Bass Hunter vs Pelican

Fishing will be really fun if you have got the right boat, isn’t it? But choosing among boats is a real tough job when you have too many options.  

So, which one you should choose between bass hunter vs pelican?

Bass hunter has 3 types of boats available whereas pelican has 12. Both are built with High-density polyethene. The Bass hunter’s maximum capacity is 400lbs whereas the pelican has 600 lbs. Price of the bass hunter is around ($1,199 to $1,299) and a pelican costs around ($424 to $1224 ).

But that’s not all you need to know. So, let’s learn more about these two boats. 

Quick Comparison of Bass Hunter and Pelican

While going on a bass fishing trip, you definitely wanna have compact small designed motorboats right? In regard to this, both bass hunter and pelican will give you wonderful performances. 

However, depending on the specification choices might vary. 

So let’s get into more details to help you to choose the right one for you. Let’s have a quick look into all the aspects.

Bass Hunter vs Pelican
Comparison AspectsBass HunterPelican
Available models 3 types12 types
Material High-Density Ethylene PlasticHigh-density polyethene
Maximum Capacity 400 lbs600 lbs
Safety measurementsMore ComfortableMore Stable
Price($1,199 to $1,299)($424 to $1224 )
Warranty Description2 years5 years

These two boats are built to catch fish. Both Boats are designed to provide amazing stability, tracking, and less side slip. Utilizing RotoMolding Technology, all Bass Hunter boats are made of strong, solitary construction. 

Roto-molded polyethylene construction. Capacity: Two, persons/475 lbs, Max. HP: 2 HP ,Seating: Bucket.

On the other hand, the Bass Raider 10E is constructed to last for a number of fishing excursions. That is comfortable to share with friends and family. 


It is made of impact-resistant RAM-X material. 600 lb. weight limit – 272. Also cosy seats for two people maximum 3. 5 HP It is lighter, stiffer, and stronger than normal polyethylene. 

Because it is made of RAM-X, a multi-layer polyethylene with an improved resin that greatly increases rigidity.

The pair have their own certain specifications to meet and that’s where the comparison comes from. Nonetheless, you can read more about our review procedure here in-depth. As we independently investigate, evaluate, and suggest the best items. 

Other than these two if you are choosing bass hound 10.2 you can face some problems with it. 

An In-depth comparison between Bass Hunter and Pelican

Given the similar features and specs, you might be interested in the differences that do exist. That makes sense given that these options will influence your choice. It all depends on which unit is right for you. 

To make it clear, we have listed the differences below.

Available Models,

The more you have availability of models the more you get to choose the right one for your use. In terms of this Bass, the hunter has three types of products available in the market: these are “

  • “Bass baby”  (One-piece construction ensures long-lasting sturdiness while maintaining a compact, spacious, and feature-rich design. Bucket Seat and Standard Seat Base are included.)
  • “Bass hunter Ex” (The committed fisherman’s pick, Bass Hunter EX is sleek and roomy with built-in features. Bucket Seat and Standard Seat Base are included).
  • “Bass hunter 120”.  (The ultimate 2-man boat, Bass Hunter is our largest boat and is fully equipped.

Bucket Seat and Standard Seat Base are included. Price: $1299. 

On the other hand, Pelican has 12 types of products available on its website. 

  • Monaco DLX pedal boat with canopy.
  • Intruder 12 fishing boats.
  • Bass Raider 10E fishing boat.
  • Bass Raider 10E fishing boat.
  • Monaco DLX pedal boat with canopy.
  • Monaco pedal boat.
  • Predator 103 fishing boat.
  • Explorer 14.6 DLX canoe.

Buying Advice: As Pelican has more models available than Bass hunter Boats, thus it’s a win for Pelican. Being a buyer you’ll get more options to choose from.

Warranty Description 

Consumers can avail of 2 years manufacturer warranty for all types of Bass Hunter boats.

A limited (5-year) warranty against hull and deck defects in materials and workmanship is provided by Pelican International Inc.

Buying Advice: It’s a  clear win for Pelican boats as they offer 5 years of warranty whereas Bass Hunter will give you 2 years.


High-Density Ethylene Plastic, a common material in military construction, is used in the making of Bass Hunter boats. That’s why there’s no chance of sinking. 

Pelican boats are also made of  High-density polyethylene (HDPE), the material used to make many plastic canoes and kayaks, and is notoriously difficult to break

Buying Advice: As these two boats are made of the same usage of material, you can choose either one of your choice.


Your fishing boat will survive a long time thanks to “Pelican”  for its exceptional impact resistance of our unique RAM-XTM material. 

Bass Hunter boats are equally long-lasting and durable. Both have a maximum of 3.5 horsepower. 

Buying Advice: The material of the Pelican is more polished than the Bass hunter that’s why you should go for the Pelican for better durability 

Maximum Capacity

Bass hunter has 400 pounds per person maximum. Weight capacity: 475 pounds for people, gear, and motor.

Pelican boats with a maximum weight capacity of 600 lbs, this fishing boat has plenty of room for a companion to join you on your fishing adventure.

Buying Advice: In the terms of weight of capacity Pelican offers 600Ibs whereas Bass hunter gives only 400 Ibs. I would suggest you go for the Pelican if you want to have the maximum capacity.

Safety Measurements

Pelican will give safety when you cast your lines and reel in fish, this boat will give outstanding stability and balance. 

For all of our fishing boats, our distinctive manufacturing method enables us to put extra flotation inside the hull in order to meet or exceed ABYC regulations.

Bass hunters have adjustable seats. Integrated cup holders. internal grasp handles removable bags for storage.

Buying Advice: Here, Pelican ensures more safety measures than Bass hunter.


Price plays a major role in determining which one you should depend on their performance and specifications. Bass hunter’s price range starts from ($1,199 to $1,299). Pelican has a price range of ($424 to $1224 ).

Buying Advice: As you get a long range of prices from Pelican It’s easier to choose from those models. 

Besides choosing the right boat you need to know if the boat winch straps over or under. Because it’s important. 

Which One You Should Get? 

Although both Bass Hunter and Pelican have similar specifications and features. But the variety of products and prices made a huge difference in terms of choosing one. Pelican has more than 10 types of Bass boats starting from mid-range to high-range. 

Moreover, their products offer to all kinds of people such as beginners level from experienced professionals. However, Bass hunter has only 3 models available on the market. Nonetheless, all the models are quite expensive than the Pelican. 

It can be difficult to compare bass boats. It’s a significant investment, and if you don’t choose carefully, you can find yourself with it. 

Don’t allow a high price tag to push you away, keep these things in mind. And always compromise when you buy. Don’t let a salesperson con you. 

Besides all those, you need to know some fishing hacks to utilize your boats perfectly. Let me suggest to you some good fishing hooks as well. So, you can choose between these hooks as per your preference. 

Shurhold 1804Check on Amazon
Gamakatsu 25 PackCheck on Amazon
Gamakatsu FinesseCheck on Amazon


What’s the fastest bass boat?

The Allison XB-2002 Bass Boat is the fastest bass boat in the world. In large part due to its lightweight yet extremely effective design. Its peak speed record is somewhere around 108.7 mph, and it boasts a 300 HP Mercury engine. There is no way to doubt  Allison XB-2002.

What’s Better Aluminum or Fiberglass Bass Boat?

In a general, aluminum boats are better. Although fiberglass is the material used to build modern boats most frequently. Aluminium is the greatest option for a workboat. Compared to fiberglass, aluminium is more sturdy. Also more resistant to punctures is aluminium. But fiberglass boats are lighter. 

Do Heavier Boats Ride Better?

Yes, heavier boats ride better. A heavier boat is more comfortable in any type of choppy water. Teys are easier on the crew, and most likely not significantly slower at cruise speeds. Even a race boat that can breathe fire is usually throttled back, which is excellent for bragging rights.


Hope you have got all the aspects about bass hunter vs pelican. Now you got to choose between these two boats as per your preference. Hope there will be no more confusion between them. 

If there are any more queries drop them in the comment section. I’ll try to get back to you soon.

Till then happy boating. 

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