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The White Horse Lake Campground is an extremely popular fishing destination. It lies 19 miles southeast of Williams, in northern Arizona. Also, it’s just an hour’s drive away from the Grand Canyon National Park’s south rim, and is surrounded by the diverse scenery of Kaibab National Forest.

The adjacent forest reserve is sprawling with stunning sceneries, pristine dams and also offers exciting activities such as hiking, swimming, and mountain biking.

The lake, a product of years of geological process, sits at an elevation of 6,600 feet. The lake is popular for anglers and fishing newbies. Rainbow trouts, brown trouts and channel catfish are abundant in the lake. Aside from fishing, the lake is also ideal for boating. In fact, there are more families frequenting the lake on weekends to kayak than anglers seeking out to fish.

On the other hand, the campground within the lake lies within a dense forest with plenty of open areas. There are 90 individual campsites in the area with essential amenities such as picnic tables, campfire rings, barbecue grills, and tent pads.

The place is also great for company outings due to its large campsite which can accommodate as much as 60 people. For small groups, there are campsites for 5-6 people, and also there are a lot of single tent sites within the campground. RVs are also permitted in the campground.

Going To The White Horse Lake Campground

In Williams, Arizona, turn south onto 4th Street/County Road 73 and drive about 9 miles to Forest Road 110. Turn left and proceed for approximately 7 miles to FR 109. Turn left again and follow for about 3 miles to the campground.

Forest Roads 110 and 109 are high-use roads and can become rough during peak season. During the winter, roads may be closed due to snow cover.

Things To Do At The Campground

Fishing and boating

The vast and pristine lake can accommodate small electric boats for fishing. They also offer canoe and kayak rentals. There are designated boat ramps for launching on the lake. Unfortunately, swimming isn’t allowed on the lake so convince your kid to just go boating instead (yeah, my sons are addicted to swimming).

Rainbow trouts, brown trouts, and channel catfish live abundantly in the lake so you’ll never run out of fish to catch. There are also fishing supplies for sale at the campground if you run out of fishing lines or lures. Fishing in the lake is easy, and you can catch one in just a matter of minutes. For dads out there wanting to teach your sons to fish, this place would be a good start.

Also, you’ll be seeing graceful wildlife creatures like deer and elk lurking on the shoreline and mischievously stealing scraps from campers. They’re tamed and very friendly so don’t freak out.


The campground fills up during weekends, so it’s best to reserve a site if you’re camping overnight. There are two major campgrounds in the area – White Horse I and White Horse II. The first campground features 50 campsites while the second has 42. There’s a group campsite and a few double campsites for vehicles.

Camping out in the equally peaceful campground during night time is a charming experience. During the time we camped out there, the sky’s so clear, dark, and full of stars. Do you know that feeling when you look at Van Gogh’s “Starry Starry Night” masterpiece? Ah, that sweet feeling of solitude. The place will really give you that sentimental feeling!

You’ll find that it’s quite cozy to camp in this place. The grounds are clean and flat. You can also rent a tent pad if you like. Also, amenities such as grilling stations, firepits, firewoods, vault toilets, picnic tables, and dumping stations are present in the area.

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There’s plenty of short hiking trails within the campground. Hikers say that this campground is the basecamp for hitting famous trails such as the Sycamore Canyon Rim Trail, Overland Road and the routes ascending Bill Williams Mountain.

Since the trails in the area are not so lengthy and rough, it’s a perfect leg warmer for kids and adults. To know the trails, drop by the map sign at the parking area near Camp Loop F and pick one brochure. The brochure will show you 12 numbered trails with descriptions.

Along the trails, you’ll have the chance to see more deer and elks and even fawns running on the woodlands. You’ll also pass by a lot of alluring marsh areas and pine-oak woodlands along the way.

This campground is a definition of a “chill hike” where you can do some sort of meditation and soul searching.

The White Horse Lake Campground is simply beautiful and relaxing. It’s perfect for a day’s fishing and hiking but you’ll truly appreciate it when the night comes. One more thing, will you share this article? If it helped you, it will probably help others too!

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