Bass Hound 10.2 Problems and Solutions 

Fishing boats are something all fishermen are hyped about. Among the fishing boats, the bass hound 10.2 has really made a dent!

However, the users of the Bass Hound 10.2 seem to be having many problems. We have got you covered with all the information about the problems.

So, what are the bass hound 10.2 problems? Bass Hound 10.2 with a fishfinder and trolling motor and trailer weight issues

Firstly, having water inside the bass hound 10.2 is one of the most common problems. Secondly, the motor of the bass hound 10.2 may fail to start when the temperature’s low. Whether it’s trolling motor or an outboard motor. Finally, spluttering and loss of power of the bass hound can be inspected.

Some more prominent Problems Include

  • Loss Of Power Is High
  • Limited Sitting On The Seats And Fishing
  • Wiring Sometimes Get All Corroded Easily
  • Thru-hull Drain Leaking Issues
  • Trolling Motor And Trailer Can’t Handle Heavy Weight

This is the summed-up version of the whole article. To operate on these problems, you need to read the article till the very end.

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Bass Hound 10.2 Problems

4 Bass Hound 10.2 Problems and Solutions 

The bass hound 10.2 is a top-of-the-line fishing boat. Yet, it has its downfalls as well. There are a handful of problems existing with the bass hound 10.2. A couple of them are simple while the others may be tricky to solve.

The good news is, that we are here to help! We have included the necessary information about the bass hound 10.2 problems; along with solutions. Give this article a good read to fix the problems.

Bass Hound 10.2 Problems and Solutions 

Problem 1: Water inside the Boat

This problem may seem like an impossible one, but it is true! Many base hound 10.2 users have complained that there is water in their boats.

In fact, this is not limited to the 10.2 model. This is also a part of the bass hound 9.4 problems and other models. 

Due to the water inside the boat, the deck may become slippery. The water should not even be inside the boat, right? This can indicate a leaking issue in the bass hound 10.2.

Also sometimes, the polyethylene body of the bass hound cracks. In that case, exceeding the bass hound 10.2 weight limit can pick up water. Whatever the problem is, we can solve that for you. 

All you need to do is follow the steps below. Give the next segment a good read to solve this problem!


Here are the steps to solve this problem-

  • To start off, you need to find out if you have a leak in your bass hound. To do that, haul the bass hound onto the shore. Then level it off the ground by putting it on saw horses.
  • After that, dry the haul by wiping it with some dry clothes. Alternatively, you can leave it out in the sunlight to dry.
  • Then, after the haul is dry, try to find the leak. If you cannot find the leak with your eyes, use water. Pour some water on the haul. You should see some bubbles popping out at the leakage point.

    You can also try tilting the boat from side to side. Bowing the boat to the stern can cause a leakage point.

    When you find the leak, there should be a crack on the opposite side. Fix the boat crack and enjoy a dry boat!

    Along with fixing the crack, you should also replace the boat plugs. Put new boat plugs in; expansion plugs if possible. It will indeed eliminate the leaking issue.

Problem 2: Motor Hard to Start

While the bass hound comes with a trolling motor by default, it can be upgraded. Most people upgrade it to an outboard motor. It is a prominent part of the mods for bass hound 10.2.

Whatever motor the bass hound has, initiating the motor in cold weather gets tough. The chemical reactions inside the motor are delayed when the temperature is low. 

As a result, the outboard might occasionally be difficult to start when it is cold. A common symptom of it is the prime bulb failing to get hard. It can be mad frustrating. 

There is a solution to this problem, so don’t stress too much. We’ll help you in this regard. Fix the cold start methods and other faults with the solution mentioned in the next segment. Keep reading!


Here are the steps of the cold start method for outboards-

  • Pump the gasoline ball first until it is really hard. By using pressure, you can confirm the hardness.
  • The throttle should then be increased to 50% or half. This gets the engine ready for a cold start.
  • Turn the key while the engines are running at 50%. Watch to see whether it starts after 5 seconds. If it won’t start, slightly choke the engine.
  • The engine should start right up if you give it a little throttle. It’s really vital that there be very minimal choking!
  • Restart the process if it won’t start. Advance the throttle to 100% while restarting, then carry out the other procedures.

Here are the steps of the cold start method for trolling motors-

  • Firstly, check the wiring of the trolling motor. Usually, the trolling motors face wire problems more than anything. In cold temperatures, the wires tend to shrink a bit. As a result, the connection becomes loose.

Rewire the whole system if necessary. You can take help from a wiring diagram of bass hound 10.2.

  • Secondly, put a bit of grease on the wires. That will help them from getting affected by the cold weather.
  • Thirdly, heat up the engine before going out fishing. Run the engine for 5-10 minutes to heat it up.

If you have performed all the steps above and none of them work, replace the battery. Here are some good recommendations for batteries for trolling motors-

Product Price
True Deep Cycle 12V 35AH Trolling Motor BatteryCheck on Amazon
Minn Kota 1820175 Trolling Motor Marine BatteryCheck on Amazon

By using these batteries, you will be making the most out of your engines!

Problem 3: Losing Power and Spluttering

This is one of the common problems of fishing boats in general. For instance, it is a part of the problems of ranger RT178. Quite inconveniently, it is also seen in the bass hound 10.2. 

This problem is annoying and risky at the same time. An unexpected loss of power in your fishing boat can be dangerous at times. 

Ideally, any gummed-up filter and plugs can be the reason for this. Gummed-up peripherals can hinder the mechanical aspect of the bass hound 10.2 motor/engine. 

If you are worried about this problem, don’t be. We will help you get rid of it. Just follow the steps mentioned in the next section!


Here are the steps to solving this problem-

  • To start off, you will need to replace the in-line fuel filter. This filter may just be the root cause of this issue!

    If you are not planning on replacing the fuel filter, give it a thorough clean for temporary use.
  • After that, inspect the plugs of the motor. Greasy and dirty plugs can cause unplanned connection interruptions inside the engine.

    If the plugs are too dirty, change them. They are quite inexpensive! You can change the plugs easily at home.
  • At last, vent the engine box before restarting the engine. It is a necessary step as it can prevent further complications for your bass hound 10.2!

So, these are the common problems and solutions of the bass hound 10.2.


How does a bass hound 10.2 weigh?

The bass hound 10.2 weighs 165 lbs. Although it is not bad for a bass boat, it is on the heavier side. The main reason behind this is actually the peripherals of this boat. The bass hound 10.2 actually consists of a lot of mounts. For example, the built-in trolling motor mount. It also has fishing chairs and drains.

What is a bass hound boat made of?

A bass boat is made of different types of plastics. The most used form of plastic for bass hound boats is polyethylene. These polyethylenes are UV-stabilized and resistant. Along with that, the density of polyethylene is also high. The great news is, that polyethylene is also cheap to produce!

How do you calculate boat velocity?

You can use a formula to calculate the speed or velocity of a boat. You will need to know the weight of the boat and the hp of the boat. For calculating the velocity, you have to take the square root of (P / D) * C. Here, C is the crouch’s formula for a boat.  

By combining all the values, you can easily get the velocity.

The Final Words

That is all from us. Hopefully, now you know the bass hound 10.2 problems and how to fix them!

You can always opt in for professional help if you want. Taking the bass hound to a nearby boat shop can be really helpful.

Wishing you all the best.

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