, this component tends not to get hard when the gasoline flow from the fuel tank is improperly regulated.

3. Poor Orientation

Among the most frequent causes of an outboard engine bulb not going hard may be improper installation.

Without correct fuel flow management, the device will not get firm.

Therefore, you must install the item properly once more to hopefully resolve your problem.

outboard primer bulb not getting hard

Outboard Primer Bulb Not Getting Hard: Practical Solutions 

After knowing what causes your outboard primer bulb not to get hard, it’s time to fix this problem. 

The following solutions may be helpful to troubleshoot your headache issue. Keep reading!

1. Check The Fuel System Visually

A comprehensive visual examination of the gasoline line is what you need to perform initially.

Start the motor. Move and inspect the gasoline line as you follow it.

Check the gasoline line for any splices added, damaged bulbs, and missing or defective hose clamps.

Weak areas appear when gasoline lines are extended to salvage outdated fuel hoses.

Inspect the fittings and gasoline filter. Verify the gasoline filter to ensure it has not eroded through or become too flimsy to prevent air from entering the system.

2. Check The Primer Bulb’s Orientation 

It is necessary to look at the unit’s arrow to determine the primer bulb’s orientation.

You may need to orient the arrow in the direction of the engine depending on the kind of products you have purchased.

Therefore, if the arrow points at the gas tank, it is probably why you cannot press your device firmly into place.

You can quickly fix this problem as soon as you replace the primer bulb in the proper position.

3. Fix Malfunctioning Fuel Valves

Fixing the valve connectors to the main fuel tank is essential for resolving this issue. Moreover, checking to see if all fuel valves are free of air is best.

Only removing and replacing your device can sometimes address this headache problem.

Therefore, you can avoid such a primer bulb problem by properly scrutinizing your equipment.

4. Get An Outboard Bulb From A Reliable Store

You must consult with a trustworthy vendor to get the problem fixed. Investing some budget in a high-quality priming device is a great idea.

It just takes a few minutes to install, and there is no need to invest much money to acquire a good product.

An inadequate device serves no use. In particular, avoid poor-quality items that may reduce your system’s effectiveness.

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In A Nutshell

Hopefully, this article has provided more insight into why your outboard primer bulb is not getting hard.

To summarize, a faulty product, malfunctioning fuel valves, and poor orientation are the three main culprits causing this issue. 

Luckily, it’s not too difficult to fix the problem. You should check the fuel system to detect errors and apply solutions to specific cases. 

If you have anything unclear about this device, please leave a comment below. We’re willing to reply to all. Thanks for reading!

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