Carolina Skiff DLV Vs DLX: Which Is Better?

There are so many skiffs available in the market. Many of them are great options and becoming confused about which to pick is common. 

So stuck between carolina skiff dlv vs dlx

The DLV and DLX both have really good built quality. But the DLV weighs much more and has a more powerful engine with more room. But the DLX is built great and costs a lot less. It leaves no room for complaints either. 

There are many more nuances going into the two boats. Our article has everything covered for you. 

General Overview

Here is a table showing the basic differences between the Carolina Skiff DLV and DLX.

Weight1,773 pounds800 pounds
Engine115-150 hp 90-115 hp 
Apt LocationsNearshore SaltwaterBays and flats
Fuel Tank30 Liters18 Liters
Price$30,000 approximately$10,000 approximately

This just gives an idea of how the boats compare to each other.

In-depth Comparison

Now let’s see the details of how the two boats stack up against each other. 


Every single DLV model is outfitted with a 96-inch broad beam as standard equipment. This makes it possible to have spacious patios that are exposed to the elements. And enough for plenty of storage. 

The width of eight feet provides exceptional stability. It is true for both when she is at rest and when she is moving. It is in addition to its extraordinary carrying capacity.

One of the things that make the DLV Series stand out is its unique Tri-V hull shape. It has a one-of-a-kind shape that results in a ride that is both dry and smooth. All this while providing exceptional performance.

Both the decks and the hulls are strongly bonded together. They are both made of glass, foam, and glass respectively. This results in a seal that is very hardy compared to others of its kind.

All DLX skiffs are constructed with a wide beam to accommodate their passengers. The 1780 model has a beam that is over 2 meters (almost 7 feet) wide.

Additionally, every single one of them has high-density foam crossbeams that have been fiberglassed into position. This results in a hull that is completely immune to the corrosive effects of the seawater environment. 

That is in addition to being exceptionally robust and composed entirely of composite materials.

Because of its broad and flat bottom, it offers an exceptionally sturdy platform. The platform rolls very little even while you are moving about within the boat.

This particular style of hull design has always been criticized for having one significant shortcoming. It is a fact that the ride has the potential to be rather jarring. Especially in situations when there is a lot of mud.

This issue was remedied with the Carolina Skiff DLX. This also produced a more spacious running surface. Because of this, the DLX is capable of covering additional water and extending over the chop.

All Carolina Skiff models are built with a focus on durability as their primary design principle. The use of a patented box-beam structure results in a hull that is rock-solid. 

Many wonders do Carolina skiffs have wood hull. 

No, they do not include any wood.

The hull design of the Carolina Skiff inspires a high level of confidence. To such an extent that the business guarantees that the hull’s bottom structure will not delaminate or separate. The guarantee is for a period of five years. 

This ensures that the hulls and flooring have not been compromised by inappropriate usage. And that their integrity has been maintained.

Winner: The winner of this round is the Skiff DLX. Both of the boats have excellent built qualities. But for other factors, such as price, the edge goes to the DLX. The price will be discussed later. 


The performance of a boat and the way it handles are both affected by its weight. But the kind of experience a boater is searching for will vary. And it will determine whether or not having a larger displacement is an advantage.

Looking for speed? Minimal weight is what you need. How about the ride and the handling? The heavier the better. 

Want solid built quality? Make use of contemporary materials and processes. And don’t be concerned about the weight.

To summarize, there are a lot of other factors that are more significant to consider. However, we will still provide you with some information about the mass of the vessels.

It is quite evident that the DLV is much bulkier than the DLX. However, as we said before, comparing weights is not a black-and-white matter. Both the speed and performance would be determined by a great number of additional factors.

But how much does a Carolina Skiff 218 DLV weigh?

Well about, 1700 pounds, as we mentioned in the chart already. 

However, traveling will be accomplished more quickly with the DLX, which is lighter. Additionally, the DLV with a greater payload will have a larger capacity for passengers.

Winner: This round is a draw. Though the weight difference between the two boats is significant. Being heavy and being light both have their own advantages and disadvantages. 


With her 115-horsepower Suzuki outboard, the Carolina Skiff DLVs are capable and sturdy. And even quick while being fuel efficient. 

The refined but dependable Suzuki 115 has a solid track record for its level of performance. There are available upgrades that may bring the total horsepower up to 150.

In smooth water and with low cargo on board, she can reach speeds of up to 35 knots. And she does it with the entire family in tow without breaking a sweat the mid-20s.

However, it is to the boat’s advantage as the water becomes more turbulent. It is the ability to remain seated in a moving boat at velocities as minimal as ten knots. But if the boat is always under 10 mph, that is a problem. 

The engine of the DLX can propel the boat at speeds of almost 40 miles per hour. And offers an incredible range while traveling at cruise speed.

The motor has a max horsepower output of 115. But since the running surface is simple to level, it runs effectively even with a lower rating. There is also a model with 90 horsepower.

Winner: The winner of this round is the skiff DLV because it’s a more powerful yet efficient engine. And you have the option for upgrades as well. 

Best Location of Usage

The Carolina Skiff DLV is an excellent choice for fishermen of all experience levels. It is possible to utilize it to explore the inshore and near-shore bass fishing options with one’s family. Boaters can also explore the coastal environment in search of wildlife with this boat.

The DLX is among the most flexible types of watercraft now available. They may operate in situations that are quite shallow and have a very minimal risk of sinking.

Bays and apartments might benefit from this alternative since it is reliable and very efficient.

Winner: This round is a draw. Both of the boats are excellent for the jobs they are made for. 

Fuel Tank

An estimated amount of energy is used while the engine is operating at maximum power. And takes into account all makes and models. Under such circumstances, boat engines use about 1gallon of fuel per hr for every 10 hp.

The Carolina Skiff DLV carries a gallon that is 30 liters in capacity beneath the deck. While the DLX comes with an 18-liter gallon capacity.

Therefore, it is obvious that the DLV has a larger fuel tank. However, the boat uses more gasoline than the average boat would. 

Marine fuel and auto fuel are different. And they may or may not be compatible with the boats depending on model and customization. 

Winner: This round is also a draw. Both boats have aptly sized fuel tanks and good fuel economy. 


Price is always a significant consideration before making a purchase choice. Let us examine the situation with regard to our two boats.

The price range for the Carolina Skiff DLV is around $25,000 to $30,000. The DLV has many different models and the cost will vary from model to model. As well as the options that you decide to purchase with it.

On the other hand, the Skiff DLX may be purchased for close to ten thousand dollars. The cost may increase according to the number of components that you decide to purchase.

Winner: The clear winner of this round is the DLX.

Which One to Choose

Both are excellent options, you cannot go wrong with any of them. 

The DLV is roomy, fun, and sporty. You can take the whole family out with it, but it is pretty expensive compared to the DLX. 

The DLX on the other hand is quite affordable and has no visible flaws. It is an overall great choice. 


What causes a boat not to plain out?

Possible causes of a boat’s inefficient planning include many different things. Overloading and improper weight distribution are the most typical causes. Improper outboard motor tilt is another common reason since it alters the hull’s angle in relation to the water’s surface.

Can skiffs go in the ocean?

Skiff boats are versatile enough to be employed in both freshwater and saltwater environments. Although they thrive best in waters with a lesser depth, you may locate them in a wide variety of rivers, lakes, and bays. But not in oceans. 

Can a Carolina skiff sink?

The Carolina Skiff is not going to sink like most boats that are under 20 feet in length these days. but it is possible for it to capsize.


And with that, we know so much more about carolina skiff dlv vs dlx. Both are excellent boats, you cannot go wrong with any of them. 

Our article should help you pick the boat that is best suited for you. Remember what you need from the boat, and decide accordingly. 

Good luck!

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