Crotch Breaking in Fishing

You have been fishing for a long time. And recently you are facing a problem. Due to high pressure or breakdown of the rig. This problem is regarded as crotch-breaking.

So now you become curious. And asking “What is a Crotch Breaking in fishing?

Basically, Crotch breaking is a problem that occurs for various reasons. Breaking of chafe gears is the primary reason. Also selecting inappropriate rigs cause this problem. Another reason is improper crimping. There are some specific solutions like proper rig selection and proper crimping.

So now you need to spend some time with us. After that, you will get your desired answer. So let’s start.

What is a Crotch Breaking in Fishing? Reasons and Solution

In a fishing rod, there are various tools used. You need to synchronize them. Because all of the tools depend on one another. So hampering one tool might affect the other one. 

A crotch is an extension of a fishing rod. Sometimes it breaks down for some reason. And this is called crotch break in fishing. The reasons are mentioned in the next segment. So get in with us.

Crotch Breaking in Fishing

4 Reasons for Crotch Breaking

There are 4 reasons for Crotch Breaking. These are given below:

Reason1: Breaking of Chafe Gears

Sometimes there is a high tide in the water. As a result, there will be unusual pressure in the water. So there will be abnormal pressure on the fishing rod. Due to this, the chafe gears break down. 

Also sometimes there is excessive pressure from the fish. This sometimes also causes the breakdown of the chafe gear. The breakdown of chafe gear causes the breakdown of the crotch.

Reason 2: Using Inappropriate Rigs

For successful fishing, you need to select the proper rig. Otherwise, we may fall into trouble. A rig helps a fishing rod to become more efficient for fishing. 

Before selecting a rig, you need to consider various factors like length and material. Otherwise, the rig will be damaged. As a result, your crotch will be broken down.

Reason 3: Inappropriate Crimping

Crimping is a calibration process for fishing rods. For crimping, there are some tools. These tools are known as crimping tools. Like rigs, the crimp sleeves and chafe gears are not easy to select. 

You need to analyze and then select the perfect crimping tool. Improper crimping may cause the breakdown of the fishing crotch.

Reason 4: Snagging

Well, you may ask what is snagging?

Sometimes the rig of the fishing rod got stuck under the water. This is called snagging. The reason is that the water is sometimes very rough and tidy. 

Also, there might be various rocks and other blockings under the deep water. As a result, the rig of the fishing rod sometimes gets stuck and it is not easy to release the rig. 

Snagging is another significant reason for the breakdown of the crotch.

2 Effective Solutions

So far we have discussed 4 reasons for crotch breakdown. Now, you might be in tension. Because this could be a great problem for your fishing. But there is one thing. 

That is where there is a problem there is a solution.  Now we are coming up with 2 significant solutions. Please be with us for some more time. After that, you might be in a cheerful mood.

Solution 1: Selecting Proper Rigs

Rigging is a very important part of a fishing rod. The rig controls the weight of a fishing rod. So selecting a proper rig will help you to overcome this problem. 

There are some factors you need to consider before selecting the suitable one. The factors are given below:

Water Environment: The water environment consists of a type of water, tide roughness, salinity, etc. There might be high tide in the water. So you need to make your rig stronger to overcome the breakdown.  

Types of fishes: There are various kinds of rigs for various kinds of fish. So first determine which kind of fish you want to catch. Then select your rig accordingly.

Height of Water: Another important factor you need to consider is the height of the water. 

Considering these factors, we have now come up with some popular rigs.

The list of rigs is given below:

1.       Breakaway Rig: It is perfect for fast-moving rivers.

2.       Fish Finder Rig: This is a perfect rig for deep-water fish.

3.       Hi Low Rig: This rig is good for crab fish. But one bad side of this rig is that it works terribly badly in a snag area.

4.       Live Bait Rig: This rig is perfect for snagging.

5.       Bobber/Float Rig: This rig is the most powerful one. And also this rig is very simple to construct. Also, this rig can be used in tidy or fast-moving water. 

6.       Hair rig: Here is another rig for catching crab fish. Also, this rig is suitable for catching catfish.

Solution 2: Proper Crimping

The second solution to the breakdown of the crotch is proper crimping. Crimping is a calibration process. In this process, the fishing rod is set in a proper arrangement. The connection between all the fishing rod tools must be perfect. Otherwise, fishing won’t be perfect.

There are some steps of Proper Crimping. We are going to discuss all these steps shortly.

Step 1: Selecting the Crimping tools

First, you need to select the proper crimping tool. Otherwise, the crimping won’t be perfect. There are various crimping tools in the market. You can check out the below items:

Tools NameDescription


Step 2: Selection of Crimping Sleeves

Crimping sleeves are the part which strengthens the fishing rod. There are various kinds of sleeves in the market. We need to consider the material and the diameter of the sleeves. 

You can determine the diameter easily. Like the size of split rings for jerk baits. Then you can easily select the perfect sleeves for yourself. One suggestion is given below for your easiness:

Tools NameDescription
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Step 3: Calibrate the Crimping Tool

The next step is the most important one. That is the calibration of the crimping tool. Otherwise, your crimping won’t be perfect. After calibration, you need to conduct a pull test. 

Through this test, you can be sure about the strength of the tool. You can make the crimping tool tight or a little bit loose.

Another thing you need to check is whether there will be good flair on both ends. If you don’t see any flare, you must modify your crimping tool. You can change the measurement of the sleeves. Also, you can drill a little bit more to calibrate it.

You need to clean the clamping tool. Just like cleaning a led melting pot.

After that, your crimping tool is ready for the next operation.

Let’s Wrap Up

So this is all about the Crotch Breakdown problem in fishing. Hopefully, you can now easily identify the problem. And after that, you can solve this problem on your own. Now let’s check our FAQ section.


Where does snag happen more?

The snag happens more in the sea. Because in the deep water of the sea, the surface is not friendly. So there is a severe chance of rigs stucking in deep water.

What should be the leader weight for preventing crotch break?

There is no specific weight for the leader material. The recommended weight for a leader material is 200 pounds. But it could be different on various surfaces.

What is the relation between snag and crotch break in fishing?

The relation between snag and crotch break is proportionate. If there is more snag, there is more chance of crotch breakdown.


So this is all from my side. I have discussed “What is a Crotch Break in Fishing.” Hopefully, this article has already enlightened you. 

And your tension is removed regarding fishing. Now you got the solution. 

So happy fishing!

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