Garmin VHF 210 vs 215

Garmin VHF is a very advanced technological device for boat riders. These have got modern and many relevant utilities a sailor may need on a boat. Garmin VHF 210 and 215 are doing great now. Thus, it gets confusing to choose one from them.

So, which one to choose between Garmin VHF 210 vs 215?

Garmin VHF 215 has a built-in GPS but VHF 210 does not. However, VHF 215 is way heavier than VHF 210. Talking about Garmin VHF 210, this costs about $100. On the other hand, VHF 215 costs about $110. But VHF 215 covers more distance than VHF 210 can.

This gives you a brief comparison so far. Move along to get to the detailed comparison we got here for you.

So, get started now!

Garmin VHF 210 vs 215

Garmin VHF 210 vs 215: A Quick Comparison

Before you get started with the comparison, we need to look at their features. So, here it is.

FeaturesGarmin VHF 210Garmin VHF 215
GPSExternal Built-in
Weight1 lbsAbout 3 lbs
Distance CoverageAbout 60 MilesAbout 65 Miles
PriceAround $100Around $110

This gives you a heads up to the central part.

Garmin VHF 210 vs 215: A Detailed Comparison

Comparing VHF 210 and 215 is more like comparing Yamaha f350 and f300. So, you have already come up with the features of these. 


Now, you can move on to the detailed comparison without confusion. So, here you go.

GPS Or Plotter

GPS or the plotter of these devices helps you to work with the locations. This is the main function that helps you to get the locations. So, here is a comparison of these two.

Garmin VHF 210

Garmin VHF 210 enables the use of GPS. However, that does not mean it has a built-in GPS with this. 

That means you would have to connect your Garmin VHF 210 to an external GPS device. Thus, you have to keep an extra device to function the GPS mechanism.

And without that, you can not even get the proper use of your VHF. As a result, you would have to carry this external GPS service.

Remember this may also confuse you with the internal and external antenna.

Garmin VHF 215

You know Garmin VHF 215 is the successor of Garmin 210 VHF. That means it has come successfully after 210 VHF. And this is the feature where it proves the succession.

So, does the Garmin VHF 215 have GPS settings? Well, yes! Garmin VHF 215 has GPS ability. 

And more importantly, this has its GPS. That means you can get its built-in GPS with your Garmin VHF 215. 

So, this helps to not need to carry an external GPS setting. As a result, you would have no worries about its GPS.

Winner: In terms of GPS, Garmin VHF 215 wins without a wonder. Because it has got its built-in GPS which VHF 210 does not have.


You know VHF devices have a weight. And this may affect your boat speed at times like having boat fuel gauge issues. So, here is the comparison.


Garmin VHF 210

The weight of Garmin 210 is the same as the weight of typical VHF devices. So, how much does the Garmin VHF 210 weigh?

The weight of Garmin VHF 210 is only 1 pound. So, this is quite light of weight. Like, it is even less than a kilogram. 

So, it does not have any significant addition to the total weight. And the weight of this VHF would not affect the speed of the boat either.

Garmin VHF 215

Just like Garmin VHF 210, VHF 215 is not that heavy either. So, how much does the Garmin VHF 215 weigh?

Well, this VHF 215 weighs about 1.2 pounds. This is similar to about 3 pounds. So, you can understand that it is even more than the double weight of VHF 210.

Yes, you may now think of it as something light and this is definitely light. However, as an add-on to the boat, it may not be as light as it seems.

Because this can add significant weight and pressure to your boat. And due to this, you may also see some effect on your boat speed.

So, you can say that more weight on the VHF would not be something favorable.

Winner: Talking about the weight, Garmin VHF 210 wins. Because these are really light. So, you have more convenience bearing the weight of it.

Distance Coverage

Distance coverage or range is one of the most important things of these.

Garmin VHF 210

Garmin VHF 210 covers a good range of distance actually. So, how far can a Garmin VHF 210 cover? Well, this VHF can go across 60 miles in general.

The range may vary a bit from time to time but this is on average. So, that is a decent range of distance to cover you can definitely say. Because not all VHF devices can cover this long.

Garmin VHF 215

Now, coming to Garmin VHF 215, these can cover even more distance. So, what distances can Garmin VHF 215 cover?

Well, a Garmin VHF 215 can cover more than 60 miles. It can go about 65 miles. So, that is a pretty good range of distance you have to say.

That is more than enough you would need while sailing your boat.

Winner: In terms of the distance range, Garmin 215 wins. Because this can cover more distance.


Price is something that we would never overlook. So, here you go.

Garmin VHF 210

Garmin VHF 210 is not that costly if you think of it as an electronic device. So, how much does a Garmin VHF 210 cost

Well, this costs only about $100 to get one of these. So, that is not that expensive actually.

Garmin VHF 215

Just like VHF 210, VHF 215 is reasonable as well. However, these are a bit more expensive. So, how much does a Garmin VHF 215 cost?

Well, these devices cost about $110. So, you can not say there is much of a difference between these two.

Winner: When it comes to price, Garmin VHF 210 wins. Because these are less expensive.

Which One Do I Choose Now?

Don’t worry if you have not still made up your mind. It’s okay to be overwhelmed in just a few minutes to have all these details. But here you go for a final touch to that.

Well, if you go for built-in GPS and distance coverage, VHF 215 is for you. On the other hand, Garmin VHF 210 is more convenient with its weight.

Moreover, you would go for this too if you think of the price.

Hope this helps!


Can Garmin VHF be durable enough?

Yes, Garmin VHFs are seen to be quite durable since the beginning. They have their VHF doing nothing but improving more and more. You can expect to use these devices for at least a couple of years. However, you have to make sure that you take good care of these devices.

Is it a must to use a VHF for a boat?

No, it is not a must to use a VHF for a boat. And it is not even necessary if you are having a recreation boat. However, being a professional sailor is something necessary and helpful. Because it helps you to send and receive signals to and from when needed.

Do I go through more consumption of fuel for using a VHF?

No, you would not have more consumption of fuel for using a VHF. Because a VHF needs a boat battery to operate. So, you would not have any change in the consumption of fuel for this. However, you would have an increased expense of using boat batteries. 

The Final Words

Now you know which one to choose Garmin VHF 210 vs 215! We hope you will have no more issues going for the right one.

But here is one thing to remember about these. Do not rush and get a VHF just like that. Because you know this has got some legit uses and purposes. So, stick to the right one by evaluating the substitutes as per your need.

All the best!

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