Power Pole Troubleshooting: 8 Problems and Solutions

A power pole is a helpful instrument for boating. It can help smooth riding with silent movement. But many people face power pole problems.

Some people ask, what are the power pole troubleshooting and solutions?

Power poles can stop working, may sink, or do not come up. All three problems occur because the internal parts are dysfunctioning. There can be problems with the circuit board, cap, remote, or pump. You should free the pieces from moisture. The wire connection and battery should be checked timely.

That’s not the end. We have discussed more. We have tried the solutions as well.

Power Pole Troubleshooting

A power pole is a helpful part of your boat. It can work in one vital way. You need no traditional boat anchor. The power pole works as a shallow water anchor. It helps to move your boat quickly with no sound produced.

It is said that a power pole helps to catch more fish. But not always the power pole goes smoothly. You sometimes face that power pole not working. At that point, you can not depend only on the power pole manual.

You may face different power pole problems. Some of the common problems we are facing are below. When your power pole is troubleshooting, you can go through these problems.

A Problem in Circuit Board

The most common problem occurs with the circuit board. The power pole deals with water. So, there is a high chance of water contacting the circuit board. This case is hard to notice. You do not always check the circuit board. The circuit must always be clean. But people do not clean it timely.

Also, some people do not set the circuit board in the right place. If it is placed in a moist place, it will damage soon. Another sign that there is moisture is milky hydraulic fluid. There could be a problem with boat plug. Wrong plugging can stop the power pole.


You should timely check the circuit board or motherboard. Getting wet or absorbing moisture is a typical case. To avoid this situation, you need to clean it regularly. In case of excessive contact with moisture, you need to change it.

Also, you should check the hydraulic fluids regularly. There could be problems with the motor as well. Moisture can hamper its work. So, you should also check and clean it timely. You can replace the unsealed fuse holder if it is still not working.

The Problem with Cap

There can be problems with the cap. For cap issues, you may face problems like the pump doesn’t run in either direction. There could be difficulty in movement. 

You will not be able to move your boat to your desired place. Boat engine problems will occur if the cap is disturbing.

Few people notice the main cause of this problem. The pump is fully charged and gets a proper signal from the remote. So, for the poor movement, they could not find out the actual reason. Cap can be the main problem in this case.


You need to pull the cap. Then the ribbon wire should be disconnected. After that, test it with the remote. If it works that means there is some distinction occurring for the cap. The only solution to this problem is to replace the cap.

Pump Unit Has No Power

People sometimes forget to power the pump accurately. They use the power pole but in case of charging they neglect it. As a result, the power pole will suddenly stop working.

After a few moments, it can work but again stops. You will not enjoy riding if it occurs continuously.

If the power is less than 120 volts 60Hz then the power pole will not work. It needs a proper charge to work. You can not bow your boat for low voltage.


The power pole should charge fully. You can get an idea of charging through the power pole manual. It gives a proper idea of charging. The charge should not cross the limit of 120 volts.

The charger power management system helps us in various ways. It shows the battery voltage and status data on your phone. It can help in emergency power transfer. Also, it works with all types of batteries.

Another way to know the battery condition is present. You can remove the cap from the pump. Then you should unplug it. It was always plugged in with the circuit board. Then if it does not stop, you should remove the batteries.

Power Pole Goes Deeper Than 10ft

The power pole has a limited capacity of depth to deal with. If you let it go more than 10 feet, it will not work well. They can not provide that much power to bow. Ultimately your boat will be slower. Due to more pressure, power poles may stop working also.


Power poles work best between 6 to 10 feet wave. So you should not allow it to go more than 10 feet. Boating in less than 6ft waves has its other conditions.

Power Pole Do Not Come Up

It is also a common problem. Sometimes it does not come up at all. This power pole troubleshooting occurs for problems in the inline fuse.


There can be problems with the inline fuse. In that case, you should pull forward under power. Then loosen it up. Then it will come up.

Sinking Problem

People also complain about the sinking of power poles. It causes difficulties in boating.


This mainly occurs for the ill connection of the wires. You should check the connections well and on-off the switches. Also, try to keep the inline fuse holder moisture free. It should always keep in an upright position.

Remote Problem

There could be a problem with the remote. Sometimes it is unable to engage with the power pole. Power poles do not work in that case.


  • A faulty battery can be the potential cause try to fix it.
  • Consider changing the battery if it is over a year old.
  • You should check if the battery model provides Bluetooth features or not.
  • You should also check the connections.

Any Leakage Present

There could be leakage present. That can hamper the power pole from working properly. You can find out the hydraulic fluid milky. It confirms that there is leakage present.


The power pole guideline has all the information about the hydraulic fluid. You should not disconnect the hydraulic line. It is always under high pressure. If you disconnect it, a sudden release of pressure will occur. It will cause oil leakage from the line.


Does Power-Pole have a lifetime warranty?

Power poles do not have a lifelong warranty. Some of the models like blade and pro ll models offer five years warranty. But some brands like Sportsman’s ll offer a three years warranty.

Why are my power poles so loud?

Power poles are so loud because the electrical field strength of the conductor surface is greater. It crosses the breakdown strength. At that time the power pole started making noise.

How do I reset my micro Power-Pole?

You can reset your micro power pole by pressing the anchor force and battery buttons. It should be done at the same time on the top of the unit. Then automatically the calibration process will start by the unit. Lastly, the unit will spike up and down for 30 to 60 minutes.


That’s all about today’s topic of power pole troubleshooting. We have discussed all the common problems occurring in the power pole. Hope you can get all the solutions facing your power pole.

Until then, safe riding!

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